Rumor: Cleo Restaurant at SLS to Close and Everything is Ruined

We knew it was on the horizon, but it didn’t seem real until now.

We’ve heard one of our favorite all-time Las Vegas restaurants, Cleo at SLS Las Vegas, will close by Labor Day.

And everything is ruined.

Cleo SLS Las Vegas

Feeling a little weepy right about now.

This fantastic restaurant has never really gotten the attention it deserves, and it appears Cleo won’t survive the transition from SLS Las Vegas to Grand Sahara Resort.

SLS Las Vegas is in the process of a major overhaul, as anyone who visits the casino can attest.

SLS Las Vegas

The casino at SLS is unrecognizable. Specifically, there are people in it.

Among the changes is a purge of many of the resorts restaurants, specifically legacy restaurants from when SLS was partially owned by SBE Entertainment. (The restaurants are largely SBE brands, and that partnership is costing the new owners of SLS licensing fees better spent elsewhere.)

Katsuya closed in March 2019 to make way for a high limit room.

A new Mexican restaurant, Uno Mas, recently opened in the former Ku Noodle space.

It’s expected Umami Burger’s days are numbered as well. Ditto 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria, although few will miss that disappointing offering.

One restaurant will stick around, however, the much-loved Bazaar Meat, which will even get an expansion.

Should the rumor of a Labor Day closing come to pass, we’ll be in mourning about the loss of Cleo.

Cleo SLS Las Vegas laffa

You complete us, laffa.

We have never had a dish like the chicken tagine at Cleo, and don’t get us started about the laffa bread and lebaneh with feta. We don’t even know what those things are, really, or how to pronounce them, and yet we love them so very much.

Here’s more about Cleo Mediterranean restaurant, the best Las Vegas restaurant you haven’t tried yet.

Check out the menus on the official Web site, and get there while you still have the chance.

14 thoughts on “Rumor: Cleo Restaurant at SLS to Close and Everything is Ruined

  1. Kevin

    If rebranded to Grand Sahara why remove a restaurant named Cleo? To me I believe it fits a desert theme.

  2. Cynical Steve

    Condolences to foodies who go to Vegas to spend a lot of money on a meal because they can’t get a good, expensive meal in Hayseed, Oklahoma, or whatever corn-fed town they live in.

    I don’t mind paying for quality, and I like something different or unique when I go on vacation, but it’s hard to shed a tear for a not-cheap restaurant at SLS when there are thousands of such options up and down the strip. I’ll give SLS points for being far enough away from the fiasco that you can park for free in order to dine. But that’s not enough to get me in their doors.

    Good luck finding a replacement for all those Cleo meals. I’m sure it will be hard to do.

  3. Diana

    Saddens me! What an amazing restaurant indeed!!! I spent the past year going on monthly business trips to Vegas & staying at the SLS. My dinners at Cleo brought me comfort.

  4. John

    SLS is dangerous. The first, and last time i was there, my car was stolen out of the garage. When i discussed with management they didnt care 1 bit. Soooo maddening. Metro didnt seem to care either. It happens so much there that they treat it like it happens all the time

  5. Shawna Hudson

    Instead of revamping SLS, why not clean up that entire area of the Old Strip. It’s disgusting down there with dilapidated, boarded up buildings covered in graffiti.

  6. Things Todo

    What?! Their lamb shawarma was seriously the best I’ve had in the area. I wonder why it’s shutting down. Possible it’s temporary until after the relaunch?


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