Nevada Dumps 25-Foot “Moat” Rule for Shows, It’s a Big Deal

State officials have nixed a ridiculous rule that required a 25-foot “moat” between performers and audience members at Las Vegas shows.

The rule meant dozens of shows couldn’t break even, especially coupled with extreme capacity rules.

Reversal of this rule opens the floodgates for Las Vegas shows to return.

Atomic Saloon

Lots of mid-sized shows like “Atomic Saloon” are expected to return now. They should offer tickets for $69.

In other fairly common sense changes, the minimum distance between masked performers has been reduced to six feet. If performers are unmasked, they must be at least 12 feet apart.

These changes are effective immediately, or as it’s known in entertainment circles, “a substantial number of months later than they should’ve been in effect.”

A majority of Las Vegas shows have been closed for a year, a painful irony given Las Vegas is often touted as being the “Entertainment Capital of the World.”

Even prior to the latest rule changes, several shows returned to the stage, with more planned,  but removal of the 25-foot rule should spark a new wave of reopenings.

And if you’ve ever tried to spark a wave, you know how difficult that can be.

A year of downtime has been tough for performers, producers, technicians and myriad others involved with Las Vegas shows. It’ll be great to see them doing their thing again, and we may even hold off on writing bad reviews for awhile just to give them a minute to regain their footing.

Emphasis on “might.” Looking at you, Gordie Brown.

5 thoughts on “Nevada Dumps 25-Foot “Moat” Rule for Shows, It’s a Big Deal

  1. Jules Rosen

    Common sense should be your requirement and test for all appointees in the political arena. I guarantee you when politicians meet they are closer than 25 ft to each other

  2. Michael Alexakis

    Yes, it’s “common sense” that when politicians meet they are closer than 25 feet… It’s also common sense that politicians are wearing face masks when they meet indoors. Performers yell, they sing, they project their voice to reach the audience, scientists have concluded that the virus spreads further when you speak loudly. One of the first documented superspreader events was a choir practice in Washington state, 52 were sickened and two died, the pandemic is a learning curve, the virus is a novel one. I am pleased that they are lifting the 25 foot moat rule, I am very happy for the performers who have struggled through this terrible tragedy that has taken more than half a million sacred American lives away. Public health professionals know more about these details than us regular folks do, when they make mistakes in this case people die from suffocation, so we all need to respect that they are doing their best to save lives. Las Vegas is the hardest hit city in the entire country by the pandemic, lets beat this virus by getting vaccinated, following public health protocols, being patient, and respecting decisions made by politicians being advised by scientists and doctors… As we get closer to victory, the virus is mutating to become even more contagious, it’s evolution at work, its no time to let up…

  3. Dirk McQuickly

    I agree, get vaccinated and be cautious.

    But public health officials seem to know SFA. From the top down they are full of contradictory and changing info and requirements. Politicians? Give me a break. All are self serving and mostly incompetent blowhards.

    Open things up! Let the shows begin…


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