Our Five Juiciest Unconfirmed Las Vegas Rumors

We love a juicy Las Vegas rumor! We’ve shared a ton of them in recent months, mainly on Twitter, and several have been about what could be the biggest Las Vegas stories of the year.

Our sources are epic, but these rumors have been to be officially announced. The anticipation of scoop being confirmed is part of the fun.

Here, then, are five of our best exclusive Las Vegas rumors patiently awaiting confirmation, along with the odds of them actually panning out.

1. Sale of Rio Las Vegas (Odds: Even money)

Rumors of a sale of the Rio resort have been floating around for ages, but our rumor’s the most reliable because we know people. Caesars Entertainment has been shopping the Rio with gusto, and we hear serious players are in the mix this time.

From what we hear, the purchase of the Rio is likely a play for the land, so the aging resort could very well be demolished for something new and shiny.

In addition, word is the World Series of Poker will move to the Caesars Forum convention center after the Rio changes hands.


The old girl’s a little long in the tooth.

We’ve spoken to a real estate guru who said a collection of parcels adjoining the Rio have seen a spike in buyer interest in recent months, supporting our belief a sale is in the works.

Our Rio sale rumor got even more tasty when we heard the resort could be imploded for a Major League Baseball stadium. That one’s a long shot, but we’re sharing it because if it pans out, we’ll break the Internet.

Update (4/17/19): Our sources say the sale of Rio is finally on the verge of happening, and about damn time. We’ve heard a demolition permit was pulled by the hotel awhile back, but that’s no guaranteed it will be demolished. We hear the buyer is a private equity firm, not a terrestrial casino company, so there’s that.

2. Sale of Cosmopolitan (Odds: Even money)

We were the first to share it (in May 2018), and the only one to share it since, and we’re doubling down on the fact Hard Rock International is going to purchase the Cosmopolitan.

Since sharing the Cosmo sale rumor, two solid sources have confirmed Hard Rock International is in the due diligence phase with Blackstone Group, owner of the Cosmo. Blackstone Group purchased Cosmopolitan for $1.73 billion in May 2014 from Deutsche Bank.

Cosmopolitan Chandelier Bar

We could’ve shared a photo of the hotel, but we opted for our badass pic of Chandelier Bar.

The latest on this rumor is Hard Rock International will rebrand the Cosmo as a Hard Rock. Read more reckless rumors and speculation the Cosmopolitan hasn’t denied is happening.

Update (11/21/18): The Cosmopolitan has publicly denied the resort is being sold, stating, “The rumors regarding the sale of The Cosmopolitan are false. At this time, there have been no discussions regarding the sale of the resort.” Adorable.

Update (4/17/19): It’s been confirmed the Cosmopolitan is once again for sale. At one point we heard Hard Rock International was out of the picture, but our source now says, “Don’t be so sure.”

3. Sale of Red Rock Resorts/Stations (Odds: 2-to-1)

This one’s flown under the radar, but we’ve heard from multiple sources Red Rock Resorts (Stations Casino) will be sold.

Chatter is that the owners, the Fertitta brothers, are looking to cash in their chips to purchase an NFL team.

Red Rock Resort

Red Rock Resort is just one of the resorts in the Red Rock Resorts family, also known as Stations. There will be a quiz.

We hear media inquiries to Stations have resulted in responses of “no comment,” always a good sign a rumor has legs. (Otherwise, the rumor would just be denied.)

We’ve also heard certain Red Rock Resorts’ casinos won’t be part of the sale, specifically Palms and Palace Station, and possibly one other.

It’ll be fun to see how this deal unfolds, and don’t be surprised if there’s announcement soon.

Update (4/17/19): Oh, crap. The deal for MGM Growth Properties (a real estate investment trust) apparently fell through at the eleventh hour, so this rumor doesn’t look like it’s going to pan out. At least not anytime soon.

4. Sale of Wynn Las Vegas (Odds: 5-to-1)

Wynn Resorts is in a crazy state of flux at the moment, with its stock price down dramatically and results of an investigation into sexual misconduct by ousted CEO Steve Wynn on the horizon. (Expect more leadership changes in the months to come.)

