Resorts World Confirms Residencies: Celine Dion, Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryan

Resorts World officially confirmed a cavalcade of performers who will have residencies at the new resort.

The list of resident performers include Celine Dion, Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood and Luke Bryan.

DJs Tiesto and Zedd were previously announced.

You heard right! Celine Dion is back. Or will be. Possibly in 2022.

Resorts World Celine

You say “diva” like it’s a bad thing.

This announcement came as no surprise to readers of this blog, of course, because we “ruin” everything.

We originally shared Celine Dion would have a residency at Resorts World 444 days before the official announcement. Yes, we counted.

Confirmation of these long-rumored residencies came in the form of a strange but visually compelling commercial featuring all the A-list talent, most doing things completely unrelated to performing.

Resorts World Katy Perry

Katy Perry grappled with weight gain following her recent pregnancy, so watch closely for this clever inside joke.

Please watch this video multiple times, because it cost Resorts World a metric ass-ton and they need to get their money’s worth.

If you think we were kidding about the expense of the ad, here’s what Resorts World said about it in their news release, “Utilizing the most sophisticated virtual set designs, the video merges virtual reality and CGI elements, using game-engine technologies to blur the line between the physical and digital worlds.”

Fun fact: This video technology was used in “The Mandalorian” and “The Jungle Book.”

To avoid accusations of sexism, we will note Luke Bryan also grappled with weight gain following his recent pregnancy.

Our only real criticism of the ad is it doesn’t identify who these folks are. This is a common pitfall of creatives who may be too close to their subject matter. It’s entirely possible a lot of people won’t recognize Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, Tiesto Zedd or even Carrie Underwood. Most  will know Celine, but it’s a misstep to assume these other performers are easily recognizable.

We trust the ad was mainly directed at existing fan bases, but even we wouldn’t have been able to identify several of these performers, and we tend to know everything.

In the video, Carrie Underwood wrangles virtual butterflies, many of which grappled with weight gain during their recent pregnancies.

No details were given about when these residencies might start, and although Resorts World opens June 24, 2021, it’s likely the headliners won’t kick off their shows until months later.

The theater and Zouk nightclub aren’t expected to be live right off the bat, but Tiesto and Zedd will perform starting July 4, in the resort’s Ayu dayclub.

We hear some live entertainment will be available at Resorts World, but in the ballroom. The theater seats 5,000, the ballroom accommodates about 1,000.

We’ll once again be the first to share early word is performers in the ballroom are likely to include Uncle Kracker and Darius Rucker.

Is anyone going to mention the giant severed ear? Why do we have to do everything?

Resorts World, built at a cost of $4.3 billion, has spared no expense to make a splash with its list of resident performers.

It seems entirely possible some of these headliner gigs have been pushed back because deferred payment would be beneficial to the enterprise.

Resorts World is owned by Genting Group, a company with lots of hospitality assets, an industry especially hard hit by the pandemic.

Resorts World Catskills alone, for example, is $400 million in debt. That’s peanuts compared to the cost of Resorts World Las Vegas, but it would make sense for the company to pace itself when it comes to issuing big paychecks.

Zedd and Tiesto, for example, are likely to make $250,000 or more per show, a business model that went terribly wrong for Kaos nightclub at Palms.

Epic Tiesto shot, video production wizards.

But reality checks aren’t fun, glitzy headliner announcements are!

We’re rooting hard for Resorts World, a throwback to the golden days of Las Vegas megaresorts, a time when “Build it and they will come!” was actually true.

The hope is Las Vegas will welcome Celine Dion, Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryan, Tiesto and Zedd with open arms and (critically, to the success of Resorts World) purses.

And wallets. Sexism is everywhere!

Icons like Celine Dion don’t just sell tickets, they draw guests of a certain age and income bracket, customers likely to take advantage of the resort’s other amenities and boost the bottom line.

There’s more to come from Resorts World, and once Las Vegas is unmasked, this summer’s going to be an absolute blast.

10 thoughts on “Resorts World Confirms Residencies: Celine Dion, Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryan

  1. Mister Doctor

    The more pressing question for me is why Madison Ave. seems so hellbent on making every commercial couple mixed-race. I mean, I have every intention of going to RW when it opens in the summer. This need for inclusion has made advertising unwatchable.

    1. jordann

      Why do you call it inclusion and unwatchable? Should their marketing reflect the 1950’s? The world has evolved as has marketing. The point of marketing is to get people to use the product. Obviously you feel left out.

    2. Andrew

      Man,honestly I’m all against BLM stuff but your comment is totally out of wack. I’ve watched the video for what it is and I think is one of the coolest casino resort related video I’ve ever seen. Makes me want to go and check the place asap but unfortunately since I live in Italy it will be a long time before I’ll be able to visit Las Vegas again.
      Sound like you’re old or getting there…

  2. Michael Alexakis

    I am very excited to visit Resorts World, but none of these headliners are anywhere close to The Red Piano, Elton John is not a tall man, but his genius towers over this list of artists who I can’t name a song that they sing. How about a residency act in Las Vegas by an artist that writes and arranges their material, a Bruce Springsteen, a Peter Gabriel, a Phil Collins even. The Pretenders are a fabulous live act, they and The Police are the best three person bands I have ever seen. Bonnie Raitt blew me away when she opened for The Rolling Stones at MGM Grand Arena, I was not familiar with her work at that time, she has more talent than any of these announced headliners if you ask me. I hope Resorts World also opens a smaller venue for acts like Tom Jones, that man knows how to make everyone in the audience smile. Congrats to Resorts World for this lineup of popular pop and country bubble gum, I will patiently wait for acts that tickle my intellect…

    1. Jackson

      The ages of the artists you mention:
      Elton John: 74, Bruce Springsteen: 71, Peter Gabriel: 71, Phil Collins: 70, Chrissie Hynde: 69, Sting: 69, Stewart Copeland: 68, Bonnie Raitt: 71, Mick Jagger, 77, Keith Richards, 77.

      Frankly, I can’t imagine many of these almost and actual septuagenarians wants to put in the hard work of creating a residency show.

      1. Michael Alexakis

        Back in the day bands did live shows to sell albums, nowadays they do live shows to put food on the table, so many of these older artists power on… A residency in Las Vegas is easier than touring, the hotels put the artists up in suites, and feed and coddle them, the terms are negotiated. Billy Idol is 65, he has done Las Vegas residency and recently signed on to do more, a friend of a friend of mine is in his band, the residency is a life highlight for him, its a tour without the hassles. Bruce Springsteen did a monster residency in New York three years ago, Billy Joel as well, the list goes on and on. You do make a good point that the artists I favor are older, perhaps the bean counters at Resorts World want younger performers, but Tiesto and Celine Dion are both in their fifties, and in the case on Celine Dion, the Queen Of Las Vegas Residency, its not like she is releasing much new material. Other resorts will be announcing new residency acts as Las Vegas gets back to normal, I expect many will be in the age range I apparently favor…

        1. Jackson

          You missed my point, but that’s fine.

          PS. That “monster residency” for Bruce Springsteen was him at a theatre with 975 seats. That’s wildly different from this Las Vegas theatre with 5,000 seats.

  3. MrBuzzkill

    The level of personal risk here is pulse-pounding. Apparently, the key card assignment sub-committee of the guest experience quality improvement committee reminded the talent management committee that nobody on the guest entertainment committee was ever fired because they booked Celine Dion.


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