Paid Parking Kicks In at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Cosmopolitan resort has joined the ever-growing list of Las Vegas resorts now charging for parking.

Cosmopolitan paid parking

Cosmopolitan instituting paid parking is like finding out your mistress is cheating on you. It doesn’t feel great, but it’s not all that surprising, either.

Paid parking applies to both valet and self-parking. Get the skinny on the official Cosmopolitan site.

Fees are waived if you park an hour or less, but after that, it’s $7 for one to four hours and $10 for four to 24 hours.

And, yep, even guests of the hotel have to pay for parking, although they get in-and-out privileges when they pay the 24-hour self-parking fee while non-hotel guests do not.

Motorcycles are exempt from parking fees, which would be great were it not for the fact people who ride motorcycles have exceptionally short lifespans. Buzzkill.

Here are the parking rates at-a-glance.

Cosmopolitan paid parking

It’s $30 for a lost ticket? They must be printing these tickets on Faberge eggs.

Some members of the Cosmo’s Identity loyalty club can sidestep the parking fees. Those who achieve Sterling, Gold or Platinum status can park free with their Identity card.

Parking fees can be paid at pay-on-foot kiosks on each level of the parking garage. Some machines accept cash and credit cards (levels B2 and B3), while others take credit cards only (B4 and B5).

Cosmopolitan paid parking

Obey. Talk about perfect parking kiosk placement.

While parking fees are annoying, they are becoming the norm in Las Vegas, just as they are in other cities.

Cosmopolitan is one of the most spectacular casino resorts not just in Las Vegas but the world, so paying for parking stings a bit less.

If saving a few bucks is important, remember Cosmopolitan is across from the street from the Miracle Mile Shops, where parking remains free. Parking is also free at the Shops at Crystals.

Yes, it took paid parking coming to Cosmopolitan for us to say something nice about shopping.

18 thoughts on “Paid Parking Kicks In at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

  1. William Wingo

    I’ve been to Cosmopolitan exactly once, shortly after it opened. Looks like it will stay that way.

  2. RustyHammer

    When is the last time you bought a new shirt? Seriously, dude. You strike me as a guy who never buys new clothes.

  3. Funkhouser

    Scott I must take issue with your quote. ‘Cosmopolitan is one of the most spectacular casino resorts not just in Las Vegas but the world..’ Yeah that’s a bit of journalistic stretch. Chandelier bar is very nice and some of the rooms have a primo view of Bellagio fountains, definitely a top 5 in Vegas. Once you step out of NV, I don’t think so. Cosmopolitan would struggle to crack the top 20. The quality of the rooms furnishings, public spaces, and all the non fountain view rooms are okay, nice but forgettable. Add the lack of major entertainment (sorry club DJ’s don’t make it in my book) and an okay spa relegate this property further down the list.

  4. Bouldersteve

    Once the Belligo started charging for parking it was inevitable that the Cosmo would do the same. I would park at the Cosmo and walk next door to the Belligo to check out the Conservatory. I know I’m a freeloader or should say was one.

  5. Photoncounter

    MGM is planning on charging for lost players cards, probably $2 each, for those who constantly lose theirs. Money taken out of mLife comps. Probably introduce this early next year. Heard from an insider… Still arguing the details internally. Also considering ratcheting back mLife program except for big losers (black cards).

    If they do this the other corporate wolves will follow.

    The war on the tourist and player will continue unabated.

    1. Bouldersteve

      Amazing. They must have a whole department that does nothing but come up with new ways to squeeze money out of their customers.

      1. Photoncounter

        They are looking at all expenses, mLife particularly.

        About five years ago on a message board I submitted the topic of MGM initiating paid parking based on same inside info. Created a firestorm. Reaction was so negative, verbal abuse so bad I never posted another comment again. Insider has said many things that never came true but this seems a possibility. Those little plastic cards aren’t free from the supplier and while the casinos use them to track play there is a definite cost of administration. It’s frustrating for them to repeatedly replace the same cards for the same careless players. They’re just exploring options to control the expense.

        Of course MGM would publicly deny it (while continuing to explore implementation).

        1. AccessVegas

          MGM has no problem with firestorms.

          But, please read my previous note. They are early in on the “screw our customers” cycle.

          It will be 12-18 months before the effects of everything happening will come home to roost.

          Must be good to be Derek Stevens. Downtown gambling is WAY up. Which I applaud.

          1. Photoncounter

            Completely agree. Downtown and better resorts like Red Rock should be poaching players. If they were smart they’d do more on the entertainment side and attract more tourists. MGM knows the $$$ is in conventions, which is fine, that’s a business decision. The “deplorable” gets caught in the crosshairs though.

          2. AccessVegas

            I believe that the re-done Palace Station will be aggressively working to poach players from The Strip.

          3. Coop

            Downtown is where its at. Just got me out of Signature at MGM and over to the Downtown Grand. Great facility. Excellent Pool. And I did not have to walk 6 miles to find other offerings…Downtown has some really great things happening and more to come. Thanks Scott, Derek and Zappos!!

        2. William Wingo

          At least one of the Los Angeles card rooms–Hollywood Park–already charges for replacement cards.

  6. AccessVegas

    As we continue to do what other cities do, we are losing what is unique about Las Vegas. We’re going hard after increased convention business, but why us over Orlando is we’re no longer special?

    Atlantic City is on the rebound. If you have to pay to park and cocktails are $18, you might as well have the ocean.

    Oh, and Orlando and AC are a whole lot closer to the vast majority of the US population.

    We have yet to see if the whirlwind of changes the past two years starts to bite us in the butt by 2020. Yes, we had record visitor numbers last year, but those were by people who had the taste of the previous Las Vegas still in their mouth, and from conventions which were book 2-5 years ago.

    1. mkhnks

      My argument is that the Las Vegas strip isn’t like “other cities.” The premise that paying for parking is the norm in other cities isn’t quite apples to apples.

      If you have a casino in a major downtown, patrons will have to pay for parking if they drive to your casino. (New Orleans and St. Louis come to mind.) The strip isn’t in a constrained downtown. It was built in vast desert no-man’s land. It’s as busy as a downtown, and the cost of doing business is high, but it’s not a downtown and not landlocked like the site of the former Vegas Club casino on Fremont Street.

      Major grocery stores, movie theaters, shopping malls and other businesses that aren’t in major downtown districts do not charge for parking. I have yet to visit a casino outside of a major downtown that charges for parking.

      Looking at what major cities charge for parking is not a fair justification for strip casinos charging for parking. To point to major cities and compare the Vegas strip is justifying a cash grab. I prefer to call it what it is.

      I’m surprised paid parking hasn’t been used as an excuse to help keep room rates down. Isn’t that the default excuse of added fees?


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