MSG Sphere Arena Details Revealed and It’s Wonderfully Weird

There’s a new, 18,000-seat entertainment venue in the works near the Las Vegas Strip, the MSG Sphere arena, and it’s pretty weird.

The new venue is a partnership between Madison Square Garden Co. and Las Vegas Sands Corp., the company that owns Venetian and Palazzo.

MSG Sphere Arena

Besides concerts, the MSG Sphere will host Carousel. Oh, just watch “Logan’s Run” again.

The arena project was announced back in May 2016, but is only now picking up steam.

According to a story in USA Today, the MSG Sphere will boast some impressive audio technology developed by a German company, Holoplot. The technology is called “beamforming audio,” which sends sound via witchcraft rather than through speakers.

Here’s another look at Sphere.

MSG Sphere Arena Las Vegas

Get used to your mouth being agape, it’s Las Vegas.

The Sphere’s exterior is a dome with 190,000 feet of LED lighting, which translates into about 36 miles of lights.

Inside the dome, guests will enjoy what amounts to a 360-degree IMAX experience, with about 180,000-square-feet (four acres) of high resolution video across the dome’s roof.

Translation: Holy crap.

MSG Sphere Las Vegas arena

Finally, a Las Vegas venue that can legitimately use the word “immersive.”

One of the best things about the MSG Sphere is its developers promise little to no sports will be hosted in the venue. Although, fights are a possibility. Hey, nobody’s perfect.

The unfortunately-named MSG Sphere arena (some people are intolerant, you know) will be located on Sands Ave., between Manhattan St. and Koval Lane.

You have no idea where that is, so here’s a photo we took. Let’s just say we used a very tall monopod and leave it at that.

Sands music venue

The future home of some awesome.

The MSG Sphere breaks ground in 2018 and the new arena is expected to open in 2020.

We can’t wait.

15 thoughts on “MSG Sphere Arena Details Revealed and It’s Wonderfully Weird

  1. Opinion

    Interesting that the arena is not butt up against one of Sand’s hotels. Usually these venue are used to drive foot traffic through their properties but being pretty far away it will make it easy for event goers to avoid the Venetian and Palazzo.

    1. Vegasallen

      Interesting? Well duhhh, there’s no land adjacent to the Sands properties for a project of this size.

      The big question is how they’ll move the crowds as those roads in the area can’t support this load.

      1. red318is

        There is no land that isn’t owned by Wynn or Caesars. I have looked at the renderings closely, and the garage is still there. But with new management at Wynn I could see a deal being made and having that garage moved to somewhere on the golf course land. There will have to be a people mover. I see no way that they would touch the existing monorail being that they will want people going from this venue and into Sands properties. There isn’t even a stop at the Megacenter currently.

    2. topher

      It’s more or less just behind the Sands Expo Center. Now if they could only get that pesky Wynn employee parking garage out of the way.

      It’s also right on the Monorail line. I expect they could add a stop.

  2. Cipriano Moreno Aparicio

    It’s a pity, it could be the anchor of a new Strip development but it will be in the backyard of huge property too much far of the Strip. Something like that on the corner of Sahara Ave, for example, would be amazing

  3. Scooter

    I just love these stories! It’s about time that some really different, off-the-wall stuff comes back to Vegas, and not just the cookie-cutter same ole same ole (in my opinion anyways).

  4. Vegas Todd

    Let’s see if this gets done, or if it’s just gonna be a couple beams sticking in the ground half finished for years…

  5. William Wingo

    This looks like it’s pretty close to the new Caesars project, described elsewhere on this blog. You all know I hate to be negative, but does Vegas really need two more off-strip arenas?

    1. Scott Roeben

      I think that’s a legit observation and question. That’s a lot of seats to fill. I think these are forward-looking, though. Most of these projects are coming online in 2020. They anticipate further growth in the market.

    2. wysiwyg100

      I agree, the number of 10,000+ seat arenas in Vegas is staggering to me. There has to be a tipping point where there aren’t enough events to go around.

  6. Jujama

    Do you have a newsletter? If so, do you send out blog posts like these to your list? I would be interested in signing up if you do.


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