Reveal of Five Circa Resort Bars Creating a Buzz

Circa Las Vegas seems to keep topping itself.

First, the downtown resort had its construction topping off ceremony on June 19, 2020.

Now, the casino has shared plans for five bars and lounges, just what we needed to help get us through all the pandemic-related WTF currently trying to create a buzzkill in Las Vegas.

Mega Bar Circa

Behold, our future home away from home.

Circa Las Vegas will have two opening dates: The first five floors (including the casino) open Oct. 28, 2020. The hotel opens Dec. 28, 2020.

How much did Circa cost? While it’s never been officially announced or confirmed, our sources say Circa cost $1.156 billion. We have really good sources.

Here’s a look at the new bars planned for Circa, as well as what inspired them. In addition to hooch. That’s sort of a given.

Vegas Vickie’s

She’s back! Circa’s lobby cocktail lounge will be named after a vintage Vegas sign, Vegas Vickie. Vickie once sat atop the Glitter Gulch strip club, now part of the Circa footprint (along with the former Mermaid’s and the Las Vegas Club).

Vegas Vickie's bar Circa

How many homes away from home is someone allowed to have? Asking for a friend.

We’re so excited for Vegas Vickie to make her return to Fremont Street. We got a little weepy when she was taken down back in 2017.

Vegas Vickie

No, you grow up.

Vickie’s been fully renovated by YESCO Signs, and Vickie will be reunited with her “husband” (yes, they were married), Vegas Vic, when Circa opens in October 2020.

We’ve heard exclusively Vickie’s leg will kick again!

Vegas Vickie Circa

Another exclusive: Vegas Vickie’s boot will feature the signature of the sign’s designer, Charles Barnard.

Mega Bar

How do you top the longest bar in Las Vegas (Longbar at The D, same owners as Circa and Golden Gate)? You build a Mega Bar.

Mega Bar looks to be Longbar, amplified.

Mega Bar Circa

We suggested Leviathan Supersize Elephantine Bar, but apparently that was already being used.

The bar will set another record for its size (165 feet, Longbar is 100 feet-ish), and will have the only acceptable flair bartenders in Las Vegas. Flair slows down the drinks, but the Longbar guys make up for it with their charm and long pours.

Mega Bar will sport the requisite 40 double-stacked TVs and 120 beer taps.

Mega Bar

Remember, it’s not just the length, it’s the mirth. You can totally steal that for your advertising, Circa.

Overhang Bar

Overhang is pretty much going to be a sports lover’s dream, overlooking Circa’s sports book, complete with a 78 million pixel video screen.

The cleverly-named Overhang, pronounced “hangover” when intoxicated, will have video poker machines, which will almost make all the sports tolerable.


We need sports back or everyone at Overhang will be watching “Love Connection” reruns.

Circa Bar

The outdoor bars at The D and Golden Gate are pretty much paying for Circa, so it’s no surprise there will be an epic outdoor bar at Circa itself.

Circa Bar will be in the thick of the circus that is Fremont Street Experience, with 24 frozen cocktail flavors and dancing bartenders. The bar top will be fashioned from recycled Skyy Vodka bottles.

Circa Bar is 118 feet long.

Circa Bar

The most popular slushy flavors on Fremont Street are strawberry, pina colada and margarita.

Legacy Club

While the previous four bars will open, Oct. 28, 2020, guests will have to wait until December 2020 for Legacy Club.

Legacy Circa

We long for a time when everyone can mingle again.

The bar is said to be inspired by Las Vegas’ founding fathers, and will have one of the best views in town from Circa’s 35th floor. Metal busts will line the hall of Legacy Club, so we’re thinking along the line of the Crazy Girls butts. We didn’t read the news release all that closely.

Legacy lounge Circa

Downtown’s about to get a metric shit-ton of fancy.

Legacy Club will boast a 10-foot display of 1,000 ounces of gold, pretty much guaranteed to be a must-see photo op after one hits up Vegas Vickie.

Legacy lounge Circa

Circa is the tallest structure downtown (if you don’t count Strat), so the view is guaranteed to be spectacular.

We’re thrilled about the promising collection of bars and lounges at Circa.

They even threw in a bonus beverage offering, Jack Pots, a coffee shop. This coffee stand comes from one of our favorite new Circa partners, the “sandwich legend” behind Michigan’s Zingerman’s Deli, Paul Saginaw.

Saginaw will also oversee Circa’s Saginaw’s Delicatessen, a 24-hour cafe. Expect the cafe to serve a shrimp cocktail using the same sauce recipe that made Golden Gate a thing.

Jack Pots coffee Circa

Sorry, Jack Pots, this blog has never had coffee. All due respect.

Read all about the Circa restaurants.

It’s an entirely surreal time to be opening a Las Vegas resort, but Circa’s line-up of bars has given us something to look forward to, and just three months away!

We can’t wait to test drive all these Circa bars on your behalf. We’re selfless like that.

10 thoughts on “Reveal of Five Circa Resort Bars Creating a Buzz

  1. Hugh Serpryses

    As a quasi-degenerate, I like my downtown Vegas to be a throwback to a better time gambling, drinking and people-watching.

    But, fine, twist my arm. I guess I’ll have to check out the Legacy Club (which looks freakin’ AWESOME).

  2. Mike Alexakis

    I only drink alcohol when I am in Las Vegas, only at Hugo’s Cellar, but I have to say Circa has got me excited, my wife will certainly enjoy those fabulous looking bars… The roll out has created a buzz with me, if the room prices come down some I would love to stay there…

  3. Rutlemaniac

    Jack Pots? Cheesy name 🙂

    I’ve never stayed downtown in all my years going to LV but Circa will be my 1st time. Another upvote for Legacy.

  4. MrBuzzkill

    The Legacy Club certainly looks worthy of $25 drinks. But, as every Vegas nightclub doorman knows — decor does not make an upscale Vegas club. The patrons do.

    Look at what is standing in line on Fremont. Cargo shorts and crocs dragging luggage.

    Circa is gorgeous. But it is all about sports books, not sport coats. The Legacy Club seems out of focus for the resort.

  5. Bill Hampshire

    I’m trying to figure out for whom to feel the most sorry…
    the guy who built it?
    or the people who lent him the money.
    Either way opening a casino in the worst economy since the Great Depression will be no walk in the park.

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      You misjudge the level of demand prior to the crisis, and the demand now, and the upcoming level of demand. This place has a few hundred rooms. Resorts World has a much bigger challenge ahead.

  6. Vegas lover

    Can a person still play video poker at a casino bar or get drinks ??? Want to come back to the greatest city anywhere but am curious. Little help !!!

  7. Whiskey Pete

    I get that people are excited about a bunch of craft beers available at high prices via keg.

    We all expect there will be plenty of opportunity, and space, dedicated to selling expensive alcoholic drinks in the fancy new downtown casino. I don’t get what all the buzz is about. Alcohol has been available downtown for a couple of decades now.

    1. BST

      Whiskey Pete,

      I believe the “buzz” you mentioned is not the alcohol part obviously – but the fact that Circa is the first newly constructed casino/hotel on Fremont st in I think they said 40 years . So yes many people get excited about that . And prior to now those type of beautiful bars/lounges didn’t exist on Fremont st .

    2. Mike Alexakis

      I am excited that downtown will have a new casino with high ceilings, on a crowded evening its so smoky in those old joints with low ceilings I need an oxygen tank to breath, like Lloyd Bridges in Sea Hunt… I am decidedly not excited for high priced craps games, I hope the video poker has at least strip pay scales or I wont be there for too long…


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