The Nerd Nightclub Poised to Open Discreetly at Downtown’s Neonopolis

A new nightclub and bowling venue, The Nerd, is set to open on March 30, 2017, at downtown’s Neonopolis shopping complex.

The Nerd Neonopolis

We grabbed this from a video. There’s a 65% probability it’s not the actual logo for The Nerd.

The Nerd hasn’t really been on the radar to-date, and publicity about the opening has pretty much been non-existent (perhaps intentionally), but this new nightlife concept could very well be a breath of fresh air at Neonopolis.

There’s a ribbon-cutting ceremony planned for 11:00 a.m. on March 30, and Mayor Carolyn Goodman is expected to attend.

Here’s the video invitation. Which we didn’t actually receive, officially. We’ll try and get over it.

Not too much is known about The Nerd, except it’s taking over the space formerly occupied by the wildly underrated Drink & Drag nightclub, a bar featuring (wait for it) drag queens.

The space includes a 12-lane bowling alley and dance floor, and The Nerd will presumably take advantage of both.

We caught a glimpse of some of the nightclub’s decor, and it appears “Breaking Bad” will play a part in the club’s decor.

The Nerd nightclub

If your club has a meth-making suit from “Breaking Bad,” you can consider us a fan.

From what we understand, employees had their first day of training on March 28. So, with an opening on March 30, it’s possible the establishment has made a conscious decision to keep its soft opening on the down-low.

We caught a group of servers leaving the venue, and they were universally attractive and dressed in white shirts and black shorts or skirts. Most of the employees sport suspenders to add to the nerdy theme.

The Nerd Las Vegas

Remember, it’s not creepy if you’re taking the photo for your blog.

In fact, The Nerd is going so incognito, there are no signs whatsoever outside the club, other than a legacy sign from Hi Life Lanes from back in the day. We overheard a sign is set to arrive any day now.

In the meantime, we’re honestly excited to have the Drink & Drag space back in action. It’s a challenging location for a business, but there are very few places to dance downtown, and this seems to fit the bill. Word is The Nerd is taking a lot of inspiration from the wildly successful Gold Spike, formerly a casino, but now a nightlife hangout for the cool kids that is pretty much printing money every weekend.

The Nerd is the brainchild of Jonathan Borchetta, owner of the Voodoo Zip Line attraction at Rio Las Vegas.

Here’s our recipe for success at The Nerd: Keep the price points right, adjust the music volume so we can hold a conversation, throw in some decent munchies and we’ll be there will our nerdy friends to drink, bowl and feebly attempt to dance the night away.

5 thoughts on “The Nerd Nightclub Poised to Open Discreetly at Downtown’s Neonopolis

  1. RustyHammer

    You gotta have a restaurant to make it as a bar. They should serve casserole, like Giordano’s, that would drive in huge traffic!

  2. mkhnks

    Is this going to be the catalyst that finally turns Neonopolis into a thriving downtown retail and entertainment center? And why did it fail so spectacularly?

    That sounds like a good subject for your podcast. Or did I miss that episode? (It’s possible.)

  3. red318is

    The former gay bar attracted more women than this place will. It fits with the other nerdy offerings of Neonopolis, but unless women are the paid entertainment, what is the point of a bar that doesn’t attract women?

  4. Necie Aevum

    I’m sorry..but..”there are very few places to dance downtown”? Er..what do you call Oddfellows (offering an 80s night, a 90s night, an indie/noize night), or the backroom of the Griffin (offering a post-punk/goth/80s/indie night, a hip hop/edm night, in addition to whatever genre bands that happen to play), Red (offering a 90s/00s night, top 40, r&b, hip hop, etc), Vanguard (offering edm/dance/top 40s stuffs), Evel Pie (rock, etc), Commonwealth (top 40). I’m leaving a couple places out and haven’t even fully fleshed out the above mentioned spots. I think the only thing truly missing amongst allllll these ESTABLISHED places to dance is a legit country bar. Try not to dismiss the wide array that Downtown currently offers, considering the fact that this new place may come to depend on those already in the know about where to shake their groove thang. 🙂


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