Nevada Day Open House Will (Could) Be the Last for Bizarre, Wonderful Hammargren House

One of the most remarkable attractions in Las Vegas has to be the home of the state’s former Lt. Governor, Lonnie Hammargren, and his wife Sandy. The couple opens their home for Nevada Day, and what’s inside will blow your mind.

Lonnie Hammargren has a passion for preserving history, as well as an obsessive love of collecting that borders on hoarding, but in a demented genius sort of way.

Hammargren House of Nevada History

Hammargren House looks unassuming, but inside prodigious treasures await! Yes, we’re blogging drunk again.

The Hammargren home is the stuff of Las Vegas legend. Many visitors to the city often don’t even know it exists. We’re about to change all that.

Hammargren Home Nevada History

It begins.

We’ve put together a gallery of 100 photos of the Hammargren house, and even with that number of photos, we barely scratched the surface of the treasure trove within.

Hammergren Home Nevada History

Let’s begin by saying we would not want to be the one to dust all this.

One of the reasons the Hammargren home has remained such a hidden gem is it’s difficult to describe what it is.

Essentially, it’s a sprawling estate (12,000-square-feet, actually three houses combined into one) where every room is themed and teeming with artifacts from around the world.

Hammargren chapel room

Yes, there’s a chapel, because why the hell not?

Many of the items in Lonnie Hammargren collection are related to Las Vegas, which serves to make it even more near and dear to this blog’s heart.

Hammargren Las Vegas signs

Lonnie Hammargren built the Neon Museum before there was a Neon Museum.

We can’t even begin to fully list the artifacts on display in the “Hammargren Home of Nevada History” (as it’s more commonly known than its proper name, Castillo del Sol).

For starters, there’s an Apollo space capsule, the above-pictured Batmobile, a life-sized T-Rex, a full-sized gondola and plane, a replica of an atomic bomb, a spare engine from Howard Hughes’ Spruce Goose, roller coaster cars from The Stratosphere, Sin City casino signs galore and thousands and thousands of curiosities and collectibles worth untold millions of dollars in WTF value alone.

Hammargren Home

There’s just no. You can’t really. Yeah.

As you make your way through our 100 photos, remember all the objects you see have been collected and displayed by one person, Lonnie Hammargren. A very, very tired person, we assume.

Lonnie Hammargren

You collect casino chips. Lonnie Hammargren collects everything else.

The sheer quantity and diversity of the objects on display are dizzying. Each time you turn a corner in the home, your senses are overwhelmed. Each item has a story. And every time you visit, you see something you missed the visit before.

Hammargren House

No matter where you are in the Hammargren House, you’re not done yet.

Whether you think Lonnie Hammargren (a former neurosurgeon) is an inveterate hoarder, or just a colorful eccentric, there’s no denying he has a keen eye for the offbeat and an exceptional sense of the whimsical.

Hammargren House

We’re pretty sure dinosaurs and trains never co-existed. Hey, this isn’t about history, it’s about, “OMFG! It’s a train and a dinosaur!”

It’s interesting to note that Hammargren has an Egyptian tomb beneath his house, and plans to be buried in it someday.

Hammargren tomb

Lonnie Hammargren’s Egyptian burial chamber and sarcophagus. He says he’ll be preserved in “absolute alcohol.” Or “Absolut alcohol.” Either way, we love this guy.

Here’s the man, the legend, the somewhat askew Dr. Lonnie Hammargren.

Health problems and complaints from neighbors (the Hammargren house is in a residential neighborhood, after all, and used to draw hundreds of visitors a day) have kept open houses to a minimum in recent years.

Every year the open house happens could potentially be the last, so it creates a sense of urgency if you’ve never visited before.

Hammargren Home Robbie Knievel

One of Hammargren’s prized possessions is a suit worn by daredevil Robbie Knievel during an ill-fated stunt.

Fun fact that could win you a bar bet someday: Nevada became a state on Oct. 31, 1864.

Hammargren Home toys

We could spend a week in the toy room alone.

If you’re able to visit, do.

The Hammargren’s address is 4318 Ridgecrest Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89121.

Hammargren Vegas Vic

Of course there’s a giant Vegas Vic.

We can personally guarantee the Hammargren home is like nothing you’ve ever seen or imagined, and it’s certainly like no other attraction in Las Vegas.

Simply put, the Hammargren Home of Nevada History is the tchotchke mother lode.

Hammargren House Las Vegas

There’s no such thing as too much of a good thing in Las Vegas, but Lonnie Hammargren comes real, real close.

It’s not a museum. It’s human imagination made real through time and a compulsion bordering on an addiction of the noblest kind. We plan to honor Lonnie Hammargren’s noble compulsion by attending his open house, possibly on both days.

We promise you’ll fall in love with this magnificent maze, and once inside, you’ll never want to emerge.

Hammargren Nevada History House

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6 thoughts on “Nevada Day Open House Will (Could) Be the Last for Bizarre, Wonderful Hammargren House

  1. Troy Swezey

    Are you gonna go? We will be there on Sunday sometime. Went a few years ago but since this is possibly the last time…

  2. UTAH Bill

    A well done article and great pics to back it up. I’d just about given up on this site as it often does not offer actual news or insight about LV others don’t cover – but articles like this will keep me coming back. Seriously – nice work.

  3. FOL

    Wasn’t the last, at all. Somebody desperately needs the money.

    Hoarders did a recent episode where Lonnie did NOT want to hear about required “provenance” (proof of origin) being needed with the claim that something is famous and worth a lot of money. For example, the supposed NASA test capsule, has no NASA markings whatsoever and no proof of it’s origin. Historian expert Mark (Pawn Stars “beard of knowledge”), explain that replicas were made, but Lonnie refused to believe the facts. It was clear that Lonnie was not playing with a full deck; he had grandiose ideas about himself, like being the most interesting human to live.

    I felt so sorry for his wife. As of the taping of the show, they were in $750,000 in debt and potentially about to lose of their three homes (bought side-by-side to expand his hoard). Understandably, they are no longer rich. Lonnie was only able to make about $4,100 during an auction he thought would net him MUCH more. He claims to have spent $10 million on his stuff, but the actual value is just a fraction of that amount. Lonnie has serious “hoarder” delusions about his junk, while his wife was very realistic…she teared up more than once. Like a typical hoarder, Lonnie was picking the stuff over the happiness of his wife that he claims to love.

  4. Rickey A Smith

    I no how easy it is to pass judgement.but it comes down to their married as so many of the couples who deal with this and have lost their voice .So many continue to lose sight of their value and own happiness.i no they say death do us part.but the real question so many need to start to say to themselves is when is enough enough and my own health happiness and future can change only when they say as in a intervintion you get hely and change or you,ll be alone and burried in trash dead or homeless because time runs out rather you stand still or move we only have so much time here on earth so you need to value it and not waste it on foolish behaviors for someones juck who finds no value in you only stuff so much wich is trash or evev worse

  5. Ed Swindle

    Lonnie is one of the most intelligent men I have ever met.
    Lonnie is the most eccemtric man I have ever met.
    Lonnie is like the female mushroom said you are a fungi.
    While I have been developing bussinesses, purchasing properties, forest, carbon credits, plus, Lonnie has been having fun.
    I now wonder if I should have been more like Lonnie, having fun with my toys.
    God bless fun people. God bless you Lonnie.
    Burvle Edward Swindle


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