Resorts World Rolls Out New Rendering Complete With Sphere

Not to be outdone by the MSG Sphere, Resorts World shared a new rendering complete with an orb of its own.

Resorts World Las Vegas

A clear dome in 120-degree heat? Now, we know where Resorts World will be baking its Bao buns.

The $4 billion Resorts World is an Asian-themed resort being built on the Las Vegas Strip near Wynn Las Vegas.

The proximity to Wynn is relevant because, based upon the new rendering, some have noted similarities between the Resorts World design and that of Wynn and Encore.

The design of Resorts World has been refined since it broke ground in May 2015. The original opening date was, wait for it, 2016. Awkward.

Earlier renderings of Resorts World (see below) featured older Chinese architectural elements, but has been revamped to have a more modern feel.

Resorts World Las Vegas

Resorts World has become “more Shanghai than Beijing.” It goes without saying that, since we’re American, we are only pretending to know the difference between those two places.

Resorts World has taken its sweet time, presumably in no hurry to open a resort with 3,000 rooms before there’s more certainty about whether demand can accommodate such inventory.

Those watching the construction project closely have noted the addition of several floors to the hotel, but the pace of construction is still agonizingly slow for those of us who love shiny new things.

We got all up in Resorts World’s business recently, but 5-6 floors have been added since then.

Resorts World cranes

You go, Resorts World. This was taken in March 2018.

Here’s a segment on KLAS about Resorts World and other projects slated for 2020. Yes, we’re featured in the segment, but that’s not why we’re sharing it. Probably.

While 2020 seems optimistic for a Resorts World opening at this point, anything’s possible if the casino’s owner, Genting Group, opens the financial floodgates and uses those cranes for something other than show.

Update (7/2/18): Here’s a look at the progress at Resorts World.

Resorts World update

Hey, it’s not nothing.

And here’s a basic of comparison from Jan. 7, 2018.

Resorts World 2017

Slow but sure.

We’re seeing nine floors added in the first half of 2018. You go, Resorts World.

15 thoughts on “Resorts World Rolls Out New Rendering Complete With Sphere

  1. Old Ironsides

    Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh, it’s going to have a more modern feel now! So it’s going to rely less on any sort of theme, and more on fancy, shininess that people already pay for at Wynn, Cosmo and Bellagio. (Does anyone go to Bellagio? I never hear any talk about that place, other than it’s little flower show.)

    Yeah, on any given night 3,000 high rollers are forced to slum it at NYNY or Caesars Palace because the Wynn and Cosmo are sold out. I know, you don’t need to be a high roller to stay at Cosmo, but I don’t have money to burn, and won’t pretend that I do by paying $10+ for a breakfast sandwich at Egg Slut.


    If it weren’t for the overhang on the side of the roof you might as well call it Wynn West.

    When it opens in 2050 it’ll have to immediately close for a remodel.

    1. Jenny

      They will make it in 2022, maybe 2020 I think. They didn’t speed up because of reasons we don’t know, maybe problems with some documents?

  3. Henrik

    Is there any news about the construction of “The Drew” former Fontainebleau? Any cranes or workers at the site?

    1. Jay Bukartek

      There is news right now about The Drew because of Trump visiting for the Republican convention here . Currently, it’s 75% completed

  4. William Wingo

    I went to Monte Carlo exactly once years ago to have a beer at some brewpub whose name I can’t recall, and to see a magician that I think was Lance Burton in a cavernous theater. I was pretty much underwhelmed and haven’t been back since; and after readng this I don’t think I’ll be checking out Pay-to-Park MGM any time soon.
    Traditionally in Vegas, the bar video pokers are a set little tighter than the floor to make up for the comped drinks. Now they won’t even have comp meter lights on the machines–they just won’t have it at all. Another example of the kind of dynamic, forward thinking that will keep the Strip at the top of the entertainment industry for decades to come.
    We were in town for WSOP last weekend and stayed off strip near the Rio, two nights comped and two discounted. Enjoyed free drinks on the floor, meals on points in the restaurants, 3-2 double-deck Blackjack, highly competitive Video Poker schedules, and free parking. Paid a resort fee for two nights but it was considerably less than most places on the strip, it covered the Wi-fi, and they quoted me the correct total price without having to be asked when I made the reservation.
    Driving down I-15 from one off-strip property to another was as close as we got to the Park, and as close as we’re likely to get for a while.
    And FWIW, at the Rio we were charged $16.50 for two hot dogs and a bag of potato chips. I hope they didn’t spend it all in one place.

    1. steve

      Food bargains and comps at any Vegas Hotel Casino are a “thing” of the past . Wife & I plus friends used
      to go to Vegas for 20+ years…Last visit was June 2017….stayed at The Linq …was..o.k. The resort fees and
      no free drinks …slow service ended our value vacations in Vegas. “Our Group” average gross retired incomes average aprox $150-K per year and all of us are debt free….SO…we put our minds together and
      decided to start doing Cruises on ships in Royal Caribbean fleet . April 2018 was first cruise “Voyage” to the
      western Caribbean … Cost including airfare was about $1,250 per person. All our meals were included…each of us had a Deluxe Cabin with outside balcony…and several of us WON JACKPOTS in the
      Ships Casino ! All in ALL…….we had the best time ever ! Free Live Shows ..EVERY NITE also.. GO DO SOME THING ….different than Las Vegas- Vegas IS NO LONGER A BARGAIN ………TRY A CRUISE ! 🙂 Indiana Steve

      1. Old Ironsides

        Vegas is still a bargain, but not the Vegas my aunts and uncles loved when I was a youngster and we didn’t have casinos across the land. While it’s sad that going to Vegas means avoiding the strip for some of us, I’m lucky that I could still find value on the strip when I started visiting Vegas many years ago. Now I spend time downtown and off strip, and don’t spend much time at any strip property. The end of the Riviera put an end to my time on the strip, effectively.

        I’d like to think that I’d still be staying on the strip regularly if the value was comparable to 20 years ago, but I refuse to pay $15 for a basic cocktail when I’m not gambling. And too much of the pricing on the strip is based upon the belief that being on vacation, or an expense account, means we don’t care how much we’re paying. I remember being floored years ago when simple cocktails were $9 each at the fancy main bar on the Rio’s floor. I’m sure that would be considered a bargain at the Rio today. Ironic given Rio still isn’t on the strip. But hey, P.T. Barnum said it best.

        Vegas is still a cheap vacation, but the options during that cheap vacation have diminished significantly. Sad, but true.

        I’m looking forward to seeing how much people pay for drinks, hot dogs, etc. in Vegas 20 years from now. If I live that long.

        1. Pleasr sux

          Vegas just lost its aura, no longer feeling to get that Vegas Baby here i come attitude, forget vegas, better to lie in bed and enjoy a Staycation, save it for a better vacation to Tahiti or Cabo

    1. William Wingo

      In the words of the great philosopher Yogi Berra: “The future ain’t what it used to be.”

  5. Rooster

    I’m currently sitting in McCarran Airport. This was the first year we stayed Downtown instead of the Strip. We got a great room at the Plaza, drinks were $6 each, the pool was fun and not full of oontz music, and the gambling was great (3:2 Blackjack, $5 minimums, etc.)

    A friend and her group decided to stay on the strip instead of downtown. They’re slot players, and said they’ve never seen the slots so tight. They said it completely rips the fun out of it when the machine blings nothing back. Essentially, you might as well be handing your money to the front desk on the way in.

    It looks like the strip doesn’t want my business anymore, which is fine. There’s no law that says they have to be all things to all people. Hopefully downtown will remain reasonable, and not follow suit.


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