New York-New York Opens New Strip-Side Promenade

New York-New York has opened its much-anticipated outdoor plaza to visitors, although the promenade is still a work-in-progress.

New York-New York bridge

New York-New York’s tugboats are gone, but strolling along the Brooklyn Bridge replica should help ease the pain.

For months, guests have been directed around the construction area along the Las Vegas Boulevard-facing side of the hotel, but new walkways are open to foot traffic, including a path along New York-New York’s replica of the Brooklyn bridge (above), all the way to the hotel’s Statue of Liberty (below).

New York-New York renovation

Is it too much to ask that the area at the base of Lady Liberty have duckies?

Several new retail offerings have opened as well, including a Swatch store, novelty and gift shops Stupidiotic and I Love NYNY, and a Starbuck’s.

New York-New York

There’s so much newness, this Las Vegas blog is going to have to start wearing an expandable waistband. Or something.

Soon, a Hershey’s Chocolate World will join them, as well as a Shake Shack restaurant. Yes, we poked our head into the Hershey’s Chocolate World space, but there’s nothing to see yet, sorry.

A renovated patio area for Nine Fine Irishmen appears to be complete.

Nine Fine Irishmen

We suspect the other eight Irishmen are ticked they didn’t get a statue.

Among the dramatic changes to the New York-New York frontage is a brand new entrance. This area made news recently, as it once sported a neon sign which has been donated to the Neon Museum, downtown.

New York-New York

This happened within, oh, 48 hours of the hotel’s neon sign being removed. Impressive.

Several areas are still under construction, but getting around, and gaining access to the shops and restaurants along the promenade, is a breeze now.

New York-New York hotel

We love these New York City-inspired facades.

Further north, Monte Carlo is getting some work done, too. Progress doesn’t seem to be happening as quickly there, but work is humming right along.

Monte Carlo

Sorry we couldn’t get a photo behind the construction fence at Monte Carlo. Security breaches are wrong.

Perhaps most noticeable are the addition of greenery and stonework, fitting with the overall park theme. This whole project was referred to as “The Park” at one time, but the hotels haven’t been calling it that lately. We would ask them why, but we’ve been very busy researching cocktails and showgirls.

Monte Carlo park

Outdoors! So, yeah, the opposite of Las Vegas.

Overall, this construction project will cost about $100 million, give or take a “Wow, that’s a lot of money to invest in something that doesn’t have slot machines.”

Double Barrel Las Vegas

In Vegas, cranes always bring happy things with them.

Update: Hopefully, construction won’t be delayed too much by a recent fire (which happened a day after our photo, below) at the Double Barrel construction site. Read more.

Double Barrel

The future home of Double Barrel, a “roadhouse restaurant,” where we can only hope the bouncers will “be nice, until it’s time to not be nice.”

Exciting times on the Las Vegas Strip!

We’ve got more photos than you’ll know what to do with, so enjoy.

New York-New York Promenade

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14 thoughts on “New York-New York Opens New Strip-Side Promenade

  1. Kurt Rickhoff

    Thanks for the update…anyone else disappointed the 9/11 memorial is gone from the corner? Would hope they should/could relocate it somewhere on the property. These pics look great though! Can’t wait to get out there to see them.

  2. Stephanie

    Wow! I’m so happy you posted this update! I’ve been dying to see this for a long time! I can’t wait to see it in person in May! EEEEE!!!! You’re the best. I love this blog!!

  3. JK Grence

    It’s nice to see New York New York is taking their theme to heart and importing Shake Shack to the Vegas desert. My usual reaction to a Strip hotel opening a fancy burger joint is “Jeez, ANOTHER one?!” I’m genuinely excited Shake Shack is coming to town. Bring on the Shack Stacks!

  4. VEGAS5

    Is the entrance from Monte Carlo to the strip accessible? Hard to tell from pictures. Also how is it getting out from NYNY? Considering staying at one of the two mid Feb and wondering. Also any word on when Shake shack will open?


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