Monte Carlo to Rebrand as Park MGM, Boutique Hotel 32 to Become NoMad Las Vegas

The wait is finally over. MGM Resorts has officially announced the Monte Carlo rebrand we first shared back in February 2015. Monte Carlo will soon become Park MGM, and the Monte Carlo’s hotel-within-a-hotel, Hotel 32, will become NoMad Hotel.

Park MGM Resort

Oh, relax. It’s a work in progress.

MGM Resorts will partner with New York-based Sydell Group for the project expected to cost $450 million.

The project will include renovated hotel guest rooms, new bar and restaurant offerings, and will are intended to dovetail into The Park, a new restaurant district between New York-New York and the former Monte Carlo.

Yeah, this is going to take some getting used to, but it’s an exciting time on the Las Vegas Strip.

Park MGM Las Vegas resort

It’s a great time to be flora in Las Vegas.

Here’s how the two hotel experiences break out.

First Park MGM. The concept is intended to “target a younger, well-traveled” customer looking for “unique experiences and innovative design.” Translation: Those pesky Millennials are finally getting their own hotel.

The 2,700-room Park MGM will keep some of Monte Carlo’s European design influences.

Here’s some news release words about Park MGM: “Working with talented British designer Martin Brudnizki, Sydell Group and MGM will transform the resort’s public areas with a beautiful and casually elegant design. Clean lines will define the architecture of each space, combined with classically inspired European furnishings and a robust art program, which is core to both companies’ design philosophies.”

Park MGM will feature a new Eataly marketplace with “cafes, to-go counters and full-service restaurants interspersed with high-quality products from sustainable Italian and local producers.”

Eataly’s stated target audience is “everyone,” so that’s pretty much us. Not-too-fancy Italian food ahead! Read more about Eataly.


If “alti cibi” were translated into English, it would mean “high quality food.” If “eat” and “Italy” had a baby out of wedlock, its name would be Eataly.

The other hotel, NoMad Las Vegas, will feature the random capitalization of a letter in the middle of the word “Nomad.” We kid. No, but really.

NoMad replaces the Monte Carlo’s existing boutique hotel, Hotel 32. Which most people didn’t exactly know exists. Hotels-within-hotels are quite the thing in Las Vegas, actually. For example, there’s the Four Seasons hotel inside Mandalay Bay and Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace.

The original NoMad hotel opened in 2012 in New York. NoMad Las Vegas will provide a “distinctive luxury experience,” with 292 guestrooms and suites.

NoMad Las Vegas will have its own dedicated drop-off, lobby and swimming pool.

Monte Carlo Las Vegas

Farewell, old girl. She really hates being called that, by the way.

The design of the new NoMad Las Vegas will be a collaboration between Sydell Group and French designer Jacques Garcia, who also designed Parisian hotels such as Royal Monceau and Hôtel Costes, which must be very impressive hotels to those who have actually heard of them.

Here’s more about the NoMad Hotel in New York.

Construction of Park MGM and NoMad Las Vegas will start in late 2016 and be completed in late 2018.

On a personal note, we would like to thank MGM Resorts for sharing the new name of the Monte Carlo in honor of our upcoming birthday.

MGM Park Las Vegas

We are not making this up. We Tweeted this less than 24 hours before the rebrand announcement was made.

Beyond giving us a great birthday gift, we’d also like to thank MGM Resorts for bringing so many great new things to the Las Vegas Strip, including the T-Mobile Arena and The Park.

While new things tend to cost a bit more than the older things, Las Vegas never fails to deliver surprises, and we can’t wait to see what the new Park MGM and NoMad Las Vegas have in store.

16 thoughts on “Monte Carlo to Rebrand as Park MGM, Boutique Hotel 32 to Become NoMad Las Vegas

  1. Jefe

    NoMad? I can’t believe these names are brought up and the person presenting this idea isn’t laughed out of the room.


    1. Alex

      Well, they are partnering with a company that runs the NoMad Hotel in New York city. The name makes sense for that location, as it is North of Madison Square Park. Also, a good portion of the target clientele for NoMad MGM will be familiar with that original location.

      It’s generally not a good idea to insult your business partners. As such, I can’t imagine there was any laughing going on.

  2. Chris Bey Holguin

    wow I cant wait for this there gonna change the strip I cant wait to see what MGM resorts are gonna do next

  3. Justin Voss

    Are they going to do something to the physical hotel more than just room refreshes? Bigger windows perhaps?

  4. Brewfangrb

    I’m pretty excited about this. It’s only been about a year since I was last in Vegas, but so much has gone down since there. Announcement of plans to extend the Monorail to Mandalay Bay, apparently Lucky Dragon (is that what it’s called?) is still on some sort of track to be completed and now the refurb of the Monte Carlo.

    I know for many that having a oligopoly on the strip is a detriment, but frankly, I think MGMRI does a very good job with its hotels and resorts and still maintains a good continuum of offers for people from (relatively) low-end to high. I know many express concern that the low-roller will be priced out, etc. I just don’t see it and candidly, even if that’s the case…well, tough. There’s clearly demand for increasingly higher-end lodging and dining. And even after MGMRI refurbs Excal and Luxor (as I’ve seen rumored), if one can’t afford a stay there or to game there, then I just don’t know what to tell you. Go to Wendover, I guess.

    CET has been updating rooms at PH, and I understand they will be doing some renovations at Paris. Of course, there’s the massive overhaul they are doing to the Roman Tower at CP. These are all GOOD things for Vegas and the strip.

    Now, if only something could be done about Fountainbleu….

  5. Chuck in Richmond

    I’m concerned about the status of Andre’s restaurant at Monte Carlo. One of the best restaurants on the strip that you rarely hear about. Excellent service, delicious food, romantic atmosphere. On our second visit they looked up my name and the seated us in the same plush half circle booth that we were in on our first visit. As if it was “our booth”. Scott, get on this.

  6. Troy Swezey

    Millennials are ‘well-traveled’? Most of them I know have barely left the state let alone North America.

    1. Adam Bauer

      Depends on who you know. Objectively speaking, they (we) are actually a well traveled generation, remembering that it includes people with an age in the early 30s. The big problem is that many of my generation don’t see Vegas as a place with cultural significance. Younger people tend to seek out more exotic locales, in my experience.

        1. Adam Bauer

          No, Troy, it’s not fair enough. We were now supposed to engage in a bitter back and forth, questioning each other’s intelligence in a vitriolic manner. C’mon, man…it’s the internet!

          1. Troy Swezey

            Oh my bad. I forgot how the interwebs works. Lemme go find your Facebooks and Twitters pages and troll you first. I’ll be right back… 🙂

    1. DSchwartz99lv

      P.S. I joked about MGM renaming the Monte Carlo the “Park”. They’re literally taking a play out of Caesar’s book. The LinQ Promenade prompted the renaming of the failed Quad to the LinQ. It’s a vicious cycle!

  7. William Wingo

    They should call it

    (wait for it…….)

    “Pay-to-Park MGM!”

    I always knew I’d be a good stand-up comedian.


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