Park MGM Confirms It Will Be Smoke-Free Upon Reopening Sep. 30

Our sources knocked it out of the park this time. MGM Resorts has confirmed Park MGM and its hotel-within-a-hotel NoMad will be entirely non-smoking when they reopen on Sep. 30, 2020.

This news confirms our story of June 3, 2020, not that everything has to be about us. Just this one thing. Probably.

Park MGM smoke-free

First, either commit to title case or don’t. Second, pretty sure whichever drunk Fiverr artist did that graphic also designed the Park MGM logo.

No, really.

Park MGM logo

We’ll stop making fun of it when it stops being the Park MGM logo.

When it reopens on Sep. 30, Park MGM will be the only non-smoking casino resort in Las Vegas, and it’s about damned time.

The long-standing myth casinos can’t survive without smoking is about to be settled once and for all.

The smoke-free angle will be a great hook for Park MGM. The resort has failed to meet financial expectations ever since being rebranded from Monte Carlo, and going completely non-smoking could give Park MGM a much-needed boost.

While we sometimes hear tourists say they wouldn’t go to a non-smoking casino, we hear vastly more saying they’d specifically go out of their way to visit one.

That bodes well for Park MGM, especially during a challenging time for Las Vegas resorts.

We’d be visiting anyway because one of the greatest slot machines of all time, Hundred or Nothing, lives at Park MGM.

Hundred or Nothing slot

We will be reunited soon enough, you beauty.

Amenities will be limited at Park MGM when it reopens.

Eataly, the awesome Italian marketplace (food court) will be open, as will the pitch black but tasty Bavette’s Steakhouse, the French-inspired Primrose restaurant and the hotel pool.

Eataly Las Vegas

Fun fact: Park MGM is the only Strip casino we can think of with no direct access to the casino from Las Vegas Boulevard. You have to go through Eataly.

That leaves a lot closed at Park MGM, including the Park Theater.

Among the venues closed at Park MGM will be La La Noodle, Best Friend and Manzo. See all the Park MGM restaurants on the official site.

As with all MGM Resorts casinos, the place has been overhauled to meet COVID-19 safety protocols. The mask mandate will be in place, as well as physical distancing.

MGM Resorts casinos also have some handy, free-standing hand-washing stations. We would like those to stick around even after the pandemic is a distant memory.

Casino hand-washing station

Las Vegas casinos have needed hand-washing stations since about 1941.

Buried in the Park MGM news release was word Four Seasons Las Vegas, at Mandalay Bay, will reopen Sep. 25, 2020.

We’re thrilled Park MGM will be back in the mix on the Las Vegas Strip again, even the scaled back version.

Hope to see you there. We’ll be the one devouring pizza at Eataly, grabbing a cocktail at West Bar (remember, guests must be using a loyalty card to get comped drinks now) and camping out in front of Best Friend on our Hundred or Nothing machine.

Let’s Park MGM again.

24 thoughts on “Park MGM Confirms It Will Be Smoke-Free Upon Reopening Sep. 30

  1. Mike Alexakis

    Take a bow, you deserve the lavish praise you heaped upon yourself, you were the first to report what is the very best news in a very shitty year, and I told everyone who listens to my blather all about it when you reported it… The Park MGM will be my resort permanently, its courageous to be a trend setter, I certainly hope others will follow… Of course I will visit and gamble at other casinos, Park MGM in my experience eschews five dollar craps, even at five in the morning, my family has stayed there several times because of the fabulous location and fair room pricing. Park MGM is now my rock, my circle of trust, after a dinner at Hugo’s Cellar and a tour of my downtown haunts, its comforting to know we can go to our hotel and not breath chemical laced toxins…

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      Thanks, yeah, I think they’re making a great move. If it tanks, they can do it under the cover of the pandemic, so no harm, no foul, but I think it could end up being a coup and finally reverse some of the outdated myths casinos seem to cling to about smoking and gambling.

  2. Tom Riley

    This is good to hear as for the remodel the color they went with is horrible there’s no life to it. I’m not sure what else is going on there but that was a bad start.

  3. Tom Riley

    Hey I have another idea I don’t know if any one has ever thought of it or its just to out there. I was thinking when they redo Las Vegas Blvd by the strip corridor why not jazz it up and use colored asphalt.

    1. Jackson

      I can’t imagine any Department of Transportation would allow colored asphalt. Everything on public roadways is highly regulated to ensure safety.

      Besides, the Strip is distracting enough for drivers. Adding multi-colored road surfaces to the mix would be insane.

      The best you can probably expect is a decorative crosswalk. Of course, crosswalks are few and far between on the Strip.

