Resorts World is Making Striking Progress

After seemingly endless delays, construction at Resorts World is picking up steam.

Not only are windows being installed, but sources familiar with the project report the main hotel tower at Resorts World is growing by about a floor per week.

Resorts World

Object in photo is larger than it appears. By a hell ton.

As a basis of comparison, here’s a look at Resorts World in March 2018.

Resorts World

Resorts World was adorable as a baby.

Here’s a closer look at the windows being installed at Resorts World. Break out the squeegees!

Resorts World

The first references to squeegees, in the mid-19th century, referred to deck-cleaning tools for sea-faring vessels. Related: Writing photo captions isn’t easy.

Observers have noted the similarity between the look of Resorts World and that of Wynn and Encore, just across the street (see below).

We’ve heard Genting Group, owners of Resorts World, may make a play to purchase Wynn Resorts, so the similarity between the hotels could very well be intentional. Read more reckless rumors.

Wynn Las Vegas

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Wynn should feel very flattered right about now.

We went around to the back of Resorts World for a rare look at the side of the hotel tower facing Circus Circus. Windows are also being installed on that side.

Resorts World

We could’ve called this the north side, but we’re going with backside. Because we are 12.

Construction at Resorts World is no longer a laughing matter, as the hotel looms large at about 35 floors.

It’s hard to imagine, but the plan is for the tower to have 60.

Resorts World

It’s not just the height of one’s hotel that matters, it’s also the girth of one’s lens.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Resorts World, it sits on the former Echelon Place site. Which, we’re assuming, helps you not at all. Resorts World is between Circus Circus and the site planned for the Alon resort. Also not helpful, we get it.

If you’re a shopper, it’s just north of Fashion Show mall.

If you like Mexican food, it’s across the street from Tacos El Gordo.

If you’re sentimental, Resorts World is across the street from the former Riviera casino. It’s also the site of the former, legendary Stardust.

If you’re into antipodes, it’s roughly on the opposite side of the Earth as Madagascar.

If you’re an optimist, it’s just south and across the street from the future Drew hotel.

Resorts World

Genting Group was founded by Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong, a name inspired by the sound a saucepan makes falling down a  flight of stairs.

Resorts World is slated to open in 2020, and the odds of that happening seem to improve with each new floor and window.

Given our saucepan joke, we assume we’re not invited.

(Update 12/14/18): It seems the folks at Wynn Resorts are no longer amused by how similar Resorts World and Wynn/Encore look. They filed suit against Resorts World, and it’s possible we were referenced in the lawsuit.

Wynn sues Resorts World

Thanks for catching our typo, Wynn Resorts legal team.

Now, we’re definitely not invited to the grand opening of Resorts World.

21 thoughts on “Resorts World is Making Striking Progress

  1. Andy

    Aw c’mon look at those glasses…these guys are going to gobble the whole Wynn big time. Can’t you see the pedestrian bridge to Encore already ? On top of that Wynncore is already asian red enough inside,no need to update much. Honestly speaking if RW will buy out Wynn and build some more stuff on Wynn West land it’s the Paradise Park that should be built.

    1. Davehat

      Leaving a building sit for years, all that metal and steel exposed to the desert salt and rain. Wouldn’t that rust the support frame? I would think so.

      Either that or I watch too many episodes of Collapsing Buildings ™ in Life after People. NOTE: The collapse of Las Vegas is spectacular.

  2. D. Reinecke

    Why the obvious snub of the Stardust, which is what many of us Vegas Veterans still identify the property as?

    You mentioned Riviera, their competitor across the street. Homage should at least be paid to the resort many of us knew and loved as the rightful occupant of that tract!

      1. That's just the way it is.

        Besides, there’s no money to be had in homage. What matters in Las Vegas, what has always mattered in Las Vegas, is what can be done, what can be seen now. The past is for the Neon Boneyard. The money is now.

  3. Matt

    Encore Hotel is “60” floors but there is not a floor in that tower between the numbers 40 and 49. And another 4 or two are missing. Let’s keep that in mind when a malaysian company is attempting to build an asian themed hotel. It may be close to topping out as it is.
    Another inside note… The glass windows came from other sources than that of Wynncore and there’s no probable relationship between the 2 companies except that of imitation. In my opinion, they know what they want to achieve and they see what is working nearby. And if and when it opens, they’ll want everyone to think that it’s all the same.
    “West Wynn” is currently on the drawing board. Expect a groundbreaking within 2 years. Assuming that they’re redesigning Steve’s original plans.
    I dig all the work that’s happening at RW. I really hope it opens and I really hope that they make something original. They’re building off Boyd’s foundation and using imitation glass. They need to step it up.

    1. Rafyy

      >“West Wynn” is currently on the drawing board.

      i REALLY hope it doesnt get derailed. hopefully Roger Thomas is on board.

  4. Russ Morgan

    Any updates on the north wing on the backside of the tower? Early renderings had it going much higher than it is, but Genting looks like they haven’t even touched it since they resumed construction.

  5. Brian Campbell

    @Russ, not sure what they are doing with that north wing, but, as you said, I don’t see any progress on it. Boyd had it listed as the Shangri-La Tower in its Echelon renderings. There have been so many renderings of RW from Genting that I’m not sure what the final product is actually going to look like, and its still hard to tell given that the resumed work has focused on the main hotel tower.

  6. Al

    Great construction update. I love Vegas construction updates. Can I request more construction updates more often from the strip corridor and casinos around the city?

  7. Peter Kelly

    @Russ, last render only showed the main tower and a big orb like structure out front. The other buikdings that Boyd had planned seem to not be a part of Gentings plan.

    Echelon was meant to rival City Center in terms of size and number of buildings. Obviously that’s not going to happen now and I expect most of the site will be open


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