Resort Fees to Increase at Paris, Planet Hollywood and Cromwell

Don’t shoot the messenger, but we got our hands on an internal Caesars Entertainment document and the news isn’t great.

Resort fees will be increased at three Caesars resorts, effective March 2, 2021.

Caesars resort fees

Let’s just say our face and palm have had a lot of interactions lately.

According to the internal communication, resort fees at Paris and Planet Hollywood will increase to $39 per night plus tax ($44.21 inclusive of tax).

Resort fees at Cromwell will be increased to $45 per night plus tax ($51.02) inclusive of tax.

Cromwell Las Vegas

Say it ain’t so, Cromwell.

Resort fee charges don’t apply to Caesars Rewards loyalty club members who have Diamond or Seven Stars status.

Resort fee perks won’t change with the price increase. Guests will still get in-room WiFi, fitness center passes for two and local calls.

And who doesn’t make a hell-ton of local calls when they visit Las Vegas? What a bargain!

These resort fee increases are baffling, especially now, as Las Vegas resorts are looking toward attracting guests following months of challenges related to the COVID-19 crisis.

Resort fees have long been a source of frustration for Las Vegas visitors, and contribute to the nickel-and-diming perception of the destination.

Make Vegas a Value Again

We’re going to keep sharing this wishlist until somebody listens.

News of the resort fee increases come on the heels of another story we broke, that the standard drink pour at Linq (also owned by Caesars Entertainment) has been reduced to .75 ounces.

All this is happening following the merger of Caesars Entertainment with Eldorado Resorts. Our hopes for a culture shift are slowly fading away.

While the COVID-19 crisis will soon be behind us, the frustrating issue of short-sighted decisions by casinos appears here to stay.

39 thoughts on “Resort Fees to Increase at Paris, Planet Hollywood and Cromwell

  1. Linda

    I’m an MGM patron. They continue to comp the rooms but still charge resort fees. I don’t mind. I can’t stay at a Motel 6 along any Interstate for 35 bucks a nite.

    1. Elvis

      With Mlife it’s how much you’ve gambled in the past that determines that, even if you’re Platinum it doesn’t mean you get resort fees removed at all properties.

    2. Greg Kelly

      Stop going! That’s what we did when they started that bulletin. 20 years staying with them and they started charging resort fees on a full comp stay. The Wynn doesn’t do it (for now)..

  2. Jim

    If you raise resort fees and no one is staying at the hotel, does anyone notice? Hell, jack them up to $200 while they are empty!

  3. Tom I

    I actually think it’s hilarious. Of course, I wouldn’t be caught dead being in one of these shit-hole properties much less staying there. It amuses me watching them commit slow suicide.

  4. Barbara Provazek

    Well – I have always hated the resort fees. Never have used any fitness center – and geez 🤦‍♀️ Who needs local call service. Hello – everyone has a cell phone ! Wi-fi – let that be an extra charge that if you want it – – you pay for it! Use to love traveling to Las Vegas several times a year but did not go as much as use to because of all the extra charges that kept coming up just like the parking! Now with the pandemic – business is almost non- existence there and you want to increase RESORT FEES! You just put yourself out of business even more! 😂😂😂 the greedy just don’t get it!

  5. Aubrie

    Also all Caesars properties are making you do a $50 deposit per day. So if your staying a week that’s $350 you have to place on a card. Which I’ve noticed can take up to 30 days to be return to you. However at Caesars palace it Max out at $200. A lot of times to if you just choose not to pay the resort fee and tell them you can’t pay it. They sometimes waive it. Always and I mean always ask if you can have a free upgrade. You never know. If you check in at Bally’s avoid Sahar at VIP Reservations cause she just don’t understand what hospitality is.

    1. Carnak

      Aubrie, that $350 they extract from your card for free becomes Float; during your stay it gets invested in Wall Street cash instruments such as Overnight Letters etc. which pay Caesar’s I don’t know how much interest, but they keep your money as long as they legally can to maximize their Float from it.

      Add up every guest’s deposits and bundle them into an Overnight Letter and it’s a pretty penny.

      Just another form of extortion invented by the clever Bean Counters who sit so smugly atop piles of profit they realize from suckers like us.

      1. Stop corporate greed

        Exactly! Then they say “it’s your banks fault” for not releasing your deposit sooner after you check out….. Bull$hit!

        1. Jackson

          While I’ve never worked in Las Vegas, I have worked in hotels for over a decade. Part of that experience was working in accounting.

          You’re wrong here. It really is the bank’s fault. At all hotels, excess deposits get refunded during the night audit process on the day of check out.

          But, I agree with your user name. This phenomenon is the result of corporate greed. But, this is a case when the greedy company is the bank, not the hotel.

  6. Nick

    We used to go to Vegas 5-6 times a year, but that was back when Casino’s tried to earn your business. With good food, low rates, cute hostesses, and inexpensive entertainment. But now honestly it is not competitive with native American local gaming. I can go to nice restaurants do excellent shopping and be back home in 30 minutes. They have the same games without the weird odds and don’t charge extra just to show up.

