NFL Approves Raiders Move to Las Vegas

We should say right up front, we are not a sports person. You might say we are to sports as the Amish are to vibrators.

However, the nation is atwitter (especially on Twitter, ironically) with news the Oakland Raiders will relocate to Las Vegas after getting a 31-1 vote from NFL team owners.

Raiders Stadium

There’s nothing quite like that new football stadium smell.

The sole hold-out in the vote was the Miami Dolphins. In time, the Dolphins will be viewed as either as clueless buzzkills or that Chinese guy who, armed with nothing more than shopping bags, stood before a row of tanks in defiance of tyranny in Tiananmen Square.

In any event, it appears the Las Vegas Raiders are destined to be a thing.

Typically, this would be where we rattle off a litany of reasons this is a horrible turn of events, but we’ve decided to just go along with the jubilation instead.

No matter the claims of naysayers, they’re far outweighed by the fact a Raiders relocation has inspired a Pirate’s Booty Sports Brothel. We are not making this up.

The NFL vote sets a number of things in motion, including building a $1.9 billion domed stadium near the Las Vegas Strip (at Russell Road and Interstate 15, to be specific), but the Raiders will probably play in Oakland for two more seasons. Unless, that is, butt-hurt Oakland gives the Raiders the boot, a distinct possibility.

Whatever the specific timeline for the move, Las Vegas football fans are ecstatic about the Raiders move to Sin City. Optimists have suggested an NFL team in Las Vegas will pump hundreds of millions of dollars into the local economy.

Critics think that assertion is what economists refer to as “hooey,” but again, now is the time to celebrate, not critic. Assuming that’s a verb. Please keep your eye on the ball. See? We can sport with the best of them.

Raiders Stadium

The new stadium’s retractable roof will come in handy during Sin City’s 180-degree summers, which lasts from mid-February through November.

We’re going to set aside the fact the new, 65,000-seat Raiders stadium is being funded with $750 million in public money (some peg that contribution closer to a billion when all is said and done). That’s pocket change in Las Vegas!

Besides, who needs education or public transportation when you can have tailgate parties, cheerleaders and traumatic brain injuries?

While the Raiders won’t be the first professional sports team in Las Vegas, that distinction will be held by the NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights, there’s an undeniable cache to snagging a pro football team.

Las Vegas wasn’t founded on ridiculous notions like “financial viability.” It was founded on optimism and big dreams.

For many, the Raiders moving to Las Vegas is a dream come true.

13 thoughts on “NFL Approves Raiders Move to Las Vegas

  1. JeffinOKC

    I think it is a great move. Las Vegas needs to have a deeper base than being a resort city. Atlantic City is an example of the highs and lows of being tourist dependent. Cities of the west and inland cities need to establish long term worth quickly. The river ports and trade routes of our nations early years don’t exist as a base. The weather is challenging. There is an intrinsic value to being an NFL city, it projects a mature quality of life that a mainstream business can move or expand to.
    Las Vegas stops being seen as the last chance destination of losers, degenerate gamblers, dopers and hookers, and becomes a Can Do City of the Great Frontier; a low tax refuge for harassed California companies with exciting growth, and a great place to raise a family. A place movers and shakers across the globe want to admire and discuss.

  2. AccessVegas

    The focus on the “largest tax subsidy ever” is greatly misplaced. The idea for a stadium pre-dated any interest from the NFL.

    We NEED a venue of this size. Upwards of 40 non-football events a year are projected. Ranging from stadium concerts which currently pass us by to a “meeting/events space” for the large conventions which come to town. (IE, of a 40k person convention wants to get everyone together in one spot for the evening and do a rah-rah on their industry and perhaps hire Jimmy Buffet to perform, or similar).

    The reality is that we got the NFL to pony up and help us pay for this thing, and got a team to boot! Not only just a team, but one of the biggest name teams in the league.

    I heard one naysayer note “What will happen in a few years when The Raiders come demanding more money and threaten to move?” I say, “So what. They can’t take the stadium with them.”

    The fact that UNLV Football benefits strongly is just icing on the cake. It is an embarrassment to the city that The Rebels are not Top-25 year-in-and-year-out. This will help.

    1. Adam

      You’re absolutely right on all fronts. Big stadium shows. Conventions and a pretty good football team. I just hope they figure out a way to have the Raiders play at Sam Boyd this year.

  3. Jack Graham


    You can also take part in the first annual Vegas Salsa Fest, buy passes on our site. Dance workshops, live bands, DJs, social dancing til 6am, shows, pool parties, LEARN AND DANCE SALSA/BACHATA/CHA CHA/RUMBA/KIZOMBA AND MORE!

  4. ToneH

    I think Bay Area and LA fans – as well as the worldwide fanbase that would enjoy having Vegas as an added attraction – will make up the bulk of butts in seats. Las Vegans may not make up more than 30-40% of attendance. Of course, that’s just my humble opinion.

  5. Repo

    It’s 2.5 years away on the outside. The economy is scheduled to burst again due to the unrealistic housing bubble that is building again. Let’s hope this even does not meet head to head with another event like 10 years ago.

  6. Andy Stnr

    a couple of other ideas….
    -hope the build a pedestrian bridge over I15, connecting MB and the stadium
    -IF LA gets the 2024 Olympics, this location could be used for some events.
    -Could also be used for World Cup bid by USA
    -seriously How cool is this. Vegas has it all and will become number 1 retirement destination.

    1. Hundley Fan

      -IF LA gets the 2024 Olympics, this location could be used for some events.

      Sorry, Las Vegas is way too far to hold Los Angeles Olympic events. Besides, SoCal has enough venues to handle all the sports. For the 1984 Olympics, they utilized existing venues all over the Southland, except for a swim stadium and a velodrome paid for by corporate sponsors.

  7. Photoncounter

    Many of the same type of thugs that ruined the city for the NBA All Star game make up the fan base for the Raiders. Complete low lifes. Many will travel here for the games. Metro better have its act together to handle these clowns, but I doubt they will.

    I guarantee to be out of town for each and every home game, don’t need the hassle.


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