Peter Luger Steak House Coming to Caesars Palace

A legendary steakhouse, Peter Luger Steak House, is coming to Caesars Palace, according to Las Vegas food critic John Curtas.

The well-connected Curtas shared the scoop on Twitter.

The original Peter Luger Steak House is in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York.

Fun fact: Peter Luger died in 1941. Which makes us think we’re probably using the word “fun” wrong. (Pic via

Peter Luger gots its start in 1887, making it the third oldest steakhouse in New York City. The two other oldest steakhouses are Keens and Old Homestead Steakhouse.

Which brings us to the awkward part of this story.

Because Caesars Entertainment already has Old Homestead Steakhouse.

Which is a steakhouse.

No, there’s no rule a casino resort can’t have two steakhouses.

Golden Nugget has Saltgrass and Vic & Anthony’s, for example.

But if we were a betting person, which we happen to be, we’d bet Caesars Palace isn’t going to have two steakhouses.

Which is a bummer, because Old Homestead is an awesome steakhouse.

But things change, especially following the recent merger of Caesars Entertainment and Eldorado Resorts.

It could just be time for a refresh, as Old Homestead has been at Caesars Palace since 2011.

Whatever the fallout, the arrival of an old-timey steakhouse would be another good fit for Caesars Palace.

In a fun twist, the Peter Luger Steak House in New York City is owned and operated by women.

We didn’t bother asking Caesars Entertainment to confirm the rumor, as they don’t do that, which is one of the reasons we have hypertension. Hey, better to blame it on Caesars than all the red meat.

Look forward to an official announcement about Peter Luger Steak House from Caesars Palace soon.

14 thoughts on “Peter Luger Steak House Coming to Caesars Palace

  1. Perry

    Mandalay Bay has Charlie Palmer and Stripsteak (though I’m sure they would say no, Charlie Palmer is in the Four Seasons).

  2. Paul Yu

    I frequent Caesars about 3-4 times as a gambler, i found Old Homestead lacking in ambience, even though the food is outstanding. In addition, the fine dining places in Caesars are generally fully booked on the weekend, such as Guys Savoy, the Japanese place, Mr. Chow, so they use another fine dining restaurant……

      1. Al G

        Horrible steakhouse. I lived walking distance from Luger’s for many years and wouldn’t be caught dead in there.

  3. Peter L

    If you think Old Homestead is lacking in ambience, you better lower your expectations for Luger’s. The Brooklyn location has sawdust on the floor, the waiters are jerks, and they only take cash (or a Luger’s card). I suspect the Vegas version will not match the original.

    1. Al G

      Truly hope it doesn’t. People out here won’t stand for that garbage. I would say Lugers was one of the worst steakhouse experiences I ever had. REALLY bad.

  4. Joshua Jones

    Peter L is right, although I don’t remember the sawdust. I DO remember service being lackluster and the meat being underwhelming–at best. They recently got a great review in The New Yorker, so maybe things have changed for the better. But they’ll need to rely on more than just their reputation to thrive in Vegas.
    Also, doesn’t Venetian have around two, maybe three steakhouses?

  5. Chico B.

    The Venetian/Palazzo has many steakhouses:
    Smith & Wollensky

    That being said Peter Luger is very old school here in NY. They will have to modernize themselves for a Vegas location. At a minimum, they can’t be cash ONLY. They will need to have a menu with more selections the porterhouse for one, two, three, etc.

  6. Michael Alexakis

    All cash is worlds better than no cash, our corporate masters would love to make Las Vegas cash-less, they want to be able to track every single move you make, follow you around, target you with ads designed for your demographic… The financial service industry is salivating at the prospect of gambling via credit/debit card, it’s billions of dollars of business for them, they are in the process of lobbying casino interests, the pandemic fairy tale that you could get Covid from paper money was a foot in the door… Everything here in California is “open”, but the golf courses are refusing to go back to accepting cash, I am concerned that less choices for consumers is the new normal, that banks will get to call all the shots…

    1. project design

      P.O.S. is a moniker for ‘piece of sh*t’ and ‘point of sale’, the most toxic one is point of sale….you are so right Michael!


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