“Raiding the Rock Vault” Falls Victim to Tropicana Curse, Set to Close

“Raiding the Rock Vault” appears to have fallen victim to the “Tropicana curse.” The show will close July 31, 2016.

“Raiding the Rock Vault” has been described as a “90-minute history of classic rock performed by members of some of the greatest bands in history,” mainly by the producers of “Raiding the Rock Vault.”

The show, which features former members of classic rock bands, is closing due to flagging ticket sales.

Tropicana hotel

Beware, all ye whose shows open here. Because “ye” makes things sound more ominous, doesn’t it?

“Raiding the Rock Vault” had a pretty good run at Westgate Las Vegas (previously LVH) after it opened in March 2013. The show closed at Westgate in December 2014 after a fair amount of drama, then took up residence at the Trop.

“Raiding the Rock Vault” joins an ever-growing roster of entertainment offerings that have shuttered at Tropicana.

Paul Shortino

Paul Shortino has been a fixture of “Raiding the Rock Vault.” He sang with Quiet Riot. Yes, Quiet Riot songs had singing.

“Mama Mia” closed at Tropicana after just three months. Which wouldn’t scream “curse” were it not for the fact the show had run for six years prior at Mandalay Bay.

“Purple Reign,” the Price tribute show, gave Tropicana a go, but sputtered, despite success in other venues. Currently, it’s at Westgate.

Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club made a go of the Tropicana, too, but jumped ship in late 2011 to open in a better location, MGM Grand.

Aspiring “Celebrity Magician” Murray Sawchuck not only saw the plug pulled on his show at Tropicana, but to add insult to injury, Criss Angel stole his girlfriend, Chloe Crawford. If you lose your girlfriend to Criss Angel, there’s simply no other explanation than you’re the likely victim of a curse.

Our candidate for most-cursed Tropicana show? “New Illusions” starring Jan Rouven. Rouven, of course, was arrested for child pornography charges. All traces of his show vanished virtually overnight.

Beyond lackluster ticket sales, and the so-called Tropicana curse, “Raiding the Rock Vault” had taken its share of hits in terms of the quality of the show itself. Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider once slammed the show, calling it “a tribute band with a bunch of add-on people.” A sentiment which, inexplicably, was only rarely used in the show’s advertising.

Raiding the Rock Vault billboard

Quite the wordsmith, that Dee Snider.

The demise of “Raiding the Rock Vault” will give others shows the opportunity to defy the Tropicana curse. A new show, “Cherry Boom Boom” will debut at Tropicana on Sep. 8, 2016. It doesn’t bode well that the show is being billed as “immersive.”

It remains to be seen if a new show can shake the curse. The last successful show at Tropicana ran 49 years, “Les Folies Bergere,” a topless revue.

Here’s a theory: What if the Tropicana curse is the result of the cancellation of a topless revue?

“Crazy Girls” closes at Riviera, the casino is imploded.

“Minsky’s Follies” closes at the Dunes, imploded.

“Lido de Paris” closes at Stardust, imploded.

Maybe all eyes should be on Bally’s since it closed “Jubilee!” Then again, this is the hotel that brought us the Grand Bazaar Shops. Who’s laughing at our curse theory now?

Update (7/18/16): “Raiding the Rock Vault” had a few things to say about our take on this story. Via the @Rock_Vault Twitter account, the show wrote, “1) Dee Snider walked his comments back. 2) We did more shows and were active at Trop longer than at Westgate/LVH. 3) Won ‘Best of Las Vegas’ again at Trop in 2015, so not sure the ‘Trop curse’ applies here.”

Our takeaway: Told you there’s a Trop curse!

9 thoughts on ““Raiding the Rock Vault” Falls Victim to Tropicana Curse, Set to Close

  1. Bouldersteve

    Rock Vault is promoted by mentioning a bunch of famous bands but the stars of Rock Vault were not the stars of those bands. They may have toured with them or played on album.

  2. CanGirl

    This seriously bums me out. I love this show and have seen it 4 times. Scott, you must still have friends at CET, please ask them to bring the show to one of their hotels. Is there something replacing the Jersey Boys yet?

  3. Troy Swezey

    I recall that there was a martial arts show there for a spell. I think they were from America’s Got Talent. Also, Recycled Percussion used to be there too.

  4. RustyHammer

    If the folks at the Rock Vault want to argue that the Trop is not cursed, then they should retire the show, right? If the Trop is not cursed, and the Rock Vault didn’t fall victim to said curse, then the show is simply dying due to diminished interest and/or old age, and therefore it hit the natural limit of its life span. It had a good run, but it’s time to put the teeth in the glass and call it a night, grandpa.

    But word is that the Rock Vault is looking to continue in a new home. (No room at the Rio, sorry.) If so, that means the show hasn’t run its course. And if so, then why is it packing its bags and looking for greener pastures? If there’s still life in the old rock tribute, then its untimely demise could only be as a result of the Trop curse.

    Things obviously aren’t coming up roses for this show at the Trop if there’s still life in the show, like the Rock Vault wants to believe. Under that premise, the only logical conclusion is that the Trop is cursed and the Vault is another victim.

    They can prove this theory wrong by moving their show to the Wynn.

    1. Bouldersteve

      The show lasted a lot longer than I thought..R.I.P. If you want to see a eighties tribute band go to Fremont Street and check out SPANDEX NATION..they are good and its FREE!!

      1. Scott Roeben

        They’re surprising popular, as you say. There’s been some discussion about having the actual bands perform, but many feel Spandex Nation are actually better because they sound more like the bands than the bands. Interesting.


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