Players Say Caesars Ent. Has Dumped “Grandfathering” at Table Games

Players at Caesars Entertainment casinos in Las Vegas have shared a new company policy nixes the long-standing tradition of “grandfathering” at table games.

“Grandfathering” means when table minimums are raised during play, anyone already at the table can continue to play that minimum. New players must play the higher minimum.

For example, if there’s a $10 minimum bet at a dice table, the minimum might be raised to $25 if there’s more demand. With “grandfathering,” those already at the table can continue with the $10 minimum. New players would have to adhere to the $25 minimum.


There’s nothing more Vegas than craps. And possibly drunk people sleeping in hotel hallways. But mostly craps.

Multiple players have shared their experiences at Caesars resorts, and while the policy change hasn’t been officially confirmed, at least one player was informed of the new rule by casino management at Cromwell. The manager said the new policy came from “corporate.”

The new policy has also been witnessed at Planet Hollywood and Paris Las Vegas.

While “grandfathering” is customary in most places, the procedure can vary depending upon the casino.

It appears Caesars Entertainment may be formalizing a rule that’s been enforced inconsistently at the company’s casinos.

There are a number of reasons casinos don’t like to “grandfather” in lower minimum players.

For some, it’s frustrating to see other player at the same table wagering a lower minimums. Different minimums at the same table can cause confusion, and dealers don’t love having to address the concerns.

Primarily, though, “grandfathering” locks in lower value players who could potentially be replaced by higher value players. “Grandfathering” prevents better players from taking their spot.

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Table minimums are often raised when demand for a game increases. It’s like dynamic (or “surge”) pricing, but for table games.

From a casino’s perspective, “grandfathering” may be a courtesy, but it’s a courtesy with a hard cost.

We reached out to Caesars Entertainment for comment, but haven’t received an official response.

Thanks to Jake on Twitter for being the first to bring this to our attention.

It’s always irksome when we’re playing craps and the minimums are raised mid-session, but it’s hard to fault casinos for taking advantage of busier periods (such as night versus day) to up their revenue.

Or try, anyway. Higher minimums mean you can also win more, more quickly, so there’s that.

Update (3/8/21): It’s worth noting Caesars Entertainment uses computer software that analyzes demand on every table game at its casinos. The yield management software recommends table minimums based upon demand. We understand supervisors often ignored these recommendations prior to the pandemic, but are now required to strictly adhere to the automated guidelines.

24 thoughts on “Players Say Caesars Ent. Has Dumped “Grandfathering” at Table Games

  1. John Fitzgerald

    I first ran into this at the Linq table games, where the grandfathering was allowed for the next 30 minutes. I was the only person at the table. There was no increase in demand.

  2. Bnix

    Let’s remember the casino isn’t out for your best interest. In a place like CP, there’s maybe 100 or more games, don’t get attached to the one you’re at…..

  3. Ronny

    I was playing a $5 Let It Ride table at Binion’s a couple years ago when they raised it to a $10 table, and grandfathered me. I was the only one at the table. The dealer said she hates it when they do that, and when I leave I will be the last player she sees the rest of her shift.


      Huh? The union has nothing to do with table minimums, etc. Unions are there to ‘protect’ workers’ rights, etc.

  4. Jimmy

    It’s bad policy. They are basically telling players who are actively spending money that their business is not appreciated or wanted. Binions did that to me a few months ago. I was the only one at the table and had only been there 10 minutes. They were not busy; there were more dealers just standing at empty tables than dealing. I cashed out, left the casino and went to 4 Queens for the same limit I had been playing at Binions.

  5. Harris

    I played Blackjack at Park MGM during CES last year, they grandfathered four of us when it went from $10 to $15 a hand. We were able to play at $10 for a good while, was about 30-45 minutes or so.

