Pinball Hall of Fame to Close, Seeks Funds for Strip Location

A popular Las Vegas attraction, the Pinball Hall of Fame, has announced it will close its Tropicana location.

The owner of the Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame Museum, Tim Arnold, shared the news in a forum catering to the pinball community.

Pinball Hall of Fame

The Pinball Hall of Fame is a beloved Las Vegas diversion, even for people who aren’t “pinheads.”

Arnold also shared he plans to move the Pinball Hall of Fame, which features hundreds of classic pinball machines, to a new location on the Las Vegas Strip.

The new site for the attraction is the former location of the Sombrero Motel, at 4915 S. Las Vegas Blvd. on the south end of the Las Vegas Strip.

The Sombrero Motel closed in 2000 and the site has changed ownership several times since.

The parcel, located near the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign, has been purchased for $4.6 million, but Arnold is now seeking funds to build at the new site.

Pinball Hall of Fame new location

Thanks for not making us drive all the way over there, Google Maps.

No date was given for the closure of the existing Pinball Hall of Fame location, other than Arnold saying, “as soon as we can wind up our affairs.”

Funds for the new Pinball Hall of Fame will be raised through memberships, so it remains to be seen if the new location will become a reality. Read more.

Thanks to our friend @VegasInsight for tipping us off to this story.

The Pinball Hall of Fame has always been a blast and we hope plans for a new location pan out.

8 thoughts on “Pinball Hall of Fame to Close, Seeks Funds for Strip Location

  1. Vegas Insight

    The old location won’t be closing any time soon, thankfully, and I’ll be there next week to enjoy it once again.

    The HOF is pretty well known as a tourist destination by Vegas visitors at this point, but thanks for helping spread the word. Every additional dollar that comes in during the months that follow will help the move become a reality that much faster.

    I’ve long said it’s the best bet in Vegas. I spend less than I should during a two-hour visit. I’m a winner every time!

    1. Vegas Insight

      It’s worth it if you enjoy pinball at all. I love it because I can gamble in Minnesota and states in every direction from Minneapolis. But some of the machines at the HOF are so rare you’ll never find them anywhere near you, if anywhere in the world.

  2. Out of Quarters

    The owners are actually not the greatest of personalities, shall we say.

    That said, I still enjoy the concept, so I sort of hope it survives.

    1. Vegas Insight

      That’s the story I’ve been hearing today, and there’s a video and reddit testimony suggesting likewise. I have been there a couple dozen times during the past nine years and have yet to see anything along the likes of what has been suggested. YMMV, evidently, which is unfortunate.

  3. Rachelle

    I love this place and always thought someone should take it over and add food and drinks like the One Up in Denver Colorado! It needs updating and if you could eat drink and play, the place would make some good money!

    That being said, I like having a non crowded place to play my pinball so hope I can still get on a machine if it moves!

  4. BigAZM

    Just a thought, but why doesn’t Caesars Entertainment step up and put this in the Bally’s lower area near the Twilight Zone mini-golf until they can get the money for the new building, gratis? After all the Bally’s name will be on a lot of those historic pinball machines and Caesars could write it off if it’s non-profit.

    1. Vegas Insight

      Pros and cons to this idea, if it’s feasible. It would expedite construction of the new building, you would have to think, unless nobody wanted to pay close to market value for the existing building and adjacent lot.


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