  4. Boulder Steve

    This is great. Now when someone complains about my cigarette smoke I can tell them where to go………..Park MGM๐Ÿšฌ๐Ÿšญ๐Ÿคฃ

  5. Jack T.

    It’s about time, or way past time actually. The rest of the Country has banned smoking, except for Nevada. I belong to the Moose Lodge and some 6 years back we had a vote whether to go NON SMOKING, relegating Smokers to the back patio. The same as polls in Vegas, the Smokers said that they would NEVER come back to the Lodge again IF the Ban passed. It DID pass overwhelmingly by 70% plus vote. One year later the membership nearly doubled, as people who did not want to eat & drink in a smoke filled, stinky building, now joined and became NEW Members. And, the Smokers still came and stayed in the back patio. National studies state that the majority of College educated and White Collar workers and wealthy people either quit or never did smoke cigarettes. Sorry, it’s a fact. SO, high end Casinos like Venetian, Palazzo, Wynn and Encore should go NON SMOKING. The hotel rooms in those Casinos are high end price, so most of that demographic doesn’t smoke cigarettes. So, that could be a Marketing issue and COULD possibly increase hotel and Casino occupancy rates.

  6. George

    Gambling is a highly competitive business and casinos are constantly trying to poach each others customers, if there was any real demand for non smoking casinos they would have been commonplace decades ago. Instead, the few that have tried have either closed or gone back to smoking. This is a gimmick by MGM to get somebody to visit their worst performing property, and will end as soon as the numbers are up again.

    I’m a non smoker myself, and when I enter a room with smoking I stop noticing it within seconds, so I’ve never seen what all the fuss is about. But some people insist on acting like any room with smoking has just been pumped full of cyanide gas. I for one am happy when casino management tells the anti smoking gestapo to buzz off, especially in a place like Vegas.

    1. Mike Alexakis

      I agree, “decades ago” this no smoking edict would have been met with a key to the poorhouse, but we find ourselves in vastly different times, with way more scientific knowledge and way fewer smokers… My life experience is nothing like yours is, if I get a hotel room that someone smoked in I run away like Jesse Owens, smoke is literally poisonous, over seven thousand chemical compounds are in tobacco smoke, some are natural, most are not… To you I guess I am “gestapo”, all I really ask for is clean air, MGM management has decided that folks like me carry an economic stick, they are a publicly traded corporation, if this made no economic sense they certainly would have never implemented this policy…

  7. danglingdave

    I think it is a bad business decision and will haunt them. Do some research on casinos that have gone smoke free, they have all gone belly up. Good example is the Revel in AC, the old Silver Slipper on the strip went non smoking and closed quickly. It is obvious that the Park is not or will not be catering to gamblers. I dont like cigarette smoke and applaud them for their effort, i just think it will backfire. That is my opinion

    1. Mike Alexakis

      The old Silver Slipper was my favorite gambling destination by far, I still have several books of matches from there, I miss it in a big way… I never did visit it during a no smoking era, and your mention of this is the first I heard. The Silver Slipper closed its doors in 1988, this is 2020, times they are a changin… The business angle on smoking in casinos will play itself out, if the corporate bean counters at the gigantic MGM corporation have this wrong they will change course and pay a hefty price, they are banking on folks like me and my family, and I intend on showing them my appreciation for their courage…

  8. MrBuzzkill

    Exceptions for eating, drinking, and smoking mean one really doesn’t need to wear a mask at a resort except at the front door. So, removing one of those exceptions might mean more masked time for guests. Still, it seems a bit hair-splitting to nanny your guests about sanitizer, masks, hand-washing, and social distancing only to let them chain smoke from the moment they arrive.

    My hope is that the Park can find enough customers to fill the restaurant seats. I went to the Strat for lunch at noon today. Not a single restaurant was open. A helpful guard said I could sit in the sportsbook, but food and drinks were not being served. think all the resorts are going to have to be happy with weekend-only crowds.
    BTW: That arch that was supposed to be finished Aug 28th must’ve been delayed by all the LV Blvd repaving or something. It’s still not done. And it’s unheard-of for YesCo to be late, so there’s external problems, fo’ sho’.

  9. Rice

    Well, this isn’t a real try at non-smoking because people can go next door and smoke. To truly have non-smoking it needs to be everywhere and have smoking areas like the LAS airport.

    I’m guessing this will fail and people will just chalk it up to “See, it won’t work” but it’s not a real shot at non-smoking.

  10. Jon

    Really hope it works for them – it would certainly now be my number one choice to play at. Choice is always good. There are 51 casinos on the Las Vegas strip. Doesn’t seem too much to ask that people have a choice of all of fully smoking casinos, half-and-half casinos with areas of both, and fully smoke-free casinos within that large number.

  11. no love lost

    The company I’m employed by allows smoking in your own car on breaks. I get sort of a kick watching the handful of remaining losers rushing out to the parking lot in the middle of winter to burn one in their freezing cars in the 90 seconds they have left. It’s absolutely amazing how many people quit smoking altogether when the company did away with the smoking areas many years ago. Many people finally figured out they were bigger than a nasty and offensive addiction.


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