New Sportsbook at The D Las Vegas Means Five Shows Are Done

Sports are a big deal, and a big draw, at The D. So, it’s not all that surprising to hear the downtown casino will turn its showroom into a proper sportsbook.

The closure of The D’s second floor showroom means its five resident shows will be out as of Jan. 5, 2020.

The D showroom

The curtain’s falling on The D’s showroom. Oh, like you didn’t see that coming.

The five shows closing at The D are: “Marriage Can Be Murder” (dinner show, never saw it), “Laughternoon” (entertaining, family-friendly show featuring Adam London), “Friends, The Musical Parody” (valiant effort, but forgettable), Jokesters Comedy Club (missed this one, too) and “Defending the Caveman” (the only show we’ve ever seen that was so bad, we walked out, then saw it another night with a different actor, just so we could walk out again).

“Marriage Can Be Murder” recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, with more than 6,000 performances under its belt. The dinner show originally opened at the Showboat Hotel & Casino.

The announcement of a new sportsbook at The D comes on the heels of a recent retooling of The D’s diminutive sportsbook not too far from the showroom. The unveil of that sportsbook happened in conjunction with a renovation of our home away from home, Vue Bar.

Vue Bar

Please don’t disturb us at Vue Bar. We already have carpal tunnel from all the autographs.

The showroom at The D never seemed an especially good fit for the casino. Downtown is much more about drinking and gambling than it is about theatrical productions.

Aside from the current crop, the only other show we can remember seeing in The D’s showroom was “Ja-Makin-Me-Laugh,” a show so awful it made “Defending the Caveman” look like “The Book of Mormon.”

Oh, and “Aussie Hunks” may have been there for a minute. Otherwise, we have no explanation for having taken this photo in 2015.

Aussie Hunks Las Vegas

Not to be mistaken for “Thunder From Down Under” or “Aussie Heat,” probably.

The new sportsbook at The D follows the recent launch of Circa Sports, a sports betting venture from brothers Derek and Greg Stevens.

The Stevens own The D, Golden Gate and the under-construction Circa Las Vegas resort. Circa is expected to open in Dec. 2020. (Note: We work in digital marketing at Fremont Street Experience as our day job. The D is a partner casino.)

We trust a couple of the shows displaced by the closure of The D’s showroom will find new homes. Hopefully, not all of them. Because life’s too short for entire shows centered around losing TV remotes and leaving the toilet seat up. All due respect to toilet seats.

7 thoughts on “New Sportsbook at The D Las Vegas Means Five Shows Are Done

  1. Gordie B.

    I know shows aren’t a big draw downtown. I know the shows that are often booked downtown are weak, and not going to draw throngs from the strip. (Lovers or Losers, anyone?)

    I wish the Plaza would make a better effort to book a meaningful show. It would be nice to have something happening downtown that doesn’t involve standing around with pot smokers listening to a concert band on an outdoor stage.


    “The showroom at The D never seemed an especially good fit for the casino. Downtown is much more about drinking and gambling than it is about theatrical productions.”

    Back when the D was Fitzgerald’s, I saw a couple of shows at their “showroom,” which sounds like the same place; but it was pretty small and struck me as a second-tier operation. Also a few at the Plaza, which had the best and biggest showroom downtown; and “Downtown Gordie Brown” at the Golden Nugget–well presented and a nice room, but also pretty small. Four Queens also once had a popular musical venue. But I agree that entertainment downtown has always been sort of an afterthought. OTOH, there was “Girls of Glitter Gulch.”
    I didn’t know there were any dinner shows left. The last one I saw was more of a “snack bar” show at the Tropicana about 1990. It had all the charm and ambiance of a 1960’s drive-in movie, complete with paper-pulp drink carriers.
    And finally, I once saw “Defending the Caveman” at the Pantages theatre in Toronto. It wasn’t “Phantom of the Opera,” but it wasn’t THAT bad. Maybe the Vegas version lost something in translation.

  3. Randy Clark

    Hey Scott: Thanks for the continued reporting on this site, but I haven’t seen you on 8 News Now on Monday’s at 6:30 PM. Are you no longer doing that show, or did I just miss them? U

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      Yep, we’re on a break. Apparently, Sahara’s PRs didn’t care for my story about how poorly their show is doing and read Channel 8 the riot act. I told them to say they fired me so they can preserve the relationship. I love having Monday nights off, but haven’t ruled out returning when they get their producer situation straightened out. Thanks for asking!


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