Resorts World Las Vegas Completes Hotel Tower Construction

Resorts World has removed the final construction crane from its hotel tower, and that’s a pretty big deal.

This noteworthy occasion is made all the more momentous given the history of the Resorts World site, formerly home to the abandoned Echelon project.

We grabbed a pic of Resorts World, sans tower cranes, during a test of the resort’s impressive video screen.

Resorts World

Just like us, Resorts World has been slow but unstoppable.

The $4.3 billion Resorts World is on track for a summer 2021 opening.

Fun fact: In honor of that scheduled opening date, we have leased numerous additional fingers to cross.

Completion of the Resorts World hotel tower is a much-needed beacon of hope in Las Vegas given recent challenges related the pandemic.

Here’s a sweet video commemorating the removal of the final construction crane from the 59-story, 700-foot-plus Resorts World tower.

Resorts World was originally scheduled to open in 2016, but that would’ve been lame, honestly. We need something shiny in 2021, and Resorts World is just the ticket.

Here’s a shot of a different video screen test.

Resorts World Las Vegas

Loveable supernerd Ray on Twitter says the video screen is running on MacOS Big Sur, “only in beta right now.”

Yes, we are enamored with the Resorts World video screen. That’s because it’s badass. See it in motion.

While plans for pandas were nixed early on, Resorts World has lots of goodies in store, especially in the realm of entertainment. Resorts World has reportedly signed some hefty checks, and the biggest names in show business are going to have a new place to play, inside a state-of-the-art, 5,000-seat theater.

Here’s a look at how Resorts World has transformed into a magnificent erection.

Resorts World construction

Yeah, we’ve been on this awhile.

While a lot of the work at Resorts World will now be taking place inside, there’s still a lot of work being done in the resorts pool complex and retail area.

Resorts World Vegas

Here’s what we’re working up to.

Check back soon for Resorts World updates, scoop, rumors and a lot of sycophantic fawning over that freaking video screen.

9 thoughts on “Resorts World Las Vegas Completes Hotel Tower Construction

  1. charles murray

    Thank You for All the UPDATES.Looks like its going to be a Fantastic Place. Would like Very Much to Stay And Play There When Visiting.

  2. John Roth

    The construction lender has marked the value of the hotel to zero given the lack of international air traffic and the lack of hotel and convention bookings. This normally means the lender will not advance further funding. Where are the funds coming from to complete the project?

  3. Mike Alexakis

    I am very excited to see Circa open, downtown getting a shiny new modern resort is interesting on many levels. Resorts World opening up in an area filled with major players already creates way less buzz for an average Joe like myself. Venetian is super nice to walk around in, Wynn is too, maybe this new development will be in their league. I like five dollar craps and twenty five cent video poker with at least decent pay scales, if Circa or Resorts World is interested in people like myself doing more than strolling through they need to at least throw a few bones our way. Five dollar craps is mostly dead, even Carol Kane and Billy Crystal cant revive it, Las Vegas may end up pricing out its base support at exactly the wrong time…


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