PBR Rock Bar Creates Inspired, Awkward Photo Op With Bedazzled Bull Testicles

We’ll say it right up front: We never imagined we’d type those words in that order, ever.

Nevertheless, PBR Rock Bar at Planet Hollywood has created a must-see photo op by decorating a bull statue in an audaciously eye-catching way.

PBR Rock Bar bull balls

PBR Rock Bar at Planet Hollywood has managed to turn one of the worst views in Las Vegas into one of the most brilliant.

We’ve written about offbeat Las Vegas photo ops in the past, and shared stories about the city’s phallic objects, but this bold decorative touch stands out for its sheer originality and undeniable flair.

Simply put, nothing says Las Vegas like a bull with disco bull.

PBR Rock Bar

In case you’ve ever wondered what makes this blog special. And your impertinence is duly noted.

Hello, Pulitzer Prize.

PBR Rock Bar, of course, is home to a variety of bulls, including a mechanical one.

We trust mirrors were added to the bull’s “boys” as a reflection of the restaurant’s irreverent and fun-loving atmosphere.

You never know what surprises await in Las Vegas!

9 thoughts on “PBR Rock Bar Creates Inspired, Awkward Photo Op With Bedazzled Bull Testicles

  1. Manybar Goatfish

    So far there seems to be slightly more tolerance for bull testicles dressed up like disco balls than there was for puppets pretending to be circus elephants.

    1. EnuffBull

      With all the other piercings and bedazzling you see in Vegas, this is by far tamer. And now I want to see the puppet version of a diamond-balled bull, if there isn’t already one on Sesame Street.

    1. Manybar Goatfish

      I was thinking just the opposite, that someone had to be pretty drunk to glue all of those tiny little tiles onto the bull’s balls.


    Maybe I’m just getting older and frumpier but I really have no need or desire in life to take a selfie with glittering cattle dangly bits.

    1. Manybar Goatfish

      I get you, FYMYAWF, but for me it’s more the case of short-man syndrome turns to inferior-balls syndrome. I didn’t even know I hated bulls until now.


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