Resorts World Confirms Tiesto Residency at Zouk Nightclub

Few things give us greater joy than scooping the world and ruining (sorry, amplifying) surprises.

This time, Resorts World has confirmed what loyal readers knew months ago: Bigtime DJ Tiesto will be a headliner at the casino’s Zouk Nightclub and Ayu Dayclub.

Tiesto Paradise

Make an album called “A Town Called Paradise” and you’re cool with us. Most of The Strip is in the town of Paradise.

Tiesto (sometimes with an umlaut over the “e)” is a certified icon of “oontz.”

He’s a Grammy winner, has sold 36 million albums and was named “The Greatest DJ of All Time” by Mixmag, whatever that might be.

Mostly, we know of Tiesto because of his light show at Fremont Street Experience. He also got his own fountain show at Bellagio.

Tiesto’s light show at Fremont Street Experience features three of his hits, “Secrets,” “Red Lights” and “Wasted.”

Tiesto is quite a “get” for Resorts World, as the superstar DJ has been a fixture at Hakkasan for some time.

Resorts World is going all out for talent, recently confirming another one of our scoops, that Zedd would also be a headliner at the resort expected to open by July 4, 2021.

Zedd Tiesto Resorts World

Waiting for official announcements is lame.

Zouk Nightclub is 36,000-square-feet and will boast a “state-of-the-art articulating ceiling with a center focal point called the Mothership.”

Inside Zouk, there will be multiple experiences, including Capital Bar and Empire, which can operate as distinct venues depending upon the night or season. Capital will have a “projection mapping canopy,” which we’re excited to see and we’re not even really a nightclub person.

The jury’s still out as to whether the pricey DJ business model still works for Las Vegas nightclubs, mainly because Kaos at Palms was a very expensive debacle the entire nightlife industry in Las Vegas is still face-palming about.

How “pricey”? Tiesto is likely to make between $250,000 and $290,000 a show.

Resorts World nightclub

Articulated AF.

One of the executives who ran Kaos, Ronn Nicolli, is in charge of nightlife at Resorts World.

Nightlife in Vegas has been through the ringer during the pandemic, and there are lots of changes on the horizon (including rumors of major mergers and acquisitions).

The Zedd and Tiesto residency announcements have already made a big splash for Resorts World, and they’re betting these seasoned and beloved veterans could provide a solid foundation for what’s to come.

5 thoughts on “Resorts World Confirms Tiesto Residency at Zouk Nightclub

  1. William Wingo

    “Tiesto (sometimes with an umlaut over the “e)” is a certified icon of ‘oontz.'”

    This blog is really an education. I took three years of college German and had never heard of an umlauted ‘e’–thought it was only for a, o, and u. Russian does have an ‘e’ with two dots over it, but that’s not exactly an umlaut: it converts the sound of the vowel from “yeh” to “yoh.”
    A quick internet search reveals that the umlauted ‘e’ is found in several other European languages such as French, Dutch, and Luxembourgish. That was another new one for me, and I’ve actually been to Luxembourg. It also occurs, very rarely, in German. That’s probably revealed to German majors in the advanced courses.
    I’d never heard of Tiesto/Tiyosto either–or Zedd, before your previous blog post–but that’s one of the drawbacks of a narrow scientific education. I also have trouble naming daytime TV personalities and professional sports figures, and my social life has suffered accordingly. It turns out Tiesto has his own Wikipedia entry, so he is clearly not someone to be trifled with.
    Resorts World is lining up some powerful hitters to grace the blighted North strip. Best of luck to them, and thanks to Vital Vegas for all your hard work reporting it for us.
    But I hope they’ve got a bottle of red ink somewhere….

  2. MrBuzzkill

    Tiesto is 52 yrs old. He packs nightclubs that would turn him away at the door for being too old. And yet, here we are.

  3. Michael Alexakis

    I do not begrudge this man for making what they apparently are paying, in all aspects I am on the side of working people, so I took a few minutes to try and figure this out, I am 61, DJ’s are like Wolfgang Jack if you ask me, so don’t… I listened to “Red Lights” on Youtube, hope it does not poison my Youtube playlist too hard. it’s an OK song, dance beat, great looking women on the video… What struck me was it had lyrics, someone singing, I thought this is not about this guy bringing musicians around to his gigs, my kids are over so I asked them. They told me very famous singers often sing to his music, just not live, and that Tiesto just uses a mixing board live. What a gig, this guy must literally laugh at the people paying him, if I had this gig I would sit around thinking about razing workers about M&M colors, and toilet tissue placement (kidding, I support working people). One night at MGM Grand I saw the line of people outside Hakkenson, literally I have never seen so many beautiful women in one spot, This makes no sense to me, the bands and artists I have seen over the decades would never get millions for bringing around already recorded music to play, it would be scandalous. And these young people pay two thousand dollars for a bottle of Grey Goose. Aliens would likely not believe this if we left it in a time capsule. Now you old folks can thank me for explaining this, I did the legwork, it’s frightening, the song was OK, the gig is great work if you can find it, good luck…

    1. MrBuzzkill

      ” I saw the line of people outside Hakkasan, literally I have never seen so many beautiful women in one spot … these young people pay two thousand dollars for a bottle of Grey Goose.”

      Man, you have stumbled upon the magic business model of the Vegas nightclub. Actually, the men pay $2k for Grey Goose. The price goes up the closer men want to be to the action. It’s quite common for a group of males to layout $5k for a table in prime proximity to the wiggling females.

      The alpha male at the table is known as the host, and the moment young ladies are invited to join the table, every drink they order are charged on his check. So, it literally pays for those ladies to look their “Absolute” best. Who knows? They may take a ride-aay with dad-aay in the bent-laay.

  4. Michael Alexakis

    Back in the day I was a “host” myself, I would gladly provide for the ladies some Boone’s Farm, or Annie Green Springs in a pinch… I was the Tickle Pink Sugar Daddy, redundancy aside… And I had a turntable, plus some pretty good weed… I ended up marrying the sister of one of the fellas I used to score weed for, it’s a lot cheaper than bottle service, we were able to afford getting married at The Graceland Chapel in fabulous Las Vegas…


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