Reason #675 to Love The D Las Vegas

There are more than 1,400 documented reasons to love The D Las Vegas. We’re going to highlight #675.

So, one night we’re hanging out at Longbar at The D. We do that sometimes. Often. Maybe too often. But it’s Vegas, so technically, there’s no such thing as “too much” or “too often.”

A group of women stroll in. They’re celebrating someone’s 21st birthday, arguably the best birthday one can celebrate in Las Vegas, boozewise.

The group is greeted by some of the friendliest, most outgoing bartenders in Las Vegas. The bartenders, Richard and Ivan, immediately mount the bar for a photo op.

The D bartenders

The bartenders at The D aren’t just bartenders. They’re a party delivery system.

That’s not the 675th thing to love, by the way, although we love that.

Now, there are a number of bars with flair bartenders in Las Vegas, but The D sort of takes it to the next level. The bartenders seem to genuinely enjoy giving guests the time of their lives.

The D bartenders

Ivan and Richard are like the coolest guys you knew in college, but with access to unlimited supplies of liquor.

The guys behind the bar at The D put on one of the best free shows in Las Vegas.

The D Longbar

Luciano and Ivan, slinging the awesome at Longbar.

At this point you’re thinking, “Yeah, flair bar tending, big deal.” No, but really, you may not know what you’re talking about. This is full-on juggling at a level you’d be hard-pressed to see even in Las Vegas stage shows featuring, you know, juggling. You go, Luciano.

Still, that’s not the 675th thing.

By now, the group of guests in question have not only gotten to know the gents behind the bar, but also another regular at the bar, the owner of The D, Derek Stevens.

We were going to say you can count on one hand the number of casino owners who hang out in their casinos on a regular basis, but in fact, you can count on one finger the number of casino owners who do. Derek Stevens hangs out in his casinos (The D and its sister casino, Golden Gate) because, get this, he likes to talk to his customers. He actually enjoys greeting guests, and getting to know them.

So, while chatting with Derek Stevens at Longbar, our birthday party group mentions they need to get back to their hotel on The Strip.

Derek Stevens, without missing a beat, asks Ivan to make a free round of drinks for his new friends.

The D cocktails

Something blue and birthday-inspired, of course.

We have personally seen Derek Stevens treat guests to more cocktails than any other living human being. But even that’s not the 675th thing we love about The D. Not quite yet.

Because here’s what Derek Stevens does next.

He personally escorts the group through the casino.

Derek Stevens

We are not shy about expressing our love for Derek Stevens. Introduce yourself, and you’ll see why.

Stevens takes the group, wait for it, to The D’s limo and asks the driver to take the ladies back to their hotel, Caesars Palace. Again, at no charge, and with no expectation that they play or spend a penny at The D.

The D

At The D, this is how they roll.

And that is reason #675 to love The D: Random acts of “This simply doesn’t happen on The Strip.”

We can guarantee these women will never forget their visit to The D, and we’d bet they’ll tell all their friends back home what an incredible time they had downtown.

That, friends, is how you run a successful casino. Just be better. Better yet, be extraordinary.

The D

The D, it turns out, is one of the few Las Vegas casinos that lives up to its advertising.

We get asked all the time where to go for the Las Vegas experience of a lifetime. Now you know our answer.

12 thoughts on “Reason #675 to Love The D Las Vegas

  1. Jonathan M Bell

    “This is full-on juggling at a level you’d be hard-pressed to see even in Las Vegas stage shows featuring, you know, juggling.”

    Careful, your buddy Jeff might think you don’t love him anymore.

  2. Steven Brown

    If Vegas had more casino owners like Derek Stevens, the world would be a better place. Let’s not forget that he also jets back and forth from Detroit where his other business is located.

  3. Eric

    Ok he does acts of kindness for his guests, but that is just a way to get not customers. What about his employees? I doubt he did anything like that for any of his employees ever. Depending on what night that happened, the limo driver probably lost a normal run that tips well, and I doubt the owner tipped the driver any. The owners bought the girls a drink, then the ladies probably didn’t tip the bartenders and if the owner did tip them, then it has to be split between all the other bartenders. If you want a real place to work, find an owner that really appreciates an employee. If owners learned that, then downtown would be a lot more popular compared to the strip.

    1. Ivan Grant

      In response, Eric,
      The D is a fantastic place for me to work. Derek takes outstanding care of his staff. He not only encourages his guests to tip, but he more than reasonably compensates us for all our hard work behind the bar. He always encourages us to have a good time with his guests. Perhaps being extra nice to people at his bar may just be some diabolical ploy to get guests coming back, but does that actually deserve such shock and awe? Why do you doubt what the owner does, especially if you don’t know him or the establishment? Derek Stevens is not shy at all about showing his appreciation for his staff. Those ladies tipped that day on their free drinks. He furthermore tipped on our service that night. Also, being a fortunate beneficiary of an impromptu limo ride, I know he takes care of all of his staff. I think it is very short-sighted, Eric, to assume that just because Mr. Stevens goes out of his way to be good to guests that he doesn’t take care of or care about his employees. Take some time to actually come down and experience the D for yourself before being so judgemental.

      That’s my take, at least, as a humble bartender.

      1. vitalvegas

        Thanks for chiming in, Ivan. I know Derek’s kindnesses probably result in more business, but that shouldn’t be held against him! I’ve seen his generosity to guests and employees, and it’s great to hear that confirmed first hand! I try to tip on any comped drink, but I know they tip at the end, too. You guys earn it!

    2. vitalvegas

      Have to disagree on this one. For example, we’ve seen Derek tip his crew very generously (they keep a tally of the comped drinks, and he tips at the end of the evening). We’ve also seen him drop major money on a customer’s bet for the dealer. Very cool move. Just ask any employee of The D and they’ll note his generosity to not only guests, but employees as well.

    1. vitalvegas

      Very true. They have juggling ability and are personable, which almost makes up for the juggling thing.


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