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Plaza Hotel-Casino Gets a Massive Mural

The Plaza Hotel-Casino in downtown Las Vegas recently got “inked” in the form of a towering mural on its northern face.

The mural is predominantly red and black, the two colors on a roulette wheel. If you don’t count green. Let’s not get bogged down in details.

The imposing mural is about 18 stories tall and was painted by a 7-8 person crew led by street artist and activist Shepard Fairey.

The mural is an amalgam of images. It includes a nod to Fairey’s most well-known work, an image of Andre the Giant (often accompanied by the word “Obey”), plus playing card symbols and the Eye of Providence, no doubt intended to represent the U.S. The eye is a prominent feature on the one dollar bill.

Shepard Fairey’s father’s name is Strait Fairey. We are not making this up.

From the eye comes a teardrop, inside of which is the Earth. We’re seeing a statement about global warming here, but the artist and Plaza officials insist the mural is open to interpretation.

Here’s a look at the new Plaza mural from the best angle we could wrangle without herniating a disc.

The new Plaza mural is a striking addition to downtown Las Vegas.

Numerous building-sized murals can be viewed downtown, thanks in large part to the Life is Beautiful music festival. Most of the murals are in the Fremont East district.

Here’s more about the proliferation of murals in downtown Las Vegas.