Rumor Has It Britney Spears Moving to MGM Resorts Venue After Planet Hollywood Run

It sounds like Britney Spears isn’t done with Las Vegas after all.

We’re hearing the “If U Seek Amy” singer will jump ship at Planet Hollywood at the end of 2017 and start another residency at a competing resort within the MGM Resorts family.

Spears’ residency at Planet Hollywood has been one of the most financially successful in Las Vegas history, generating more than $130 million in ticket sales.

Britney Spears

We’ll admit our favorite Britney song is “Toxic” when you admit you only visit this blog for the photo captions.

Spears announced back in April 2017 that her run at Planet Hollywood would end on New Year’s Eve.

At the time, Spears’ manager said the show “may continue, conceivably anywhere.”

That “anywhere” appears to be a casino in the MGM Resorts realm. The most likely candidate seems to be the Park Theater at Monte Carlo.

Monte Carlo is transitioning into Park MGM, and a Britney Spears residency would certainly be a boost for the re-imagined resort.

In an article on, the writer suggested, “If she wanted to stay where she currently is, Britney could probably start a bidding war between the other major players on the strip to see who gets to house her next.”

It seems that bidding war may have already happened, and MGM Resorts reportedly prevailed.

Time will tell. Which is Vital Vegas for, “We’re not betting the farm on this one, but only because we don’t own a farm.”

Update (1/10/18): Thanks to KLAS (channel 13 in Las Vegas) for letting us share our Britney Spears scoop on-air.

Update (1/11/18): Us Weekly confirmed our story, stating Britney Spears will begin her residency at Park Theater in 2019.

Update (6/9/18): The Britney Spears residency at Park Theater in Las Vegas is being confirmed to guest of the theater’s production team. Done deal.

12 thoughts on “Rumor Has It Britney Spears Moving to MGM Resorts Venue After Planet Hollywood Run

  1. VegasSlushy

    I never would have guessed she’d have this kind of reign over Vegas. I get the appeal of Spears to certain demographics of society, I just never thought she would draw them in. What next, a Spice Girls residency?

      1. VegasSlushy

        I’ll take your word for it. I don’t make a point of listening to such vapid music. I hope Spears made better music in her career than the cheesy, adolescent “one more time” song that was played to death on pop radio way back when, during a time I still paid attention to what passes as popular music. I do recall she recorded some piece of crap called “Toxic” at some point in her career.

        Sounds like a great catalog of music I’m missing out on.

  2. Photoncounter

    I heard it was either Britney Spears at The Park or Scott Roeben’s One Man Show. FSE objected to losing their star employee so MGM had to settle for Ms. Spears.

    1. bor_ris_sir

      this is old news. they were eyein britney since forever…Scott Roeben show is totally different type of fun….
      .“They want to have as many relevant stars under the MGM roof as possible to avoid them going to new venues planned for Las Vegas.
      “They intend to dominate the market in entertainment and want their competition left high and dry for many years to come,” I was told. “Britney is the first target of that plan. Give her whatever she wants to keep her in Las Vegas.

    2. Manybar Goatfish

      Given the option, I’m pretty sure I’d choose the SR One Man Show over BS. Nothing against Britney. She’s probably too clueless to hold her faults against her. I wouldn’t know her music if I heard it.

  3. Frank

    No, stop it. She needs a great era with tour, hits and a lot of singles. POM was awesome, but very very bad to her albums. For now she needs the world, not another residency.


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