Pete “Big Elvis” Vallee, King of the Elvis Tribute Artists, Takes a Break From His Harrah’s Show

When we heard our friend Pete Vallee, “Big Elvis,” had stepped away from his show at Harrah’s Las Vegas because he hadn’t been feeling well, we had a minor freak-out about the health scare.

“Big Elvis” is a beloved Las Vegas lounge fixture, whose heart is as big as his voice, and he’s been packing them in with his free show for years. Before Harrah’s Las Vegas, he had a long-running stint at the former Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall, now called The Cromwell.

While the news about his going on a hiatus wasn’t great, Vallee assures us he’s doing fine and just taking a break from his demanding performance schedule.

Big Elvis Las Vegas

Pete Vallee was named one of the top 10 Elvis impersonators in the world by Time magazine.

While he admits to being exhausted, we’re thankful his medical situation isn’t more serious. He’s taking some time off to rest up and lose some weight. “Big Elvis” says he’s already down 15 pounds.

Vallee’s weight, while a great marketing hook, has been an ongoing struggle. At one time, he tipped the scales at nearly 1,000 pounds. He jokes that the need for a little time off may also have to do with his recently turning 50.

Big Elvis says he’ll be back at Harrah’s Las Vegas soon.

Big Elvis wedding

Big Elvis got hitched to Amanda back in July of 2010. Sadly, the two have parted ways.

In the meantime, there are rumors Vallee’s friend and lounge favorite Cook E. Jarr will temporarily take over his spot at Harrah’s. Cook E. Jarr also recently landed a gig at Paris in the hotel’s Napoleon Lounge.

While you’re waiting for the return of Vallee’s free Harrah’s show, check out his movie making the rounds at film festivals, “La Conner P.D.” The name refers to La Conner, Washington. Vallee’s brother, Guy, operates a cafe in the picturesque town. Read more.

The fans of Pete “Big Elvis” Vallee are legion, and this Las Vegas blog one of them. We hope Vallee be feeling better and returning to the stage again soon, bringing the songs of Elvis to life like nobody else can.

Update (4/6/17): Big Elvis is back and better than ever. He even got a star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars. Here’s the Big Elvis schedule at Harrah’s: Big Elvis shows happen Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.

8 thoughts on “Pete “Big Elvis” Vallee, King of the Elvis Tribute Artists, Takes a Break From His Harrah’s Show

  1. Ron Villemaire

    The only way to truly feel like you are in Las Vegas and really enjoy the town is to See Big Elvis doing his show. He brings the Real Magic of Elvis Presley like no other can. And Pete is the warmest and most humble person you will ever meet. I’m very sure many of Pete’s fans have gone home feeling like their trip was incomplete because they were unable to see him during this time. But the most important thing is that Pete get healthy…….I know that I, and I’m sure all of his fans are praying for his swift recovery……

  2. CanGirl

    Absolutely Ron, I see Pete every visit and will be sad if I can’t see him while there in August but it’s way more important that he takes this time for himself. We all love him and want him to be around and healthy for a very long time.

  3. Anne Moran

    Pete has a GIFT, and he knows how to use it.. His voice is smooth, silky, and soulful.. We enjoy his beautiful voice whenever we go to Las Vegas.. He is a sweet, sweet, man, with deep humbleness.. What a great performer – his show is a must-see.. Godspeed Pete,, take care and easy does it… Anne xo

      1. Anne Moran

        Yes,, he is still performing at Harrah’s in Las Vegas,, but only till the end of the year.. His contract is up Dec. 31 2015,.. He will be moving on maybe elsewhere on the strip, or in another venue, in another city… He’s not sure yet… Sad to see him go…


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