Royal Resort Closes and Nobody Notices

An off-Strip hotel, Royal Resort, appears to have closed with little fanfare.

Sorry, zero fanfare.

In fact, pretty much nobody even noticed the hotel closed. An entire hotel. Weird.

Royal Resort Las Vegas

Royal Resort’s demise has been met with what’s referred to in the hospitality industry as a “shrug.”

Following a report Royal Resort (“resort” is used very loosely here) closed, we called and the number’s been disconnected.

We then reached out to the owner of the property, GWP Real Estate. While the company wouldn’t provide any information, we were given a number for the property manager. That number led to a voicemail not accepting messages.

So, while we haven’t been able to get official confirmation, it appears the Royal Resort has passed on, is bereft of life, has kicked the bucket and shuffled off its mortal coil.

Royal Hotel is an ex-hotel.

Royal Resort closed

Dibs on the piano.

Insult to injury, the owners let Royal Hotel’s domain name expire without renewal.

We didn’t visit Royal Resort often, as it didn’t have a casino, but we saw a show or two at its Majestik Theatre.

The space saw its share of niche (low budget) shows, including “Judy’s Musical Matinee,” “Dr. A’s Magic Medicine Show,” “Sinatra Up Close and Personal,” “The Magic of Michael Aslan” and “An Intimate Night With Elvis.”

In 2017, we interviewed cast members of “Majestik Burlesque” for our podcast. They were very nice.

Majestik Burlesque

Possible the best thing to happen at Royal Resort, ever.

The Royal Hotel was home to The Barrymore, a faily well-received restaurant that has definitely permanently closed.

There were big plans for the 230-room Royal Hotel back in 2015, but drama ensued. What might have been.

Royal Resort closed

“Don’t put this on us!”

GWP Real Estate owns not only Royal Hotel, but also “the consecutive lots to the east and west of the Royal Hotel, which consist of a 43,470 square foot shopping center on 3.7 acres and and a 306,000 square foot office building on 3.3 acres, for a total of 10.5 acres fronting on South Las Vegas Boulevard.”

GWP’s Web site says there are “plans to develop a future high rise hotel and casino.”

The history of Las Vegas is littered with “plans.”

While the closure of Royal Resort has been met with a collective “meh,” it’s in a pretty good location at 99 Convention Center Drive, in close proximity to the newly-expanded Las Vegas Convention Center.

Royal Resort is also very close to Tacos El Gordo, so there’s that.

We didn’t want the closure of Royal Resort to go completely unnoticed, so there’s a this, a reasonable facsimile of fanfare. You’re welcome.

14 thoughts on “Royal Resort Closes and Nobody Notices

  1. Lawrence

    Stayed there on a Saturday, January 2020 dirt cheap. No complaints. The peppermill was within walking distance. A highlight was one of the room TV channels played the Robert Urich show Vega$ on a loop.


      I too stayed there about 5 years ago. It was a busy weekend and prices were high everywhere else. I did some research and read reviews first. People said to ask for a remodeled room which I did and got. The room was fine. Nothing classy or posh, but clean and quiet. The pool in the back was nice too. I think they were catering to tour groups at the time. Many foreign languages being spoken.

  2. Mariza Shavelle

    I thought Royal Resorts was in one of the timeshare programs. I’ve stayed there a few times. CAn they actually close a property that has timeshare owners?!? I thought as a timeshare owner, you buy a fraction
    of the property unit for a particular week.

    1. Jackson

      Based on what I can piece together using public sources, I think you are partially correct.

      The Royal Resort used to be the Royal Vacation Suites. Under that name, it was a timeshare. But when you search for real estate transactions for that address, they all are from 2013 or earlier.

      I’m speculating, but I’d guess that some company bought out all the timeshare owners. Also a guess, I imagine this was done primarily because that company wanted the land (and not the old building). As Scott notes above, this property was going to be something larger but those 2015 plans never happened.

      In general, getting the majority of owners of a multi-unit property to sell can be tough. But given the fact that the building was old, I’d bet it wasn’t too difficult to get the timeshare owners to sell their interests.

    2. P fox

      I actually owned Timeshare there many years ago guess it was 2013 that it stopped. Basically the hotel was upping the costs for year maintenance until it was so high 90% of the TS owners complained, then they broke away from being apart of the international time share company. Which caused many issues as you’d bank a week or two into either the Royal resort or into the international TS companies, so if you used the international company to bank you lost those weeks. Plus the quality of the hotel went from middle to high then down to Motel 6 level. So as Owners we actually all put in for it to not be a timeshare anymore and any extra payments you owed were nulled.

  3. Beach Bum

    I forgot that building was called Royal Resort. I stayed at the old, nearby Debbie Reynolds property in early 2007. Back there there was still a Riviera, so that little area wasn’t a bad place to stay if you aren’t in a big strip resort. I would have to think the area of the former Debbie Reynolds and Royal Resort properties will eventually wind up with some big, new property that will be popular with the convention crowd given the expansion of the convention center. The footprints of the old joints were too close to the expanded convention center to remain as old, discount hotels.

    I haven’t been down that road in a while. I remember there was some club at the end of that road. Was it the Beach, or the Shark Club, or something? I remember going there long ago. And in 2007 it looked like it was shuttered.

  4. Jaxon

    Buying the Royal for its land, isn’t as hard as it sounds. The timeshare company that owned the building and land could have just unlisted the property as a possible resort to stay at, giving them the opportunity to sell the property to the highest bidder. I’m kind of surprised that the Jockey Club or whatever that is surrounded by Cosmopolitan, hasn’t been bought out.

      1. William Wingo

        In 1986, I went to a Jockey Club timeshare promo and got free tickets to “Legends in Concert,” but passed on the timeshare itself. It’s almost incredible what it’s morphed into since then.
        Debbie Reynolds was also into timeshares, but apparently they didn’t sell very well and that didn’t prevent it being imploded eventually. I stayed there in 2002 when it was the Greek Isles, probably in one of the ex-timeshare suites.
        Many timeshare owners would probably take a reasonable buyout to get out from under the never-ending maintenance fees.

  5. smoothgrh

    I wanted to visit that place because I read that Frank Sinatra’s pianist, Joe Vento, played there and had a huge repertoire of songs. The latest news was he turned 100 in the hospital back in 2017, and there has been no news of him since. I called a few years ago and an employee said he no longer performs there.

  6. Jan Medjesky

    Went there about 2 or 3 years ago to see Zamora, a weird show. It was held in a regular room in the hotel on maybe the third floor. While waiting to go up people came to see the show and wanted to use the restroom on the first floor while waiting. Were told the restroom was not working on the first floor. “We will get someone to take you to a room upstairs with a working bathroom, then come back down to wait”. As if that wasn’t enough, the show we finally saw in a converted “showroom” held some chairs for the 12 people that attended. The “stage” was the end of the room with a black curtain backdrop. He was supposedly a magician or whatever. All I remember was when he shoved a needle through his arm. Zamora was the only person we ever saw. After the show there was a counter by the door with all kinds of creepy “things” to buy. Really glad I didn’t pay for this show. Strangest thing I ever saw.


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