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SHe Steakhouse at The Shops at Crystals is Crazy-Good

In a town filled with great steakhouses, SHe Las Vegas is certainly one of those.

SHe (yes, with the stylized “SH,” for “Steak House”) was originally conceived as a female-friendly steakhouse, but there’s no gender bias here, just great food in a welcoming atmosphere.

You might call the view an appetizer at SHe.

We’re not entirely sure what a “boutique steakhouse” is, but that’s what SHe (technically, SHe by Morton’s) claims to be. The restaurant is a collaboration between he popular chain of upscale Morton’s The Steakhouse restaurants and actress Eva Longoria, of “Desperate Housewives” fame.

Dining in the early evening is mellow, then SHe gains a nightclub vibe as the night progresses. There are often burlesque-style performers on its S-shaped catwalk.

Part restaurant, part nightclub, it’s like two joints in one.

The appetizers are first-rate, and the Crab Cake Minis, Crispy Tempura Shrimp and Sea Bass Bites are well worth a try.

There are few qualities more important in Las Vegas than the ability to pace oneself.

The sliders, called Little Big Royales (inspired by “Pulp Fiction”), are stand-outs.

You’re just getting started, if you can believe that.

The steaks are the main attraction at any steakhouse, of course.

Just like in the casino, sometimes you have to double up to catch up.

Ever-conscious of its female customers, SHe offers “She Cuts” (lighter portions), “He Cuts” (standard sizes) and “We Cuts” (suitable for sharing). In the “We Cuts” category, for example, there’s a 40-ounce porterhouse that could feed a platoon of famished Marines.

Ridiculous, and ridiculously tasty.

She steaks are some of the best you can find on The Strip.

One of the secrets of the steaks at SHe is that they’re topped with “beurre fondue.” Yeah, we had no idea what that is either. It’s an “emulsified butter.” That didn’t help us understand it any better either. Let’s just say the beurre fondue keeps the steaks extraordinarily moist, among other things.

As you might expect, the desserts are crazy-good, too. You won’t have room, but forge ahead, anyway.

This is the moment where you hit the wall.

You can check out the full SHe menu at the restaurant’s official site. SHe is located inside The Shops at Crystals at Aria Las Vegas.

Enjoy a few more photos of SHe by Morton’s restaurant, and feel free to drool if you’re so inclined. We won’t judge.

SHe Steakhouse at Aria

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