Plugs Pulled on Two Las Vegas Light Shows

Some highly-visible eye candy on the Las Vegas Strip is no more.

Without fanfare, the Vortex at Linq and Swarovski Starburst at Grand Bazaar Shops have been demolished.

Here’s a look at the Vortex back when it still had its groove.

Linq Vortex

Sadly, the Vortex never met its full potential.

The Vortex deck at Linq has been a spectacularly underutilized space given its prime location and stunning view of the Las Vegas Strip.

In recent weeks, work has been done on the Vortex level of Linq, and the digital light display has been dismantled.

Linq Vortex

We demand more shiny to take the place of the previous shiny.

The Vortex deck will be the new home of an ESPN production studio. The new studio is set to open in 2020.

Over at Bally’s, the Swarovski store at Grand Bazaar Shops is currently being demolished and the much-touted Swarovski Starburst light show is already gone.

Here’s what it looked like before it was taken down.

Swarovski starburst

Sorry if you missed it. Vegas moves fast.

The Swarovski Starburst was 14 feet in diameter and made up of 911 custom-cut Swarovski crystal spheres.

Here’s the Starburst light show prior to the demolition.

The Swarovski store at Grand Bazaar Shops closed more than a year ago, but only recently has been demolished.

Swarovski demolition

Oh, look, the mirror image of your garage. Maybe a little more time organizing and a little less time reading blogs.

The Swarovski shop had a tiny footprint (400 square feet), but the demolition crew has still managed to jam several pieces of equipment into the space.

Swarovski demolition

We love these pocket-sized excavators and would like one for our birthday, thanks.

At the site, we spotted tons of severed wires we can only assume controlled the lights in the Starburst.

Starburst wires

All dressed up and no star to burst.

While there’s been no announcement about what’s up next for this space, rest assured the Swarovski store wasn’t demolished in the hope the space would be monetized. It’s at Grand Bazaar Shops.

While the Vortex at Linq will be missed, we’re pretty sure nobody’s missing the Swarovski Starburst as it never lived up to the hype promised when it opened in 2015.

While these two attractions have gone dark, Las Vegas still has plenty of sparkle, and there’s always more in the works.

7 thoughts on “Plugs Pulled on Two Las Vegas Light Shows

  1. Grish

    We have been up to the Vortex several times through Caesar’s events or with our host just to see the view. The sunset view of the Strip from that vantage point is awesome. I will never understand why they didn’t try to make money off of that set up with those views. We went to the NYE party at the Vortex 2 years ago and last year they let everyone go up on the roof to watch the fireworks. That would have been a cash cow if they would have put at minimum a bar overlooking the Strip. They could have probably increased rides on the zip line too, or increased sales at the bar, if they had the whole area connected as one big gathering area. Really missed the mark with that one.

  2. Tom

    We need more of this – tearing down over-hyped, under-performing, millennial-attracting gimmicks that are the reason Vegas is dying.

    1. Not A Boomer

      Vegas is always tearing things down and building back up, not sure what that has to do with any single generation.

  3. Joan R.

    Why the need to demolish the Bazaar shop? I’m sure there’s a reason it wasn’t simply repurposed for another underwhelming retail chain, but inquiring minds would like to know!

  4. Troy S

    I cannot imagine why they did not make some sort of club out of that vortex area. They could have charged an entrance fee, an entertainment tax, a CNF fee (concession and franchise fee), $12 for a Jack and Coke with mostly ice. Mo money mo money mo money.


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