Roy Horn, of Iconic Magic Duo Siegfried & Roy, Dies at 75

Magician Roy Horn, of the famed Siegfried & Roy, died May 8, 2020 in Las Vegas.

The performer recently contracted COVID-19 and was reportedly recovering.

On April 28, 2020, Horn’s publicist told ABC News he was “responding well to treatment” and “on the road to recovery.”

Roy Horn’s representatives have attributed his death to “complications of COVID-19.” Roy Horn was 75.

Here’s the official statement about the passing of Roy Horn.

The official sadness.

German performers Siegfried & Roy performed for 13 years at the Mirage, until Roy Horn was attacked by a 400-pound white tiger named Montecore on October 3, 2003, Horn’s 59th birthday. Read more.

The attack resulted in near-fatal injuries for Roy Horn, and even after his recovery, he had difficulty walking and talking.

Siegfried & Roy

Siegfried & Roy were in their element during Oktoberfest at Hofbrauhaus.

Siegfried & Roy also performed at MGM Grand, Stardust and Frontier.

Siegfried & Roy hold a place in Las Vegas history for being among the highest-paid entertainers in their day. Their contract at Mirage was reportedly worth $57.5 million-a-year.

Siegfried & Roy also hold a place in the hearts of those who love Las Vegas and its colorful history.

Roy Horn dies

It really doesn’t get more Vegas than Roy Horn.

The rumor of the death of Roy Horn was first shared by @LasVegasLocally on Twitter.

Despite his career-ending injuries, Roy Horn continued to make public appearances and he’ll be missed by legions of magic fans. The legacy of Siegfried & Roy, of course, will live on.

25 thoughts on “Roy Horn, of Iconic Magic Duo Siegfried & Roy, Dies at 75

  1. Lance B.

    Unfortunate, but we can’t save everybody at the expense of the Vegas economy. People are going to die. Famous or not, we need to remember that deaths will happen during a pandemic. Let’s celebrate his better, and remember he’s part of the price we will pay to return to normalcy.

    1. GG

      Lance B: Unfortunate, but we can’t save everybody at the expense of the Vegas economy.

      Reality: That ship sailed over 70,000 deaths ago, Lance.

      Lance B: People are going to die. Famous or not, we need to remember that deaths will happen during a pandemic.

      Reality: Did someone forget that deaths will happen during a pandemic, Lance?

      Lance B: Let’s celebrate his better, and remember he’s part of the price we will pay to return to normalcy.

      Reality: You suck at sales, Lance.

      1. David H.

        What are we trying to buy?

        If the consumer is being wronged, I’ll help the consumer fight back!

        1. GG

          Lance is peddling “normalcy.” Asking price is spelled out in his comment above. I’m more than a little turned off by it. Talk to Lance about it if you’re interested.

  2. Matthew

    My mom surprised me with tickets to see their show at The Mirage for my 16th birthday. I was in awe of their magic, showmanship and the scale of the show. There will never be another duo like them! Roy was truly an Entertainer! RIP Roy Horn.

  3. Tony uk

    If true this is very sad. Siegfried and toy were a last connection to the iconic stage entertainment era of Vegas.As good as Terry factor is He won’t be remembered on 20,30 years or immortalised in a photo op statue. Today’s big names are stars but are not true Vegas legends. Hopefully the tiger garden keeps reminding us how good they were. RIP ROY

  4. Mark A Erichson

    Ummm… couple-two-three-four reactions…
    1) How sad. Whether it was from COVID or not, how sad.
    2) Yeah, Siegfried and Roy were QUINTESSENTIAL Vegas showmen. Like Elvis, Wayne Newton, Liberace.
    3) It was totally cool that as filthy rich as they were, they’d frequent local gay bars as just another neighbor.
    4) When are performers / TV producers / audiences / zookeepers EVER going to learn…
    You play with wild animals, and they’re going to get wild. DUH! Sorry, but I have ZERO sympathy for the attack that Roy endured.

  5. Tony uk

    Fact check Roy was RECOVERING from covid like most infected people do. His cause of death is believed to have been a stroke ,. He had covid he was not killed by it. If a covid patient is hit by a truck and dies it’s death by truck. People died of many things long before covid let’s not inflate the scary figures more than they are to panic people in these uncertain times.

    1. Don't fear the virus - More Cowbell

      I’m sure your internet training and health policy education makes you right and we all need to just stop worrying about complications from COVID-19, next thing we know people are going to start believing smoking can kill you, Ha! imagine that! Those silly epidemiology and infectious disease doctors treating COVID-19 patients, what the heck do they know. We all know they are just trying to keep us at home for their own nefarious purposes. Now where’s the next “I ain’t wearing no mask rally” this weekend.

    2. Gaz Vegas

      You clearly don’t understand what the phrase “complications from [insert disease/condition] here.

      Please enlighten us with your many years of medical study what the real truth is.

      Further, that came directly from his publicists – are you saying they’re in on the master plan to brand every death on earth as COVID related?

      One of the greats passes away, and you turn it into an ignorant tinfoil hat screed. Well done.

  6. Your Daddy

    OMG, not every dang death just because someone test positive for COVID_19 mans they died from COVID-19. HE had underlying conditions and was 75 years old. The stats are clear if you are over 65 with pre-existing health conditions, your death which is was already going to happen pretty quickly is getting pushed up by 6 month or a year.

    Hoe about this if you are in the category stay the hell inside. Problem solved. But no all these old selfish people still want ot be around their families etc, like tomorrow all you old people are begging for your kids and grand-kids to come and visit etc, so you get what you sow. My family is in the same boat, my wife and kids are going to grandparents house tomorrow because she doesn’t want to deal with her mom being pissed off. I am not going. I told the wife well if they get COVID and die we know who to blame. I would rather have them pissed off and alive than give them COVID.

    Simple = high risk = isolate and quarantine.
    Everyone else live their lives.
    Of course no one cares about the 75,000 people who will die because they lost their job and are depressed…

    1. good one

      You start by claiming that COVID safety practices are not your problem and then switch to COVID being the most convenient excuse you’ve ever had for not going over to the inlaws’ house. Your true feelings about COVID and your inlaws might be a little more transparent than you think.

        1. good one

          The website you linked to presents some quite shocking statistics. The statistical comparison of the USA and China for Coronavirus deaths per million population as of May 9 follows:

          USA 235.54 deaths per one million population
          China 3.33 deaths per one million population

          I presume you consider the statistical data analysis at statista to be credible.
          Thanks for providing the link. Interesting stuff.


    Saw them in the early days–fall of 1986, at the Frontier, complete with basketball players on unicycles. They were by far the best German animal-trainer-magicians in all of greater Las Vegas.
    But seriously, very sorry to hear about Roy, and RIP.


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