RM Seafood and Rx Boiler Room Close at Mandalay Bay

Two restaurants from noted chef Rick Moonen have closed abruptly at Mandalay Bay, RM Seafood and Rx Boiler Room.

Chef Rick Moonen has been called the “Godfather of Sustainability,” possibly the least imposing nickname, ever.

Seriously. The guy uses knives constantly. Why not the “Godfather of the Monarch Steampunk Dragon Knife”? So much cooler.

Rx Boiler Room

We never dined at Rx Boiler Room, but we sure as hell libated there, if that’s a thing.

Anyway, RM Seafood (the RM stands for Rick Moonen, in case that wasn’t obvious) opened at Mandalay Bay—The Shoppes at Mandalay Place, to be more exact—in 2005 and Rx (pronounced Rick’s) Boiler Room opened in 2013.

It seems the chef couldn’t hammer out a mutually agreeable deal on the lease, so Moonen packed it in, to the great delight of a good many Spanish octopuses which will now avoid being sustainably charred.

Rick Moonen

Take a few days off, Rick. Years of pan searing can take a lot out of a person.

Fun seafood fact: The fish people know as “Chilean seabass” is actually the Patagonian toothfish. The sexier name was invented by a fish wholesaler named Lee Lantz in 1977 to make it more appealing to Americans.

Moonen says he’ll be back soon with a new restaurant concept in Las Vegas, which we also won’t visit because we are not a seafood person.

10 thoughts on “RM Seafood and Rx Boiler Room Close at Mandalay Bay

  1. Housefunker

    Two more restaurants come and gone, and I never got there. Given it would have required me to patronize the strip, it was unlikely to ever happen.

  2. David


    RM was my absolute #1. Loved hanging at the bar during “off-hours,” having custom sushi and ordering off menu. Place was awesome. Thanks RM.

  3. Patrick Campbell

    I hope wherever Rick pops up next, he’ll continue the cool mystery ice cream desert (guess all the flavors correct and it’s free).


    Hmm, wonder if the “couldn’t hammer out a lease” line is a graceful way for both parties to actually say “these places weren’t making money”. Successful restaurants don’t close for an inability to renew a lease. Nearly every time I went by either of them they seemed dead, especially the downstairs one.

    Will be interesting to see what comes in in their place, though, I really like that mall, Ri Ra and Slice especially.

    1. Davehat

      >Successful restaurants don’t close for an inability to renew a lease.

      Sure they do. Thomas Keller (3 Michelin stars) closed the very successful Bouchon (2 Michelin stars) in Beverly Hills because he said the city wanted too much money for the lease. Hakkasan and Scarpetta closed for the same reason.

  5. Martin Veneroso

    Along with “Chilean sea bass” nee “Patagonian toothfish”, don’t forget “orange roughy” is also called “slimehead.”

  6. Kurst

    I actually really loved the Rx Boiler Room there. Been there multiple times each time was a true experience that was worth the time/effort to go there. I love the theme and the food was always a hit to me! I was planning to go there in January so going to miss it!


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