Restaurants in Casinos Get Go-Ahead to Reopen

The Nevada Gaming Control Board has given restaurants inside Las Vegas casinos the go-ahead to reopen, despite the fact casinos remain closed.

Restaurants outside casinos were approved to offer dine-in service on May 9, 2020.

Joe's Seafood Las Vegas

Insert random food photo here. Thanks, Joe’s at the Forum Shops.

Restaurants within casinos have to meet certain requirements to be able to reopen. Put on your specs and take a look.

Casino restaurants

We are not entirely sure they’re still called “specs.”

The details are: Something about entrances, something about restrooms, something about directives, something about a population of 100,000 or more.

Look, we can’t do everything for you. We are a blog and we are quite possibly drunk. Read more. Here’s a link to the “Roadmap.”

Restaurants in casinos have to show customers can enter without “traversing the gaming floor.”

Customers also must be able to hit the restroom without doing any traversing, which sort of disqualifies most restaurants in casinos because we can’t really think of many that have their own restrooms.

Oh, well, on the bright side, this won’t mean much when the casinos open. Which they will do any minute now. And we aren’t just saying that because we’re drunk. Probably.

9 thoughts on “Restaurants in Casinos Get Go-Ahead to Reopen

  1. Todd

    The only restaurant I can think of with it’s own restroom is “Top of Binion’s”. What does it matter if you “traverse” the gaming floor if no tables are open?

  2. Al in San Diego

    Forget the toilet talk. If the gaming floor isn’t open, who is coming to dine at these casino restaurants, out of work locals? Yeah, a few steak houses might draw enough locals to reach 50% capacity, but that’s best case scenario. But the tourist ain’t there, how many locals want to eat at some overpriced “food hall” on the strip?

    But let’s pretend some Gordon Ramsay restaurant opens on the strip. Are they going to offer free parking?

    1. John P

      MGM just announced (May according to LVS) that MGM is dumping parking fees altogether. Please come back…PLEASE!

      Now how about those resort fees that Caesars claimed customers DEMANDED? Are they going to dump those or just roll the parking in there? “Las Vegas Economy Recover Fee $75/night.”

  3. Funkhouser

    Casino workers, construction folks, and third party people doing business on property I am guessing.
    But yeah, not having hotel guests is gonna limit walk in business. Hey it’s a start, they need to ramp up the areas of resort business to work out the kinks. This is the first one they get to figure out.

    Guessing the food courts may see some business.

  4. Brandon Outfall

    This is the perfect example of how great ideas are rarely, if ever, good ideas. The failure point is always logistics or implementation, and incompetence is always the agent of failure.

    A perfect opportunity to provide casino operators a gem of an opportunity to take an invaluable, early look at how implementation of their full HASPs could play out without actually having to open the casino, blown to pieces by groupthink and a “let the [underserved community stooge] play” mentality, resulting in insistence on abjectly moronic, completely, utterly and obviously self-defeating restrictions that scuttle the entire concept for no practical or relevant reason.

  5. Henry The

    It shouldn’t take a corporate attorney to figure out Notice # 2020-28 isn’t intended to reopen the majority of casino restaurants. If you don’t get it the first time, you could read it twice (really slowly) and have three whole minutes invested before understanding you won’t be opening yet if you operate a restaurant in a casino space.


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