Monte Carlo Las Vegas Is Next in Line for a New Name and Major Rebrand

The iconic Monte Carlo will be the next Las Vegas resort to undergo a name change and rebrand.

Just as Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall became The Cromwell, Imperial Palace became The Quad (and now The Linq) and The Hotel at Mandalay Bay became Delano Las Vegas, Monte Carlo will soon bear a shiny new name.

Monte Carlo

The Monte Carlo was originally known as the Grand Victoria.

The Monte Carlo’s rebrand comes at a time of major change in the resort’s neighborhood. An influx of new construction has resulted in an appealing new pedestrian promenade, and a new sports and concert arena behind New York-New York is expected to be a huge draw to what could ultimately become the new “center” of the Las Vegas Strip, in direct competition with The Linq shopping promenade across from Caesars Palace.

Recently, Monte Carlo has added some great new dining additions, including Yusho Japanese Grill & Noodle House, 800 Degrees Pizza and Double Barrel Roadhouse. Read more.

Double Barrel Roadhouse

The Double Barrel Roadhouse at Monte Carlo is a perfectly fine place for both the grub and the hooch. From what we remember. Prior to the hooch.

The Monte Carlo’s new name is a closely-held secret, but the name change will be accompanied by renovations to the hotel’s nearly 3,000 rooms.

The Monte Carlo is owned by MGM Resorts, opened on June 21, 1996, and is home to an entertainment fixture on The Strip, Blue Man Group.

Rumor has it MGM Resorts would like to convert its Blue Man Group theater into a venue for concerts (like The Colosseum at Caesars Palace or Axis Theater at Planet Hollywood, with big-name residencies), so don’t be surprised if Blue Man Group is out of the picture by the time the Monte Carlo rebrand happens.

Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group moved to Monte Carlo in 2012, right after a visit to the Wonka factory where they tried some gum with the flavor of a three-course meal.

Atop Monte Carlo is Hotel32, is an ultra-luxury boutique hotel.

Bonus Monte Carlo trivia: In the movie, “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story,” the heroes of the film stay at Monte Carlo during the dodgeball championships in Las Vegas.

Speaking of luxury, don’t be surprised if the Monte Carlo’s rebrand sends the hotel in a more upscale direction.

Expect to hear more about the Monte Carlo’s rebrand in the months to come. These are some exciting times in Las Vegas, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Update (6/3/16): We’re pleased to report our story about Monte Carlo changing its name had legs! On June 3, 2016, MGM Resorts announced Monte Carlo will change its name to Park MGM. The hotel’s boutique hotel, Hotel 32, will be renamed NoMad Las Vegas. Read more about the new name of Monte Carlo.

Update (5/9/18): Monte Carlo is officially Park MGM.


19 thoughts on “Monte Carlo Las Vegas Is Next in Line for a New Name and Major Rebrand


    Huh. Interesting. I’ve been wondering why they’ve been sending me 4-night comp offers every week lately. Obviously trying to maximize occupancy on the old rooms.

    It’s certainly the most “eligible” MGM resort for re-branding since they’ve taken out most of the “European” touches around the casino entrance, and you obviously can’t re-brand a New York City skyline or a frickin’ medieval castle.

    I’ve never stayed there but I have friends who did recently and they said the standard rooms are run down bigtime, so It’s probably good timing for a re-brand if they’re going to re-model.

    1. Rebecca Kennedy

      We stayed there in 2013 and 2014. This year I opted to stay at MGM and Paris instead of our beloved Monte Carlo because the last time we stayed, the lamp shades were broken, there was some kind of sticky substance on the bathroom floor that never got cleaned up, and the ice machine never got fixed in the 5 days we were there. It is a bit run down. However, we love the size of the hotel, the strip views, how the casino is for gaming not for oggling naked women, and so many oppotions from fancy to food court. We love having a McDonalds with a dollar menu that we can hit any time, day or night, but we also love having other restaurants like the Double Barrel where we can get a great meal while people watching. Also the Monte Carlo has it going on with their outdoor activities. There is tons of very comfortable seating outside, with chess and bagg-o to play. And they always have some sort of music out there performing. It feels like you are out on their porch. It brings people together. Just sit back and relax. We just love it! I haven’t seen any other hotel on the strip with such a great entryway. It is family friendly. It is the place to be. Hopefully they will upgrade the rooms with new beds and since its 2015, they will add plugs for all our devices!!! Are you listening Monte Carlo???

      1. Victor Deveze

        I too loved Monte Carlo when I stayed there. No complaints, it’s dated but in my experience the service was great and the room was spotless. Hopefully the renovation doesnt come with a high rate hike; yeah obviously there will be more demand so rates have to go up a little bit, but that’s it. I don’t expect Bellagio-like accommodations, just more up-to date room amenities and newer furniture, like Mandalay Bay did.

  2. Misslaydj

    The reviews for this place are not that good on tripadvisor. looking forward to them hiking up resort fees YEAHHHHH

    1. Scott Roeben

      Yep, I think that’s the inspiration for the rebrand. They don’t want to just do rooms, they want a whole new vibe. Which, as you suggest, often means the prices go up. But if it’s luxury, people are willing to pay for it.

  3. Shower curtains are evil

    I stayed here last year during MM. Room was on par with the IP. It consisted of a stand alone closest, small desk, one nice chair and a desk chair. Thank god.

  4. David Sáenz

    i know i’m probably the only one who thinks so, but i had no problems with the property when i was there in November. In comparison to ANY of the Caesars properties, Monte Carlo was better than any one of them. I even stayed in one of the most standard of rooms there. I enjoyed it so much that i’m staying there again in June when i go see Steel Panther. Then again, could be me.

  5. Your Friend

    “More upscale.” UGGGHHH. I can’t imagine the market is still screaming for “more upscale.” Of all the MGM properties, other than Mirage, MC has the best location in my opinion. More upscale means higher room rates, higher resort fees, higher table minimums. If you want pretty scenery, stay at Bellagio, Wynn, etc. This is pushing me more and more to stay downtown or off strip.

    1. Brewfangrb

      Well, regardless of table minimums, it being all 6:5 on blackjack should be enough to turn anyone away there. That said, I am happy to hear of the remodel and re-branding? It’s very smart–MGM is taking advantage of CET letting a lot of its properties wear down and with the bankruptcy, it’s likely there will be little available for cap ex.

      If people want low room rates and low table minimums, there is the Excalibur and any number of CET properties. To me, one can expect good service, but they can’t expect amenities, features, etc AND have low room rates, top notch dining at a lower price with low table minimums and good rules.

      1. Your Friend

        Brew – you are missing my point. The more upscale properties table games are EMPTY. This is not bringing in revenue for the casino. My point is get people in the casino. Low table minimums will get people in, just look at Casino Royale. Last time I checked, restaurants MAKE profit. I don’t understand how renovating a casino, then having the rooms 1/2 full and the casino 1/2 full because prices rose is a good business model. Wouldn’t you have a jam packed casino/hotel with the best of both worlds, and isn’t the age-old model for a profitable casino just getting people in the door?

        1. Brewfangrb

          I wasn’t really arguing that they SHOULD go upmarket. I was mostly: a) glad to hear another property will be updated with money injected into Vegas and b) there are still a number of options for low-cost stays and gambling.

          I would suspect the condition of the MC is what drives people to stay elsewhere. But you are right—market positioning is a difficult thing for resorts.

  6. JayJaay16

    Yikes! I’m staying there the 1st week of March, reading all the below I’m a little terrified of what the suite will be like :^( I knew I should of splurged on Hotel 32! Should I cancel?? Help???


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