Resorts World Drops Asian Theme, Pushes Back Opening Date to 2021

The long-awaited (understatement of the year) Resorts World rolled out some new renderings and moved back its opening date to summer of 2021.

In other words, Resorts World is set to open four years after its groundbreaking in May 2015.

Here’s a look at the latest iteration of Resorts World Las Vegas.

Resorts World Las Vegas

It’s about time Vegas got some new sparkly.

Please refer to that photo if anyone ever asks, “Hey, what does a $4.3 billion resort look like?”

It’s worth noting Cosmopolitan cost $4.18 billion.

Fluid budget and sliding open date aside, Resorts World is looking pretty slick and has released more information about its amenities.

Here’s a look at Resorts World’s pool complex.

Resorts World pool complex

There will be no shortage of breast strokes at Resorts World.

The pool complex will be a Vegas-sized 220,000-square-feet, including an 1,800-square-foot infinity pool. In the parlance of pool construction, that’s one big-ass pool complex.

Here are some other numbers of interest about Resorts World:

googie 110,000-square-foot casino
googie 5,000-seat theater
googie 70,000-square-feet of retail space
googie 350,000-square-feet of meeting and banquet space
googie 200,000-square-feet of restaurants and bars
googie 27,000-square-foot world-class spa
googie 14,000-square-foot race and sports book and live entertainment venue
googie 10,000-square-foot marquee
googie 50-foot diameter video globe

Because this blog is of the male persuasion, we perked up when we heard the side of the hotel’s west tower will have a 100,000-square-foot LED screen, making it one of the largest LED screens in the country.

Resorts World

We are confident enough in our masculinity to swoon at a video screen bigger than a football field. A football field is 57,600-square-feet.

There are some concerns about Resorts World, including that the resort says it will have a “75,000-square-foot nightclub and dayclub concept.”

That trajectory seems a holdover from a pre-Kaos era in Las Vegas. The nightlife business model has been described as broken, and not just by us. Listen to us talk about the state of Las Vegas nightclubs on KNPR.

The bigger concern, of course, is Resorts World is set to come online with a ton of supply (3,500 rooms) at a time of uncertainty about demand, as Las Vegas visitation is essentially flat and drive traffic from California has dropped significantly due to increased competition.

Lots of hopes are being pinned on the expanded Las Vegas Convention Center and Raider Stadium. It remains to be seen if those projects move the needle, and by how much.

Still, Resorts World is sparkly and we love new Las Vegas things.

Resorts World

So pretty, but if you’re headed to the hotel or casino, you’re in for a schlep.

The new Resorts World renderings serve to confirm why Wynn Resorts dropped its lawsuit asserting Resorts World was copying its “trade dress.”

Modesty precludes us from mentioning we were mentioned in that lawsuit, as well as the fact Resorts World has officially confirmed our story about smartly dropping the resort’s Asian theme.

You know we’ll be keeping an eye on Resorts World, and we can’t wait to take her for a test drive when she’s unveiled in 2021 or whenever.

28 thoughts on “Resorts World Drops Asian Theme, Pushes Back Opening Date to 2021

  1. alex

    I have to wonder if Las Vegas needs another massive theater. There already are three: The Colosseum at Caesars Palace (4,300 seats), the Park Theater at Park MGM (5,200 seats), and the Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood (7,000 seats). Are there really enough top tier performers willing to commit to residencies in Las Vegas to fill another mega theater?

    For reference, a large theater on Broadway is roughly 1,500 to 2,000 seats. (Radio City Music Hall is the one massive NYC theater, with 6,000 seats.) And 2,000 seats is roughly the same size as the main theater at the performing arts center of a major metro area. That makes these Las Vegas venues 2 to 3.5 times bigger than the “normal” theater.

    1. Allen

      You left out the Sphere at 19,000
      Wynn is also going to have a 4,000 seat venue as part of it’s new convention center.
      Also the Drew will have a 4,000 seat theatre.
      Planet Hollywood was reduced to 4 or 5 thousand.

  2. John Frid

    How about posting some construction photos? It actually seems like they may be building something, from what I’ve heard – at least there are a few construction workers onsite now, I hear. Also, any news on “The Drew” or whatever they are calling it now?

  3. George

    Thanks for the write up – you had me at the word “breast”
    Looks good – looking forward to losing money there in 2021



    Figured the date would be pushed back based on current progress, but it sure as hell does look like this thing is actually going to happen now. they’re too far along in the build process to pull a Fontainebleau at this point, you’d think.

    I think this thing CAN work if they are smart about and think long-term on room rates – they need to aggressively undercut the Wynn and Venetians up there to drive convention business to themselves. If they can have a long view and realize they need to take a couple years of losses to let people re-wire their brains about the north strip, it could work. Hotel shuttles to/from places like the new convention center, center strip and maybe even downtown couldn’t hurt either.





    1. Skeptic Pete

      People don’t like to read. So few blogs exist these days because nobody wants to take the time to stop and read thoughtful prose. If it isn’t some mediocre video, people ain’t interested.

      Every other week somebody is staring a Vegas podcast or Youtube channel. When’s the last time you discovered a new Vegas blog?

  6. Lew

    As China accelerates its transition to a totalitarian police state (complete with concentration camps!) it seems quite wise to jettison the theming.