Everyone agrees Wynn is ripe for an acquisition, but opinions vary about who the buyer could be.

Wynn Encore

Wynn Resorts is in a state of flux at the moment. You might say Steve Wynn really fluxed things up.

Our latest intel says it could very well be Genting Group, the company building Resorts World.

Even casual observers have noticed the windows being installed at Resorts World bear a striking resemblance to those at Wynn and Encore.

Experts, though, point to the fact if Genting purchased Wynn, the company would gain access to an incredibly profitable market, Macau.

It’s unknown how far along Genting might be in its pursuit of Wynn Resorts, but such a scenario would be fascinating to watch. Especially if we’re right, of course.

Update (4/17/19): A lot has happened in the Wynn Resorts saga, but chatter about a sale have died down considerably. In fact, Wynn Resorts could be in the mix to purchase Cosmopolitan. So, we’ll have to change our odds of this rumor happening to 30-to-1, at least for now.

5. Funding of All Net Resort and Arena (8-to-1)

Of all our juicy Las Vegas rumors, this one’s got the most detractors.

The rumor? That All Net Resort and Arena has gotten funding (again) and is going to happen.

All Net Resort and Arena is planned for the former Wet ‘n Wild waterpark on the north end of The Strip, next to SLS Las Vegas.

It was originally slated to open in 2017 (the groundbreaking happened all the way back in October 2014). At one point, the project was said to be fully funded by Credit Suisse, but apparently the company got cold feet and bailed.

All Net Arena

Give it a minute. Another minute.

Despite the false starts, we’ve heard an announcement about foreign financing could happen at any time. We have no idea why we’re clinging to this rumor coming true. Maybe it’s just that we love rooting for an underdog.

Update (4/17/19): The buzz around All Net Resort having funding is picking up again. We’ve heard from two sources the project has foreign financing and could move forward at any time. If true, this rumor will be especially satisfying because it was definitely a longshot.

Think some of these rumors are crazy?

Don’t make us rattle off all the times our sources nailed it! Recently, we scooped the media by months with rumors about a massive Google data center in Henderson, a new venue at Caesars Palace from Lisa Vanderpump, the first Chick-fil-A on The Strip, Mandarin Oriental becoming Waldorf Astoria, Lady Gaga getting a Vegas residency and too many others to count.

And don’t get us started on our previous “boom.” We broke the sales of Riviera, SLS Las Vegas, Hard Rock, Las Vegas Club, Fontainebleau and the Alon site.

We literally told you not to get us started.

Let’s hear your thoughts on the rumors you think are legit and which ones you think illustrate the belief our hammock doesn’t quite reach both trees.

33 thoughts on “Our Five Juiciest Unconfirmed Las Vegas Rumors

  1. Peter Nestor Jr

    I heard that Steve Wynn is searching for financial backing to help purchase Wynn resorst after he was ousted. This was a while ago. Would be crazy if true. I give it 9 to 1 odds.


      Wynn signed an agreement when he was ousted that he could not be apart of any deal or hotel in Vegas for at least 2 years. I believe that he is trying to come back with another vegas project very soon. Wynn has always been a big Vegas visionary and has set the standards higher and higher in Vegas. It was very sad to hear about the ordeal and his fall from grace with his Wynn properties.

    2. Steven

      Steve Wynn is done, as he’s in his mid-70s and hardly the age to be building a new empire. He’s past his prime and his ideas in recent years didn’t exactly mesh with what Wynn and Encore are about. Had he not been ousted, we’d still be getting Paradise Park, which would have been great 20-25 years ago as part of the Mirage or Treasure Island.

  2. Peter

    I heard that Steve Wynn is searching for financial backing to help purchase Wynn resorst after he was ousted. This was a while ago. Would be crazy if true. I give it 9 to 1 odds.

  3. Andy

    I don’t see Steve Wynn coming back ever. He must stay out of Vegas for 2 years mandatory,his gaming licenses in NV an MA are under scrutiny, he’s getting old, almost completely blind and hated by everyone. Who would want to go work for him now ? Also, as a potential stockholder how could I trust him anymore ?

