Renovated Le Central Casino Bar at Paris is a Stunner

Le Central bar at Paris Las Vegas was already pretty inviting, but it was retooled, anyway, and in a big way.

Paris Las Vegas dropped more than a million bucks on the bar renovation, and the new look has transformed a run-of-the-mill casino bar into a worthy drinking and schmoozing destination on The Strip.

Paris Las Vegas Le Central bar

Now, that’s how you Vegas.

Long gone are the bar’s gazebo and ironwork. Now, it’s full-on Parisian-inspired whimsy at this 24/7 venue that sits next to the casino’s Café Ile St. Louis.

Le Central features some new signature cocktails ($14) like the Dignitary, French Martini, Cinna-Raisin Sidecar, Le Crisp and Smoking Manhattan. See them all.

Paris Las Vegas Le Central bar

You can’t not TV at casino bars anymore. These are fairly unobtrusive, though.

There’s an above-average selection of spirits devoted to Scotch, whiskey, bourbon and cognac. There’s a 40-year-old Dalmore Scotch for $300 a pop, so we assume that’s worth a splurge if you hit big at the roulette table.

There are also brunch cocktails (also $14) including the Bourbon Bloody Mary, Chilled PJ Mimosa and Red Grape PJ Spritzer.

Paris Las Vegas Le Central bar

We’re liking these fancy, laced up chairs.

The drink menu has a section devoted to “Buy a Round for the Table,” with decanters of various wine concoctions ($40-50).

Beer and wine are in plentiful supply, of course.

Paris Las Vegas Le Central bar

You sort of can’t miss it. Complete with a ramp so the really drunk people can easily egress. Not that we would know.

The changes they are many at Paris Las Vegas.

Recently, Martorano’s restaurant opened (sister restaurant of the Martorano’s at Rio Las Vegas) as did Yong Kang Street. Sugar Factory is officially out, and Hexx Kitchen and Bar, and its adjoining Hexx Chocolate and Confections, have replaced it. Renovations at Hexx are about 70% complete, according to a restaurant manager. A grand opening is expected in the next week or two.

Things are perking up at Paris Las Vegas. Let us know what you think of the new Le Central. Or just meet us there. Your treat. Parisian tradition.

7 thoughts on “Renovated Le Central Casino Bar at Paris is a Stunner

  1. Jonathon Bartlett

    Is this where the bar was that was on your left as you were walking from the front desk towards Bally’s?


    Boy, You REALLY can’t miss it, can you? Looks like maybe it doesn’t really fit in with the “Old Paris” theme of the place? Love the bar chairs. Nice to see Caesars is still pumping money into upgrading properties that sorely need it. I’ll check it out when I’m in town this week.

  3. IndyJeffrey

    There is NO WAY they spent “…more than a million bucks on the bar renovation…” Really? It may be nice, but not a million bucks. GIve me a break.

  4. Dr. Vegas

    Looks great, but the big question is this: Does it still have the 2-for-1 happy hour from noon to 7 pm? That was one of the best deals in Vegas. 2 martinis for $15 and if you drank them fast enough, you could get a pretty nice buzz on….

  5. Kerrie R

    Not sure anyone can answer this question but I’ll give it a shot. I’m trying to figure out the name of the DJ who played at Le Central August 28/29/30 2014? Any info would be appreciated. I have a feeling it might have been Shai Peri but can’t confirm.
    Thanks in advance.


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