      1. bored traveler

        it will be total chaos and they better fix it now, they just gone down hill from hear. Was expecting to visit , it just sux, nothing to see and do but swim and gamble and not take selfies for the Great Wall, Forbidden city, Panda Zoo exhibits. I rate this a negative 100

    1. dissatisfied Designer

      it just sucks, now Vegas will be devoid of themes- we can’t see any reason to go, must be a Dead Boring Las Vegas without any spectacular sights and scenery. Better to have a Star Wars hotel and casino, Harry Potter Hotel and Casino, and many other themes. bring back the San Francisco theme casino, BRazil Rainforest amazon Casino , now that’s exciting. not this total bore

  7. Troy S

    Alex mentioned in a comment: “I have to wonder if Las Vegas needs another massive theater. There already are three: The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, the Park Theater at Park MGM, and the Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood” which is partially correct. He failed to include MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay and the many smaller theaters like Paris, Mirage, etc. Then the Sphere is right around the corner. It seems like Alex is correct in that we probably have enough theaters.
    In the renderings there is a huge green area. What is that? A park. We’ll see how long that lasts as we have seen many times in Las vegas is that when there is open space, The Suits will find a way to fill it with something to try to create money. (Serendipity, Beer Park, Bazaar Shops, Eataly, Starbucks in front of Mirage, Marvel thing in front of Mirage, need I go on?)
    does anyone have an accurate floor count on this? I keep hearing 57 floors but that seems slightly exagerated. Perhaps they ommitted the flooors with a four in them? Will that change if they drop the Asian theme?


    The Stardust opened in 1958, but most of the modern casino complex, including the 32-story tower, was built in 1991. I visited it on my first trip to Las Vegas as an adult, in February 1969. It closed November 1, 2006 and was imploded March 13, 2007. Most of it was only 15 years old.
    Construction of Echelon Place began in 2007 and halted in 2008.
    Genting Group bought the site in 2013. Groundbreaking was scheduled for 2014, but was delayed until May 2015. The first phase was supposed to open in 2016; but actual construction did not begin until late 2017, and then proceeded at what was politely called a “snail’s pace.” The towers were topped out in August 2019; but as of November 2019, the opening has been pushed back again, from 2020 to 2021.
    At $4.3 billion so far, Resorts World will be the most expensive resort property ever developed in Las Vegas. And that’s if it ever opens: it could still go the way of FontaineDrew.
    Wouldn’t it be nice if the Stardust had still been there all this time, providing some vitality to the area and bringing in some revenue? I bet it could have been completely refurbished and spiffied up for a lot less than $4.3 billion.

    1. Ordinary Wiser

      it’s called, no Vision, no direction. These Resorts World don’t know to make a good product last. They were first so Awesome with that Asian Theme, now its back to City Center with a touch of Hong Kong:(. The great North Strip will become a totally boring ordinary strip only for the Conventioneers. No family fun just those pools are for the new young folks calling to suggests the millennials and gen z crowds. Please bring back old vegas and those themed hotels that were fun fun fun

  9. Funkhouser

    Um more Vegas Fugly. They had an awesome design with the great wall and first asian theme rendering
    and have decided go with modern crappy. Seriously who would stick a LCD screen on the side of the building and obstruct a crapton of hotel views?!

    Sad to say, the rooms and interior are gonna need a wow factor, because I have gone to hating the exterior design of that place, AKA no way I am tracking north of center strip to spend money there. They must be banking on a heavy convention center crowd from the expansion.

    1. walter Disney dissapproves

      You are so damn right. Its awesomely FUGLY THAT they drop the Asian theme. All well , it’s not fine for the Great North Strip- the so-called boring ugly ordinary shop strip. Will we be forgetting that place in 5 to 10 years in the roaring 2020’s? Yes you bet on yo horse! Fogetabutit.

    1. Funnylips

      maybe they will reconsider putting in the Great Wall and panda Exhibits, if plan B Fails. Plan A was A for Awesome, plan B is for Boring

  10. Brandon Outfall

    The spectacular collapse of Lucky Dragon, and the concurrent crackdown on organized crime in China and it’s effect on Macau properties probably scared the hell out of Resorts World’s management. Las Vegas development culture often lapses when it comes to thinking things through, and ride transient fads and themes as though they will last long enough to even be profitable, let alone last forever. Ironically, for many such endeavors those two timelines end up being one and the same.

    I’m delighted with the progress. The ultimately unnecessary demise of Riviera just killed the north strip – it was the only thing that held, if thinly, both SLS and Westgate to the Strip. The monorail mitigated that a bit, but the proportion of wasteland to developed land north of Convention Center Drive was just overwhelming and the north strip was dying quickly. Resorts World is a big move toward healing up that wound.

  11. The City Designer

    It looks like they gave up on the Big Surprise, now it’s a total ordinary modern design, the great Wall and the panda exhibit were SPECTACULAR. There our hopes are gone to revisit the Great North Strip. Now a total bore, will not survive, Please put back the Forbidden City, The Great Wall and Panda Exhibit. We want to see and travel. Not Gamble

  12. John

    It is now confirmed. Resorts World will be operating as (drumroll please) a Hilton. How very exciting. The world has been waiting with hushed anticipation for another 3,500 room HILTON. Now all they have to do is drop down like ten perfume shops, a couple stalls selling cell phone covers or baseball caps, as well as a food court, and they will officially become the latest Strip clone. Indistinguishable from the others. Congratulations and thank you for wasting our time Genting.


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