All Net Resort and Arena is Doing Its Best to Impress

Like many Las Vegas observers, we’d pretty much written off All Net Resort and Arena as yet another whimsical project with no actual financing behind it.

In March 2017, All Net Arena generated some buzz with news it would begin work installing utilities and building underground parking on the site situated between SLS Las Vegas and the abandoned Fontainebleau.

All Net Arena

Yes, there’s a lot of nothing. We’re interested in the not nothing.

We figured a few trucks would show up, push some dirt around, and the project would again fade away.

But that didn’t stop us from taking another look, and what we saw was a genuine surprise.

It seems not only have the trucks not gone away, they’ve multiplied, dramatically.

A veritable fleet of dirt-hauling trucks (23 rigs, to be exact) are now on display on the 27-acre site, along with other earth-moving equipment.

What does it all mean? Who knows? But it certainly is impressive.

All Net Arena

It looks like a North Korean military parade, but without all the goose-stepping.

Ultimately, we suspect there’s a bit of resort development theater going on at the All Net Resort and Arena site.

It’s likely All Net Arena’s developers are putting on a show to impress upon potential investors how viable the “full steam ahead” project is.

Here’s a closer look at all the hardware currently adorning the the All Net Arena site.

The All Net Resort and Arena is supposed to cost $1.4 billion, and the project has pushed back its opening date numerous times. Most recently, project officials stated construction will be completed by 2019.

If, by some miracle, the project gets financing, it will have a 44-floor hotel, 20,000-seat arena and a shopping and dining district.

While skepticism is warranted with All Net Resort and Arena, it’s important to remember longshots hit in Las Vegas all the time, and we absolutely love shiny new things.

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  • Photoncounter

    They are ready to haul pepperoni to the site so the workers can feast on pizza casserole.

    • Did you mean Chicago Deep Dish Casserole?

      • RustyHammer

        Yes, dammit, he means Chicago Deep Dish Casserole. Your miopic view of the world is God!

        It’s fucking casserole!

        • Glad you see the light.

          • RustyHammer

            Yes, your opinion is the only one that matters. Fuck everyone else!

          • You make an excellent disciple.

          • RustyHammer

            You should be so lucky.

        • EnuffBull

          “deep dish is casserole”
          His parents didn’t bring him up right.

      • Photoncounter

        Well of course, only the Chicago Deep Dish casserole has enough Calories in the form of fat and protein to satisfy a working person while at the same time stimulating the taste buds. Soon to be delivered: extra large Porta Potties to deal with the residual.

        The arena may never be built but the posers will be well fed.

      • EnuffBull

        Go wrap a greasy NY slice around your pecker and whack it.

        I’ll be making sweet, sweet love to deep dish pizza.

  • MorenoApa

    Only a 2,000-seat arena? Well yes, they have reduced their hopes a lot

    • Thanks for catching that typo. We are allowed one per fiscal quarter.

  • LasVegasJunkie

    8 in the first row, 9 in the middle, and 7 in the back. I count 24 trucks total, not 23!

    • OK, eagle eye. Finally found someone as anal as I am. There’s one at the end of a row that doesn’t have anything attached to it, so I don’t consider that a dirt hauler. It’s a truck, though.

  • Bouldersteve

    The trucks are all empty. When i see them hauling stuff I will believe something is happening. Speaking of stalled projects anything happening at the Resorts World site?

  • There are a couple of major projects in the works that may need a convenient parking area for trucks like that.
    One would be the football stadium.
    The other would be the dismantling of The Las Vegas Club.
    This is probably a leased temporary parking/staging area for a nearby project.

    • Bouldersteve

      Agree. Its a great parking lot for trucks.

  • RustyHammer

    where the fuck is the casserole?

    • EnuffBull

      [lights candle in bedroom, opens box of pizza casserole, slowly closes the door as silk robe is dropped and you can hear whispering sounds of sweet nothings to the tomato-cheesy goodness]

      DON’T JUDGE ME!!!

  • #1baseballfan

    We just got a new arena on the strip, what do we need another one for? That would be a great spot for a MLB stadium. The commissioner said Las Vegas is now an option for MLB relocation. Build a ballpark instead. How awesome would that be!

    • #1baseballfan

      Circus Circus Stadium! Connect it to the adventuredome and the hotel/midway. Have a real awesome circus show for kids at the stadium in the winter. Every family in the country/baseball world would want to go.

    • RustyHammer

      MLB in Vegas? Better not play day games on Sundays in June, July or August. Otherwise I like it!

      • #1baseballfan

        My vision would be a retractable roof shaped like a big top circus tent for Circus Circus Stadium. It would be air conditioned.

      • Kyle Aumer

        they do it in Phoenix

        • RustyHammer

          I’m a purist who doesn’t believe in putting a roof on a baseball stadium. Silly me.