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      He won’t be back, but he’s far from being hated by everyone. He has lots of loyal friends and colleagues. Fiercely loyal. They think he was railroaded. They’re blinded by his wealth and charisma, I think, but he has lots of supporters.

  4. Housefunker

    Most of the rumors do nothing for me. Sales of properties don’t change much for me. Call the Cosmo the Hard Rock, I suppose I’d find my way in there to see if they still acknowledge Slaughter was once a Vegas hair band.

    The sale of the Rio wouldn’t mean much to me either, unless it is demolished for MLB. I suspect that’s a long shot. As far as I know, only two teams are highly unhappy with their ballpark configurations, but all it takes is one to make it work in Vegas. I suspect the owners of Tampa or Oakland would welcome a move to a shiny, state-of-the-art ballpark, but I don’t know how easily that could happen if the ballpark is built. I haven’t heard talk about either team looking to move any time soon if there’s not a better ballpark in their current cities, but perhaps in a decade we’ll have Major League Baseball in Vegas too. When that happens, I suspect it will be the last of the big 4 sports leagues to call Vegas home.

    1. happy hour 101

      Agreed. Las Vegas is not a priority for MLB. They’ve indicated they’d like baseball to return to Montreal which this time around would likely be wildly successful. And rumors are they’re very interested in Nashville which is growing rapidly and has supported their AAA team for many years (unlike LV).

    2. Davehat

      > Call the Cosmo the Hard Rock

      Cosmopolitan is one of my favorite places. Revamped as Hard Rock wouldn’t be the same….. they’d probably do something stupid like tear-down the Chandelier Bar (the second floor is the coolest place to sit & drink in seclusion).

  5. Darrell V.

    I’m going to miss the Rio when it’s gone. Have never stayed there, but have always had a great, great time at the VooDoo Lounge.

  6. Elizabeth Meadows

    I think it will be the other way around on the Station Casinos. I think they are putting money into Palace and Palms for a reason and if anything the ones like Boulder will be sacrificed. Why sell the ones making money? Besides the company patriarch created the flagship 4 which to me now is going to be Palace, Palms, Red Rock, and Green Valley. Don’t they have a balloon payment coming due very shortly for a large amount?

  7. William Wingo

    Look at the Rio in daylight and you see peeling, faded paint. At night you can count dead fluorescent tubes. I suspect that they’ve been “shorting” maintenance for years–a common Las Vegas cost-reduction technique–and the physical plant is now held together with baling wire and duct tape. Inside, you have high-priced restaurants, bad VP schedules, 6-5 Blackjack, and a totally mediocre poker room. The first time we went to the WSOP there, we made the mistake of going in the front entrance, and walked what seemed like miles through labyrinthine hallways to the convention area. Since then we’ve driven around back, and walked what seems like miles across the parking lot. And virtually everything at WSOP is overpriced. Last year IIRC, two hot dogs and a coke were like $17.50. The one good thing about it is that it’s probably the last CET property with free parking–and if they move WSOP somewhere else, you can bet they’ll take care of that, too. If they sell it, the buyer will face huge costs fixing it up, as with the Drew. If they demolish it, we might see another Echelon Place. How did I get so cynical? It must have been Watergate….

    1. William Wingo

      Update 26 November 2018: we just got back from a 2-night stay at an off-strip property about a mile and a half West of the Rio. On Sunday night we drove from there down to another “off-strip” property to the South. Number of dead fluorescent tubes on the front side of the Rio: at least three, clearly visible from over two miles away.
      Holiday greetings and best wishes to all….

  8. Kate

    Why would the Hard Rock sell to Virgin only to buy the Cosmopolitan? Better location? If so, I can respect that, but why did they sell all of their memorabilia to Virgin with the sale of the existing Hard Rock? Thank you for all of your hard work, Scott. So many of us really appreciate it as well as your self deprecating humor. ; )

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      Thanks. Different Hard Rock. Hard Rock International is the company that was interested in Cosmo.


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