Pod Dining at Esther’s Kitchen Is Surprisingly Satisfying

Given the latest COVID-related directives, Las Vegas restaurants have had to get creative to stay afloat.

One of the best restaurants in town, Esther’s Kitchen, has pitched some tents, adding a playful twist to an already great dining experience.

Esther's Kitchen

If you thought we were going to pass up a tent-pitching joke, you do not know this blog at all.

Las Vegas restaurants are currently limited to 25% capacity, making profitability nearly impossible.

Esther’s Kitchen’s eight outdoor tents, dubbed “Greenhouse Village,” expands the restaurant’s capacity while providing guests the required amount of distance from their fellow diners.

Esther's Kitchen dining pods

Dibs on this fire pit thingy after the pandemic.

The portable greenhouses are cozy and romantic. Each seats four people (restaurants aren’t currently allowed to seat more than four at a table), and is equipped with carpeting, heat and music.

Esther's Kitchen dining pods

It’s like “glamping,” but dining. It’s “damping.” Which should be a thing.

Guests need to call ahead to reserve the dining pods. Find out more at the official Web site.

While the tents have been put up due to restrictions, we actually like them more than the dining room! Esther’s Kitchen is very popular, and is always busy, so the noise can be deafening. We like the quiet and the outdoor seating is glorious.

The food is still fast and fresh, and Esther’s remains home to some truly life-altering bread.

Esther's Kitchen bread

The bread at Esther’s Kitchen is life-altering.

Esther’s makes its pasta in-house, and their pizza is consistently amazing, but during our pod visit, we opted for the Pan Roasted Mary’s Chicken.

Esther's Kitchen chicken

We totally knew that was farrotto and agrodolce squash and sherry jus. Um, hello, we are not a rube.

We love that at Esther’s Kitchen, they include this item on the menu: “Buy the kitchen a round of beers. A little love for the hardworking cooks, $6.”

Read more about Esther’s Kitchen in the Arts District, downtown.

Esther's Kitchen

Insider tip: On the way to the pods, check out the walk-in cooler. Sorry, “Walken cooler.”

We realize Esther’s created its outdoor pod seating to address some business challenges related to COVID-19, but we’d love to see it stick around. The fresh air. The quiet. The privacy.

There’s always something new to love at Esther’s Kitchen.

Which they should totally steal for their advertising. You’re welcome, Chef Trees.

9 thoughts on “Pod Dining at Esther’s Kitchen Is Surprisingly Satisfying

  1. Pamela Thomsen

    OMG, I can’t say it enough. Thank you, thank you for bringing all the wonderful places to this site. I can’t wait to go to Esther’s Kitchen . I have my haunts that I go to every time I am in town. I am excited for my next trip to see all of the places that I never knew about. But thanks to Scott and his team, I will patronize each and every one of them.
    Love you all to the moon and back.

  2. JP

    That’s awesome that you can buy a beer for the kitchen. I’m sure those guys really appreciate it after working a shift to have a free beer or two.

  3. Mike Alexakis

    I agree, this looks fabulous, and as safe as you are going to get these days… The challenge going forward for outside dining is both space and summer heat. much easier to heat a pod than cool one off. Outdoor dining in my neck of the woods was catching on, but unfortunately, just like outdoor gaming, it got shut down. When we reopen the outdoor dining will be downsized, but remnants will remain. The outdoor gaming will certainly die off as things return to normal…

  4. Heather Decell

    Definitely going to check this out!! I haven’t tried it before the pods, but wanted to.. and I think the pods are sooo cute! It’ll make for a good TikTok video! Thanks for this blog!!

  5. Stig O'Hara

    Hey they’ve got to make a living and I’m sure the food is great. But sitting in a plastic tent on metal chairs with a cushion? How is that cute, chic or special?

  6. DJ

    These started popping up here in Minneapolis a couple years ago during the winter as they allowed restaurants/breweries to keep their outdoor seating during the winter months…they can be heated. They’ve been huge hits and are popping more and more. Fun, cool idea.


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