Olympic Garden Strip Club Abruptly Closes Downtown

There are few things sadder than when a strip club closes in Las Vegas, especially one that’s
been around forever. One of the most-recognized strip clubs in Las Vegas, OG’s Gentlemen’s Club & Male Revue, also known as Olympic Garden, has closed.

Olympic Garden closes

It was an original, all right.

Olympic Garden ceased operations on Oct. 23, 2016. No reason for the sudden closure was given. (Hint: Things don’t close in Las Vegas if they’re doing well.)

OG’s claim it was the “only strip club on the Vegas Strip” seems like a bit of a stretch, depending upon where you consider the north end of The Strip to end. OG’s sat on Las Vegas Blvd. at Wyoming Blvd., not far from the Stratosphere, Dino’s Lounge and Viva Las Arepas.

Las Vegas stripper

According to one Las Vegas sex survey, 52% of men say they’ve visited a Las Vegas Strip club.

Enjoy fun facts about strip clubs and strippers? We’ve got you covered.

The two-level Olympic Garden was distinctive because it catered to both men and women, with
OG’s Gentlemen’s Club downstairs and the Men of OG’s male revue upstairs.

OG Topless Cabaret Olympic Garden

“Cabaret” makes it sound fancy, doesn’t it?

There is a bright spot, however. The club has announced its talent will be relocated to another

The club shared, “Please join us at our new location, Sophia’s Gentlemen’s Club located at 3500 W. Naples Dr., Las Vegas NV 89103.”

Olympic Garden has a long and drama-filled history in downtown Las Vegas, including colorful
characters, sibling rivalry, tax problems and numerous legal battles.

It’s likely we’ll be hearing more about this story, and we look forward to interviewing many, many dancers to hear their thoughts on the closing of OG’s Gentlemen’s Club.

The sacrifices we make for you.

17 thoughts on “Olympic Garden Strip Club Abruptly Closes Downtown

  1. Bouldersteve

    Was this one of the strip clubs that had problems with customer complaints about being overcharged on their credit cards?Lot of strip clubs have shady business practices. Its not limited to Las Vegas.I was there with a friend years ago. He hit a royal flush on a dollar bar top machine. The strippers were on him like flies on shi@t after that.

  2. Photoncounter

    Oh, gee…

    I surely won’t miss it. The one time I went, years ago, with some similarly alcohol infused buddies it was the filthiest (as in dirty) smoke choked rat hole we had ever been in. During those days we’d occasionally cab from place to place, playing the game of getting the cabbies to get us free rides and pay for our first couple drinks.

    With age comes wisdom, times have changed but definitely no tears for this closing!

  3. Ken Douglas

    well, there goes that idea. I’m staying at Stratosphere and it’s just a very short walk…..oh well, first Glitter Gulch, now this..

  4. return to walter

    The Library, Larry’s Villa, Striptease, Glitter Gulch, Deja Vu, Crazy Horse and many more–all closed. The properties are vacant, and the Library is a haven for bums. I jog on that trail that terminates behind the Library, and the homeless have moved in making jogging by there rather motivational. Before Gilardi went to prison for bribing a few members of the Clark County Commission, he ran a chain of strip clubs and I thought owning such a club was akin to a license to print money (Gilardi was dubbed the human ATM, giving out cash like it was his last day on earth). When one of the Gilardis sold his house, you had to prove you had 20M just to look at it. I wondered how a business like that could lose money. The girls pay to go inside and dance. Alcohol is over-priced, and most men have already left their values at the door so they tend to drink heavily–at $9.00 a beer, it doesn’t take too many alcohol sales to turn a profit. The girls that paid to dance try and keep the patrons inside and drunk (isn’t the the goal of every bar?), meaning you have beautiful, scantily clad women doing what TV, sports, and gaming machines try and do. You have gambling machines inside–video poker and slots–and while the girls are waiting for their next customer, they tend to gamble away the money from the last . . . and I don’t believe dancers are hard to come by. When I went down to get fingerprinted in the late 90s there were so many lovely ladies there applying for work cards to work as strippers I had to wait more than an hour. This city gets millions of visitors and The Old Mormon Fort is not what most of said visitors come to see. So how does a strip club close? I don’t know and I never will. I have lived in Las Vegas off and on for most of my life and I have never been to a strip club and never will be, minus the time some of my friends called because they were too drunk to drive home. I went inside to retrieve my inebriated friends and promptly left.

  5. Joe.am

    I have a 1987 VIP card and one of the first customers to ever walk in that place. For many years it was the club to go to, Crazy Horse Ii what is the other place with the beautiful dancers.
    Does anybody remember the name of an older blonde stripper in her 40s with tremendously huge tits. She had a very small frame for a woman with tits that large, so if you remember her stage name let me know. Thank you.


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