Nobu Joins List of Closed Restaurants at Bally’s

The restaurant shake-up at Bally’s continues with the closure of Nobu.

The closure of Nobu wasn’t entirely unexpected, as the spot at Bally’s was intended to be temporary as Hard Rock transitioned to Virgin Las Vegas. The restaurant was located in the former Sea: The Thai Experience space.

Staff of Nobu at Bally’s have reportedly now moved back to Virgin Las Vegas.

Nobu Bally's closed

Can you find sushi at Bally’s? No, boo.

Two other restaurants at Bally’s, Buca di Beppo and Tequila Taqueria, closed Aug. 1, 2021.

Sensing a pattern?

BLT Steak at Bally’s is also closed, although the company claims the closure is “temporary.” (Don’t hold your breath for the return of the Sterling Brunch buffet, by the way.)

Which means dining options at Bally’s are slim to none, unless you like food courts.

So, what does the cavalcade of restaurant closures, with no indiciation these restaurants will be replaced anytime soon, at Bally’s mean?

Well, Caesars Entertainment (owner of Bally’s) is being tight-lipped, and has not even officially confirmed these restaurants have closed.

It’s possible Caesars is just re-evaluating its partnerships and letting contracts expire in order to freshen up its dining roster.


A more intriguing possibility is these closures are a precursor to a sale of the Strip resort.

Back in April, there was chatter the Seminole tribe was circling Bally’s, and we have our fingers crossed very hard they could implode Bally’s and build a guitar hotel as they did in Florida.

The Seminoles have said publicly they’d like to return to Las Vegas and purchased back the right to use the Hard Rock name again.

Caesars Entertainment has confirmed it will unload at least one Strip casino.

Further juiciness: It was rumored Bally’s would be rebranded to Horseshoe because Bally’s Corp. (no relation) bought Tropicana, but that never happened. Could a looming sale of Bally’s be the reason for the delay?

We’re very excited about the prospect of Grand Bazaar Shops making a date with destiny in the form of a bulldozer, as this eyesore is arguably the worst waste of prime real estate in the history of Las Vegas.

Starbucks, out. Swarovski, out. Born and Raised, out. It’s time to put Grand Bazaar Shops out of our misery.

Caesars has said it won’t be selling a casino until 2022, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be announced sooner.

For now, it’s a good idea to eat before you visit Bally’s. Paris still has some options, but Martorano’s is out soon.

Also in the neighborhood in the Caesars family, we recommend Giada’s at Cromwell, Homestead (while you still can) or Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace, Burger at Planet Hollywood, Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips at Linq or Bugsy & Meyer’s Steakhouse at Flamingo.

12 thoughts on “Nobu Joins List of Closed Restaurants at Bally’s

  1. MrBuzzKill

    Well, of course, it closed. It wasn’t “immersive” and there wasn’t a single “infused” item on the menu. Gotta have infused.

  2. project design

    I think Las Vegas will be the first to pay the Piper on this alternate universe economy (I also believe Las Vegas is the most resilient city on earth…from the ashes))<~~~this will be sorely tested as smart money makes slash and burn changes……"selling your land and renting it back is exactly what I would do", focusing only on cash cows. When you get to the third world and their trendy spots (Tommy Hilfiger/Gucci, etc)….the shop next door will be boarded up with old looking plywood….I just hope the new owners will be more benevolent!

  3. Lookie Loo

    I don’t get to Bally’s much, so I missed out on the fine dining. I’m not a foodie, unfortunately. I keep it simple in Vegas. Good luck to the new restaurants!

  4. Mark

    I think this shows they are not selling Ballys/Paris. Remember they are also moving WSOP to Ballys. If they were going to sell Ballys they would most likely put some work into it before doing so to get the highest price possible. Potential buyers look at the books of properties they are considering purchase of. A bunch of closed restaurants don’t make money and will thus result in a lower bottom line for the property p and l statement. Why would they do that? I think they are in the process of converting Ballys to their business model and will use it as one of their low end properties. My money is on Caesars divesting Planet Hollywood. If the keep Ballys Paris they will own a contigious Blick of property from Paris to Harrahs.

    1. Jackson

      This isn’t like putting in a new kitchen before trying to sell your house. (Even that’s not always smart, as you can turn away buyers who don’t like what you did.)

      These high-profile restaurants require contracts with third-party companies. Even if those contracts have clauses that nullify them if the property is sold, it still requires the potential owner to do an analysis of the operation. If you’re selling a hotel, an empty space would be preferred to one contracted out to a third-party.

      That said, you’re not necessarily wrong. There’s a good case to be made about divesting Planet Hollywood instead of Bally’s. As I understand it, some of the behind-the-scenes service areas of Bally’s are shared with Paris. Splitting that up in the event of a sale would be messy.

      1. Mark

        I’m betting against Ballys/Paris being sold but still hope it happens. Would love to see it go to an entrepreneur, someone like a Dereck Stevens type person, who would pump life into it. Don’t see Stevens buying it as I’m sure his plate is full with Circa and his downtown operations. Hopefully there is an another person like him out there. I think Eldorado is a shitty company that is just going to milk profits as much as they can, cut expenses, and spend as little as they can on property upkeep, renovations, and employees.

  5. CJ

    Everyday it looks like current owner (Caesars Entertainment) is prepping this place to go up for sale (maybe with Paris it’ll be a BOGO Sale!) 🤔

  6. CJ


    What do – Grand Bazaar Shops and Hawaiian Marketplace – have in common?

    No matter how hard you polish a turd, it’s still the biggest 💩 on the Vegas Strip!!!


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