    1. bst

      If things in Vegas keep going like this (and appears they will) same for me and the local casinos, that’s where I’ll be – as much as I love going to Vegas and would really miss it enough is enough- damn I will hate missing out on the free local calls though. 😉

  7. FDJT21

    Keep living in the past. MAGA stands for insurrection, impeachment and losing the Senate, House and Presidency. Way to go

    1. Michael Alexakis

      President Biden is buying hundreds of millions of vaccine doses and getting the feds and military involved with getting it into Americans arms, which will open Las Vegas back up… And he will soon send most Americans more stimulus money, which will juice up the economy and bring smiles and employment to casinos. I do not mind at all that you regurgitate the stale attacks on him that failed in the November election, its good to remind people that substance is not a right wing trait, keep on truckin baby…

  8. Joe

    This has got to be a bad joke. Get out of the Ivory Tower and look around maybe someone will notice how empty Las Vegas is. As a longtime visitor whose last visit in October 2020 was marred by 2 nights of sleep being interrupted by 2 separate disturbance incidents at the Mirrage , I decided that Las Vegas trips are no longer on my adgena,

  9. Matthew

    how about eliminating indoor smoking instead?
    letting people smoke and blow all that
    covid-infested second-hand smoke
    inside the casinos is just going to lead into
    more shutdowns and restrictions!

  10. JR Namida

    Resort Fees are beyond a Joke. Just up your room rates so we can know the real rate…

    Worst of all, internet is part of the charge, I have yet to be able to consistently use wireless internet in most of Las Vegas hotel casinos.

  11. JP

    I have two emails out to Linq and Caesars about the .75 oz of liquor watered down drinks at the Linq, checking to see if that is a Caesars wide initiative or not. Of course I have not heard back on either email. At this point every casino they are forced to sell off due to poor management is a positive for anyone that goes to Las Vegas cause whoever the new ownership is can’t possibly bungle it up as bad.

  12. Carl Shepard

    What if every business did this?
    Fast food: $15 “cafe fee” if you eat inside. $10 “to go” fee if you don’t.
    Sherwin Williams: $5 “paint mixing fee” for every order
    Gardner: $10 “Equipment fee” since they brought the lawn mower and trimmer.
    Mechanic: $45 “facility fee” when changing your air cleaner.
    Fortunately Las Vegas is diversifying since casinos are self-destructing. Casinos remind of me rust belt cities that keep raising taxes to compensate for business leaving. Or a pilot compensating for loss of lift by pulling the nose up. Just bringing the end that much sooner.

  13. Ron H

    the new Caesars owner Eldorado ( a podunk gambling casino outfit from Reno ) does not have a clue or a fighting chance what vegas is all about and will probably sell out within 2 years . it was the upper management of Caesars and their ineptness that caused the sale ….now we have people in charge with no clue how vegas works … just up the fees til no one comes ….. my wife and I live here and we enjoy…..enjoyed the strip … Caesars now has taken so much away from us that we have bee forced to find local bars and restaurants that treat us like kings …..! Being diamond elite in Caesars does not mean what it used to thank you and sure wish Eldorado people can wake up 🇺🇲

  14. Virginal Vegas

    Looks like there is NO RESORT FEE at the new Virgin hotel! (Old hard rock). I’ll be trying it out for sure now, say no to resort fee’s by spending elsewhere!

  15. Noreen


  16. J L C

    They shouldn’t charge us locals a resort fee especially us essential workers who have been working hard during the pandemic and spending money at the properties regardless of card status when the casinos out here have been getting the majority of the revenue from us locals that they rely because of the decreased tourism. Obviously if we live out here we’re not going to use the stuff the resort fees cover and if it someone that’s local that wants to use some of those amenities then it should be optional not mandatory. The casinos need to treat us locals that spend time and money at their properties with more comps and more better treatment with our local ID.

  17. Gwen

    Just got back from spending a week in Vegas. Never used their phone (never do anyway at hotels, who does??), nor the gym, nor the pool (always bring a suit as I’m hopeful but ya, never go) and I dont need to use hotel wifi. Tell me again what these resort fees are for? We should be able to refuse the services this eliminate the fees! Especially since many arent even available during COVID!
    Plenty of places to stay without stupid resort fees

  18. Jon

    I had reservations for my wife and I at Paid the last time we went. I had previously never heard of the resort fees. That is the most insidious thing about them. Because when I made the reservations, I noticed nothing about the fees. Had I not read about them somewhere, I’d have been blindsided by an extra $250 upon check-in. Instead, I cancelled the reservations and got a really nice condo at The Signature for the same price as my reservation less resort fees had been, plus free valet parking. It was further away from the action, but as long as resort fees exist, I think I’ll walk a little extra.

  19. Mike

    I have not stayed at a Vegas casino since they started started the resort fees. I used to go to Vegas 1-2 times a year but now only go about every 3-5 years. It is not just the resort fees, it is the parking fees, the outrageous food prices, the drink costs, etc. I like to win when I go to Vegas, but I don’t mind losing if I have a good time and I sure don’t want to be gouged for everything else.

    1. JP

      Agreed, I ate at the Giada at Baltimore and left hungry with an expensive bill. The lasagna I got looked like it could have been bought at a supermarket frozen food section and was just thrown in a microwave and tasted about the same. My fiancé got the salmon which was slightly larger than the size of a die on a craps table.

  20. Dick Harder

    I agree the Resort Fees suck but if you are worried about a $50 a night hold on your card, you probably shouldn’t be in Vegas.

  21. Tommy

    At this pace it won’t be long till comped rooms for any level of player, however a $239 resort fee. That way there will be no comped room expense for the property. I personally like the resort fees as they keep the crowds down.

  22. Dee

    I am now in Vegas. Chatting with CET bartenders they also raised drink prices. A double shot and red bull is now a whopping $46. They also cut the staff. A single bartender now does the work that they used to have 2 bartenders and a bar back do.Truly sad.

    I love to sit at the bar and play VP. However a face shield is not acceptable. You can wear one on the floor to play slots but not sitting at the bar a bit hypocritical. So I gave them very little play this trip


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