Red Rock Resorts Will Reportedly Jettison Five Restaurants and Clique Hospitality

There’s a shake-up on the way, and it could mark the end of five restaurants at Red Rock Resorts casinos in Las Vegas.

Rumors are Red Rock Resorts, also known as Station Casinos, will sever ties with one of its main restaurant partners, Clique Hospitality Group.

In the parlance of Las Vegas restaurants: This could be a really big deal.

Red Rock Resort

If you guessed we wrote this entire article as an excuse to share this kick-ass photo we took of Red Rock resort, you could be right.

The change in relationship between Station Casinos and Clique Hospitality is going to mean a number of restaurants will be rebranded or replaced.

If the rumors are true, Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar, Salute Trattoria Italiana and Libre Mexican Cantina will soon be out at Red Rock resort.

At Green Valley Ranch, Bottiglia and Borracha Mexican Cantina will be getting a swan song as well.


It sounds like Bottiglia is one of the restaurants about to get whacked.

Clique Hospitality was founded by Andy Masi, founder of Light Group, and his partners Brian Massie and Shane Monaco.

Clique Hospitality is, at its heart, a relatively well-regarded nightlife company. The firm’s expansion into restaurants has been less successful. (Don’t even get us started about our experience at their “restaurant” at Mirage, The Still. It was so disappointing, we couldn’t even bear to write about it.)

Replacements for the outgoing restaurants have yet to be finalized. Red Rock Resorts could seek other partners, or just retool the restaurants and manage them in-house.

An interesting side note is Red Rock Resorts recently bought the Palms resort. We predicted Clique Hospitality would play a key role in rebranding the resort’s restaurants, but that now
seems an unlikely scenario.

Palms recently announced it will open a new 24-hour cafe, Lucky Penny, on July 1. The Bistro Buffet at Palms closes June 30, with a new food hall concept coming in December 2017. In the meantime, a temporary offering, Social Table, will operate in the hotel’s former Hooter’s space. Clique is nowhere to be found in plans for the Palms.

Clique Hospitality

What doesn’t kill us can still be fairly awkward.

The falling out with Red Rock Resorts means a hefty chunk of Clique’s restaurant portfolio could be wiped out in Las Vegas.

We quite enjoyed Clique Bar & Lounge at Cosmopolitan, so here’s hoping Clique Hospitality will continue to seek out nightlife opportunities around town with other resort partners.

Update (6/15/17): According to Lori Nelson, Vice President of Corporate Communications for Station Casinos, the rumors in our story are unfounded. She states, “The rumors in your blog about the restaurants at Red Rock Resort and Green Valley Ranch Resort are false. We value and enjoy a great relationship with Andy Masi and Clique Hospitality.”

Thanks to the folks at Station for taking the time to reach out.

Update (11/2/17): It’s been confirmed Salute is closing by the end of 2017, just as we originally reported, despite Stations Casinos being full of crap.

Update (7/9/18): Libre Mexican Cantina has closed at Red Rock Resorts. Two down, three to go.

7 thoughts on “Red Rock Resorts Will Reportedly Jettison Five Restaurants and Clique Hospitality


    I share your disappointment with the Still, and frankly am not a fan of Clique at the Cosmo either. The common thread? Bad service. I drink quality booze and tip well, and in return all I ask is be baseline nice to me and baseline attentive.

    Both the Still and Cilque fail in both regards, and that’s after multiple trips to each. I get if a place has a bad night, so I gave them both multiple chances. At both places I was faced with inattentive bartenders who seem to be far too cool and far too good looking to be bothered to actually, you know, bartend.

    Eat/drink spots in Vegas can survive for a while with bad service by one-off visits from tourists, but like any service industry, if you don’t take care of your customers you won’t get repeat visits and you will fail.

    I don’t know what the reason is for the falling out with the Stations peeps, but when you can’t get job 1 done in a service industry, that speaks to possibly all manner of other things being rotten behind the scenes.

    Sorry for the blog post 🙂

  2. RustyHammer

    Will there be flatbread casserole at Red Rock or Green Valley in 2018? That’s all that matters, and you know it!

  3. Photoncounter

    The Tourist Economic Terrorism that MGM and Caesars seem to enjoy definitely has been noticed by a local quality corporation. Red Rock has the cash, seems to have the management and now has the stones to correct some of their mistakes. I agree that the Clique group of restaurants are disappointing – the Italian ones in particular are no better than Olive Garden. Hopefully they can bring in some decent offerings, better management and pull the smarter tourist off the strip. Getting a headline show or two will help. The Pearl at the Palms is a great venue to leverage. Looking forward to trying new dining options whenever they open.

  4. detroit1051

    I was encouraged when Salute at Red Rock brought in Luke Palladino this year. Hate to see him get caught up in this shakeup.

  5. Bouldersteve

    Las Vegas has many great restaurants. Unfortunately few are located in locals casinos like Stations and Boyd.

  6. PalateA

    The prices at hearthstone were too high and service disjointed the few times my family went. Red rock needs to figure it out with the f&b there as there has been ALOT of turnover at the executive level within the resort the past few years. Never a good sign.
    TBones is overrated and over priced, it’s an amenity rather than a profit center.
    They should of never hired a group from light group with the controversy surrounding their departure from the strip.
    Will be intersting to see what is next as red rock is supposed to be the flagship of station casinos.


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