Rhumbar to Close at Mirage, We May Know What’s Next

Mirage has announced its Rhumbar lounge will close permanently July 25, 2021, according to a statement from the resort’s owner, MGM Resorts.

The company says Rhumbar will be converted into an “ultra lounge” in winter 2021, but didn’t give any further specifics.

That’s why you have us.

Rhumbar Mirage

Rhumbar opened at Mirage in March 2009. See, not all our photo captions are completely useless.

See, way, way back (Aug. 2020) we shared some industry chatter about a potential retooling of Rhumbar.

The rumor is Rhumbar will become a concept around pop juggernaut Bruno Mars.

Mars is already in the MGM Resorts family, with a string of shows coming to Park Theater at Park MGM (formerly Monte Carlo) this summer.

We’re thinking the deal do a Bruno Mars-centric lounge at Mirage may have been pushed back due to the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean it was nixed altogether.

Rhumbar closing

Thank you, source, who’s name we forgot because this was almost a year ago, so send us a DM and we owe you one.

Srsly, what would you do without us?

Given the number of Bruno Mars hits, rebranding Rhumbar wouldn’t be tough.

Our vote for the new Mirage ultra lounge would be: 24K Magic Ultralounge.

Mainly because Grenade Lounge might be sending the wrong message.

Rhumbar was mainly known for its nine freaky-ass whatever the hell these are.

Other options: Locked Into Heaven Ultralounge, Anyone Notice That Uptown Funk Ultralounge, Just the Way You Are But With Better Lighting Ultralounge.

If there are metal detectors at the doors, maybe Nothin’ On You Ultralounge would be a good fit.

Or perhaps the new lounge will be completely unrelated to the Bruno Mars catalog.

Naturally, Twitter chimed in with Mars Bar.

Squint until you see it. You’re welcome. Now, please grow up.

If the Bruno Mars lounge comes to pass at Mirage, remember where you heard it first. A year ago. Which is one of the reasons we are a treasure.

Oh, like we weren’t going to slip in another reference to a Bruno Mars song.

16 thoughts on “Rhumbar to Close at Mirage, We May Know What’s Next

  1. Boulder Steve

    Pretty risky modeling it after a celebrity. Short shelf life and what happens if there is some controversy which they may not want to be associated with.

  2. Tracy

    Stupid decision! Everybody I know that goes to Vegas loves the rum bar. Why would you framing around a musician that doesn’t even make sense anymore. People are done with movie stars and musicians. We loved having a place to meet up to relax, enjoy and have fun and that was at the rum bar. You guys are messing up!

    1. Jackson

      If you think people are done with movie stars and musicians? That’s just silly.

      Celebrities have existed for centuries. They will always exist.

  3. Gary

    10 years he was busted for possession of cocaine in Vegas and shown the door. Now he has an Ultra Lounge. Well don’t need to stop there anymore for a cigar and a cocktail.



  5. Johnny Canuck

    Enjoyed chilling outside taking a break from inside. Nothing against Bruno, but we will wait and see. I’ll miss Rhumbar

  6. William Wingo

    I drove past Mirage while it was under construction in 1989, and I’m trying to remember if I ever went inside it…once, maybe twice in its entire existence. And I’m sure Bruno Mars is a fine person, but I don’t remember seeing or hearing his name before today. I have the same problem with professional sports figures, show business personalities, and the impressive talent lineup booked for Resorts World: five or six headliners and two or three disk jockeys, all household names–and the only one I recognized of was Celine Dion. I guess I’m not in their target demographic.
    And FWIW, in 1989 Mirage was the biggest thing the Las Vegas strip had ever seen. Now it’s officially described as “a mid-level property.” I think that may be part of the problem.

    1. LV Guy

      Sad that Mirage is a mid-level property today, same as Bellagio, they both were the best in Vegas when ran by Steve W. MGM sure knows how to destroy great hotels. I used to frequent both….

      1. BST

        I agree . Never imagined back when that it’s days were coming to be mid level although I should have seems to happen with everything 🙁

  7. project design

    Last time I went to the Mirage, it seemed they were having a brown out…no atmosphere…..in 89 when it opened…crispy clean, sterling staff,,,food was good…we waited at checkin, ready to beg to get in ($79 for a room), we would have paid 3 times that…got your keys and you had arrived!… Classy crowd, vibrant colors and is smelled wonderful everywhere….pool was the cool place….hot girls w/out tramp stamps and it was friendly!

  8. Johnny Cakes

    The Rhumbar was a terrific idea. At first. But then it made three STUUUUUUUUUUUPID MISTAKES —

    1. Out of the gate it thought it was cool to serve a giant ice cube with hints of alcohol around it. Two sips — two TINY sips — and the drink was history

    2. It started out as chill GROOVY music. A place to sit in the afternoon with Cruzan Rum. It quickly changed to obnoxious DJs and Subwoofers.

    3. Two words: Cigar Bar

    If Mirage was smart the Rum Bar would resort to chill and replace that lame/tired Pool Cafe.

  9. Just the facts, Ma'am

    Mars Bar is obvious but it’s trademarked.
    I nominate Uptown FunkLounge (or Funk Lounge for those of you who have a thing about word making upping).


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