Palace Station Has a Brand New Erection

There’s been a flurry of activity at Palace Station in recent months, including the demolition of the crime scene that sent multiple murderer O.J. Simpson to the slammer.

While demolition is fun to watch, it’s even more fun to see new things rise from the rubble. Palace Station now boasts a new structure, and we’ve got the pics.

Palace Station construction

We are a big fan of new.

The new structure is adjacent to Palace Station’s new porte cochere. We asked what the new structure is, but got no official response.

Chatting up Palace Station staff, we hear blueprints refer to the building as a “fight arena,” but a more likely use will be for convention space.

Palace Station construction

No photos of the construction site are permitted, so unfortunately we can’t show you this.

Upgrades at Palace Station are being done in phases. The first phase included remodeling the casino’s facade (and removing the train theming), adding a new bingo room and other enhancements.

Next, guests will see a new buffet, additional work on the casino and potentially a new 27-story, 606 room hotel tower. There will also be a new movie theater, bowling alley, two restaurants and upgraded pool area.

Red Rock Resorts (Station Casinos) says it will spend about $70 million on all the upgrades.

Palace Station construction

Palace Station demolished its rundown motel buildings, about 447 rooms, to make room for less suck.

Palace Station is located just off the Las Vegas Strip, on Sahara Ave. Or, as we like to describe it, “mere feet from Chick-fil-A.”

Palace Station’s main clientele is Las Vegas locals, especially Asian players. Lucky Dragon has tried to cannibalize Palace Station’s customer base (ditto Gold Coast), with little success.

Red Rock Resorts is no doubt aware of its competition in the marketplace, and is making the financial investment needed to give customers new offerings to keep them coming back for more.

17 thoughts on “Palace Station Has a Brand New Erection

        1. Bouldersteve

          Checked out the Resorts World site last week. There has been progress since my last visit. Did not see any cranes. At the rate its going 2020 may be optimistic.

  1. JeffinOKC

    This is the perfect place to apologize to Scott: He had mentioned OJ’s guilty verdict in Nevada came on the anniversary of OJ’s acquittal in LA. I commented that I thought it was the sentencing, and not the verdict that happened on said anniversary. I was wrong and Scott was right. Scott is a genius with a pornographic memory, I am not a genius, but I do have a pornographic memory.

    1. Scott Roeben

      Thanks! I appreciate the clarification on that. His conviction was a big deal for me, as I was traumatized by his acquittal, and Vegas taking him down was some small consolation prize.

  2. Manybar Goatfish

    Palace Station: another one of those places that keep me wondering why I’d want to leave my trailer to go there. To score a Chick-fil-A from mere feet away, maybe? Let me think about it. Okay, I thought about it. No. In fact, Hell No!

    1. AccessVegas

      We’ve always found Palace to be a comfortable low-rollers place with good VP, low limits, and free-flowing liquor. Now with the improvements and upgrades, it will be worth a second look.

  3. Big Steve

    I’ve always loved Palace Station, it’s a shame they’ve put in so many 6/5 Junk blackjack games though. Locals are smart enough not touch those with a 10 foot pole and Palace Station isn’t a draw for tourists.


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