All Signs Point to Park Hyatt Las Vegas as New Name of Monte Carlo

MGM Resorts has had its hands full with the upcoming launch of The Park and T-Mobile Arena, so there’s been no recent news about Monte Carlo’s new name or rebrand, a rebrand this blog was the first to report more than a year ago.

It’s entirely possible, though, Monte Carlo’s new name has been right under our noses all along: Park Hyatt Las Vegas.

Park Hyatt Las Vegas

If it’s on the Internet, it must be happening.

As you may know, The Park is a new pedestrian promenade between Monte Carlo and New York-New York at the center of the Las Vegas Strip. The Park goes from Las Vegas Boulevard to the new arena, and will feature bars, restaurants, live entertainment and a large, naked woman dancing.

The Park opens April 4, 2016. Anticipate hoopla.

Also in the works is a 5,000-seat theater at Monte Carlo.

MGM Resorts reps have confirmed the official name of the Monte Carlo’s theater will be The Park Theater. It seems unlikely The Park Theater would exist in a hotel that didn’t have “Park” in its name.

Monte Carlo theater

A rendering of The Park Theater before it was The Park Theater.

When we inquired about the new name for Monte Carlo, MGM Resorts reps said there’s no date set for an announcement, but details will be unveiled “when the company is ready.”

Well, let’s see if we can piece together some clues and move that timeline up a bit!

First, “Park” is everywhere in and around The Park and The Park Theater. But “Park Resort” would be a rather generic name, so we have to dig a bit deeper.

See, since 2013, MGM Resorts and Hyatt Hotels have had an existing relationship, with members of Hyatt’s loyalty program getting access to rooms at MGM Resorts hotels in Las Vegas, gaining points for non-gambling purchases at MGM Resorts hotels and other perks.

Monte Carlo is a prized member of the Hyatt Gold Passport program, with the hotel featured on the Hyatt Web site.

Fun fact: Hyatt was originally slated to manage the Cosmopolitan, but the deal fell through.

Here’s an “Aha!” moment when you follow the bread crumbs: One of Hyatt’s high-end brands is Park Hyatt.

Park Hyatt Las Vegas

Got a better guess? We’d love to hear it!

All the sleuthing and guessing and conjecture and it’s been sitting right there: Monte Carlo could be heading for a rebrand as Park Hyatt Las Vegas.

Hyatt has other brands, but none would dovetail as perfectly with The Park. (For example, Grand Hyatt would cause confusion with MGM Grand, just across the street.)

Park Hyatt Las Vegas would fit perfectly with the existing collection of Park Hyatt hotels around the world, and would finally give Hyatt the high-profile presence on the Las Vegas Strip it’s been seeking for some time.

Rebranding Monte Carlo with an existing brand solves myriad challenges for MGM Resorts, and would explain a confounding lack of fresh trademark filingsthe brand already exists.

It remains to be seen when or if our suspicions turn out to be true, but for the moment, the smart money is on Park Hyatt Las Vegas as the new name of Monte Carlo.

Update (4/5/16): A source at MGM Resorts says it won’t be Park Hyatt, so the frontrunners are Park Place Las Vegas Hotel & Casino and The Park Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. Although, Caesars Entertainment (MGM Resorts’ biggest competitor in Las Vegas) used to be called Park Place Entertainment. Which leaves us The Park, which is awfully bland. So, we’re back to nobody knowing anything. An announcement of the new name of Monte Carlo is expected June 2016.

9 thoughts on “All Signs Point to Park Hyatt Las Vegas as New Name of Monte Carlo

  1. NavarroMartin

    Well I do applaud them for coming with a name that’s not just an abbreviation. I guess that other hotel nearby already snagged PH.

  2. red318is

    No way, Park Hyatt is the highest end of Hyatt’s brands. It is on par with Four Seasons, St. Regis, and Ritz Carlton. I like the idea, but it would cost too much to turn the Monte Carlo into a property that exceeds Bellagio in quality and service.

  3. JK Grence

    It’s a great theory, but one piece of the puzzle doesn’t line up: Size. The average Park Hyatt is a mere 200 rooms. All of the other Hyatts even close to the size of Monte Carlo are Hyatt Regency or Grand Hyatt.

  4. Alex

    I concur with red318is and JK Grence. The Monte Carlo doesn’t fit the Park Hyatt profile. Here’s the marketing text from Hyatt’s site describing the Park Hyatt brand:

    “It all started with founder Jay Pritzker’s vision to create an intimate hotel experience that celebrates fine art, delicious food and wine, and truly personalized service. Find carefully crafted food and perfectly balanced wine. Revel in architecture, design and art that brilliantly combine contemporary style and timeless regional trademarks. And enjoy warmly dignified service that ensures all is always as it should be.”

    That’s just not the Monte Carlo.

    Unlike other hotel companies, Hyatt is privately owned and still under control of the Pritzker family. They are very protective of their brands. I can’t imagine they’d tarnish their highest brand in this manner.

  5. Lee

    i know nothing stays the same in Vegas, but it’s really gotten ridiculous. The two giant casino companies who never ever stop “chasing their own tails” with casino re branding and killing hotel themes. It amused me a few years ago when MGM tried to de theme the Luxor even though the thing is a giant pyramid. It’s like they decided “lets take out the Egyptian stuff that’s easy to remove, slap up a new ceiling and paint, and pretend it is what it really wasn’t conceived to be at heart”. Now we are ditching the Monte Carlo branding even though it’s bee a mainstay for over 20 years in Vegas. And actually one of the best names on the strip. I’m waiting for the day MGM decides to rebrand and de theme NY NY.

  6. dsr_nyc

    I can’t wait until the wholly uninspired “Park Theatre” is renamed to whatever they call the Monte Carlo.

  7. David W Macchia

    I get the jest but I see the challenge and after witnessing how much money MGM has thrown into the black hole of no return I say it could be done. New guest glass elevators on all faces of the structure. A complete tear down of all rooms, hallways, casino floors and lobbies replacing the front desk with room concierges desks. No chain or copy cat F&B outlets. Every entertainment venue would have to change. Second rate magician shows don’t cut it. The games in the casino’s would have to be geared to more of an internationally style. The pools are not that bad. One thing that would kill it is that MGM would never let a second party operate it’s venues independently. The size of the property would be more suited to Hyatt’s Grand branding but the formula would be the same structurally. As for the name perhaps Hyatt Grand at The Park.


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