Player Hits Rare Sequential Royal Flush for $217,000 Jackpot

Lots of video poker players dream of hitting a royal flush. Some of us have even played on and off for, oh, 20 years and have never hit one.

Not bitter. At all.

One lucky video poker player at Red Rock Resort not only hit a royal, they hit a rare sequential royal flush.

The player’s $5 bet reaped an incredible $217,591.55 jackpot. And the Internet went wild.

Sequential Royal Flush

The stuff gambler’s dreams are made of. Photo Red Rock Resort.

We shared a photo of the sequential royal on our Twitter account, resulting in more than 130,000 Tweet impressions. This has nothing to do with the story, we just like to show off.

The sequential royal flush jackpot is remarkable for several reasons.

First, it’s remarkable we didn’t even know this existed.

Apparently, some video poker games require sequential royal flushes appear in order, left to right. The player at Red Rock nailed a “reversible sequential,” reading right to left.

Second, that’s a metric hell-ton of money.

Third, seriously, 20 years. Just saying.

The jackpot was won on a game called Video Poker Deluxe. Note to self.

How rare is a sequential royal flush? Well, the elusive royal flush (where cards can appear in any order) is 1-in-40,000. No small feat, obviously.

The odds of getting a sequential royal are about (wait for it) 2.4 million-to-1.

Or as we call it in Las Vegas, Saturday.

Defying the odds is what Vegas is all about. Well, that and cleavage. But mostly that first thing.

11 thoughts on “Player Hits Rare Sequential Royal Flush for $217,000 Jackpot

  1. BoulderSteve

    One correction to the story . The player did not nail a reversible Royal he or she got the sequential royal fllush as the machine says. The machine is called reversible because the jackpot can be hit if the cards are in order right to left or left to right as in this case.

  2. Candy F Wright

    Looks like the game is Bonus Poker Deluxe. Never heard of Video Poker Deluxe.

    Strict “playable VP” players would heap scorn on this game. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I say.

    Congrats, hooray, yippee, whoop whoop, OMG, and fifty hundred hallelujahs!

  3. Greg M

    Umm – “Royals can happen in 120 combinations, and just two of those possible combinations qualify as sequential”. Shouldn’t two be eight? The are 2 combos per suit and there are 4 suits.

    1. Matt k

      The 120 combinations refer to sequences of rank, regardless of suit. 2 out of those 120 sequences are reversible. If you want to distinguish by suit, then yes there are 8 reversible royals out of 480.

  4. William Wingo

    I wonder how long it took to run the payout line up to $217,592. Probably over an hour.
    And it’s nice that they rounded up to the next whole dollar. Very generous of them.


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