  6. Michael Alexakis

    This is very offensive, its bullying, any casino that tries this crap on me will first get an earful of invective, then they will get a glorious view of my rear end heading for the nearest door… This has happened to me many times at the MGM Grand and Mandalay Bay, I play craps early in the morning sometimes, they have always graciously informed me I can play at the lower number for as long as I want to. Caesars is shooting itself in the foot, there are only a limited number of gamblers who will put up with watered down drinks and strong arm tactics. The Nevada Gaming Control Board should look into this, some people who are addicted to gambling could easily be manipulated into spending way more than they can afford, which will reflect poorly on the industry that runs the state of Nevada…

  7. JP

    Just switched my reservation for next week from Linq to Mirage. All these changes for the worse at Caesars, it’s time for the players to make them pay for their poor management. One less Diamond Plus member for Caesars.

  8. A Dealer 4 U

    You guys are funny. The table limits get bumped up due to demand. Meaning if you’re playing $10 BJ and it gets raised to $15 then probably the casino has a pretty good idea that one of two things will happen. 1) when the new minimum takes effect (3 hands on a continuous shuffler or carnival game, next show on a shoe game or baccarat, next shooter on craps and 3 spins on roulette) you will continue to play at the new minimum or 2) someone else will. It’s worth noting that 85% of casinos revenue comes from high limit players and VIPs (high rollers) so losing your $10 or $15 play isn’t gonna hurt the profit margin much. Dealers dislike the rule because it can, sometimes, clear a table which mean less tips. Conversely it could mean better players which could translate to more tips.

    1. JP

      I guess that would explain walking through a bottom tier Vegas strip casino filled with empty $25 minimum tables. They must really have a “pretty good idea” in those hours they remain empty. I have never once complained about a full table with people waiting to play raised minimums, that makes sense. But to have mins set so high the tables remain empty is just bad business or as I like to call it Caesar’s as usual.

    2. Michael Alexakis

      The players are “funny” when we deride large corporations strong arming us? When I gamble I am keenly aware of every single dime in my quiver, each day I gamble I have a limited amount of funds set in stone. I do not let for profit corporations bend me over and tar my backside, the house has built in advantages that do not budge. When and if conventions return to Las Vegas will dictate how this pandemic nightmare of absurdly high table minimums plays out. The gamblers will certainly continue to gamble, but if the conventions stay on Zoom there might not be a legion of drunk players waiting in the wings willing to play at crazy inflated minimums. The casinos need us in other words, you imply we are just taking up space. Caesars through multiple actions have recently proven they do not care for players like me, and I have duly noted that fact… Competition for gamblers has been suspended for a time, but I doubt it lasts forever…

  9. Grish

    Caesar’s properties have been doing this for a while, this isn’t really new. Most of the time they bump minimums up at Swing or close to it as the casinos generally get more crowded. They don’t do it very often during Day unless it is pretty consistently crowded on a Saturday. Next shooter or next deck for craps and BJ. It has been a long time since they have grandfathered the lower minimums and we have been gambling at Caesar’s properties for years. Definitely can clear a table if they bump them up, but if it is a good table with your famous Captain and Coke’s flowing it may not change much for at least the first couple of rolls to see how it goes! 🙂

    One thing to note – there is a lot of bad press lately regarding Caesar’s and it is very disappointing. Regardless if this is new or not, it is news and not perceived as good news. This, paired with Linq reducing their pours and several other grumblings really has a lot of people looking to go down the street to MGM or others. CEP / ED needs to be careful or they will keep losing loyal players!

  10. Karen

    I worked as a table game supervisor in Atlantic City for 28 of my 32 years in the industry we never grandfathered in for anyone or any time

  11. Las Markus

    I had this happen to me twice earlier this month at Harrahs’ and at Linq, both times the pit boss raised the min for $10 to $15 starting in ‘X’ hands but both times I continued to bet $10 an no one ever enforced it (PaiGow and 3 Card Poker)

    Kind of weak practice but no one near as awful as that 000 they slipped on to the roulette tables

  12. Las Markus

    Quick update I had mins raised from $15 to 25 several times last week at Harrahs/Flamingo/Linq and they grandfathered me in – no one ever said a word. Hopefully they realized it was an awful policy


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