Mon Ami Gabi Takes a Poke at Paid Parking

How far things have come in Las Vegas.

Paid parking is now the norm, and at least one Strip restaurant is attempting to use customer frustration about the “new normal” as a marketing tool.

Mon Ami Gabi, a popular restaurant at Paris Las Vegas, is openly offering a deal to help customers offset their parking fees.

Mon Ami Gabi

Las Vegas restaurants listen to their customers, and many are saying a sentence with just three letters, “WTF?” Sometimes followed by “bro.”

Mon Ami Gabi is offering guests $20 off their bill (with a $40 minimum purchase).

It’s a fairly standard discount, but the marketing hook is what’s new in Las Vegas.

While casinos are doing great business, we’ve heard anecdotally restaurants, shows and retail stores inside casino resorts have taken a hit due to the roll-out of paid parking.

There are still a few Las Vegas casinos where parking is free, but the majority aren’t on the Las Vegas Strip.

Las Vegas Monopoly

It would be funnier if it were inaccurate.

These Strip casinos still have free parking: Tropicana, Planet Hollywood, Treasure Island, Venetian and Palazzo, Casino Royale, Circus Circus, SLS Las Vegas and Stratosphere.

Our favorite way to bypass parking fees is to get the MGM Resorts credit card. The M Life Rewards Master Card bumps players up to a loyalty club tier where parking is free.

Caesars Entertainment’s credit card does the same thing, but requires a $5,000 a year spend on the card, so they can suck our knackers, a word we didn’t know was a euphemism for “testicles” until four minutes ago.

While parking fees have bolstered the bottom line of Las Vegas casinos, the practice has left a bad taste in the mouth of many visitors. Expect more promotions along the lines of Mon Ami Gabi’s, and similar offers from the casinos themselves, which will be more than a little awkard.

22 thoughts on “Mon Ami Gabi Takes a Poke at Paid Parking

  1. Manybar Goatfish

    “Whether You’re Driving Or Not” is the BEST part of the promo. So I can apply the $20 savings to my Uber fare and not get a DUI when I leave. That’s a ten thousand dollar windfall!!

  2. VegasSlushy

    Zillions of people come to the strip and don’t drive to get there. They come by taxi, by shuttle, by limo, and they never get behind the wheel until they return home. And if you go to a restaurant on the strip for a few hours and pay a nominal $8 or $10 fee during your stay, that shouldn’t be a big deal. And I’m sure that plenty of people who drop thousands per year in Vegass don’t care if they pay a hundred bucks every time they roll into town to park their vehicles on the strip. (Or they make a point to carry one of the fucking credit cards that waives their parking.)

    But I gotta believe, gotta gotta gotta believe, that telling thousands of people per day that they have to pay for the privilege of coming to a casino and spending money on food, shows and merchandise from the mall is putting fewer asses in the seats. There’s no way more people are dining at some snooty chicken parm restaurant in Caesars now that they have to fork over an extra $10 or $15 to roll in there and eat on a Tuesday night.

    Is it 5 less people per month? 500 less? 5,000 less? Can’t know. But clearly the bean counters who are bathing in stacks of greenbacks thanks to paid parking are fucking over those who pay rent for all that traffic. Is it enough that its forcing Moni Moni to offer a discount on the menu prices, or is that simply brilliant marketing to drive extra traffic for a restaurant that is running at less than capacity? Either way, strip casinos ain’t going to shutter because they say “fuck you” to their patrons, but there’s no chance they’re doing favors for a lot of the businesses paying primo cash to rent space in those buildings. We’ve heard lots of stories anecdotally that employees and businesses are paying the price for paid parking. Will we see casualties?

    1. wysiwyg100

      Agreed. There is a tipping point where new parking revenue will be greatly offset by declining rent revenue as fewer visitors translates into a tougher environment for restaurants. They’re definitely ahead of the game for now, but when the next recession hits I’m guessing the first promotion will be, “Hey, we’ve reduced/eliminated our parking fees”

  3. William Wingo

    We were in Vegas January 2-4; stayed “off-strip,” and also visited a casino technically on LV Blvd but not officially a “strip” property. First time there in several years. Both were very nice with good poker rooms, VP pay schedules, and restaurants–and no parking fees. The place we stayed has a resort fee, but we were comped.
    I told my wife we would go anywhere she wanted, regardless of parking fees. The Bellagio conservatory was mentioned, for example. But in the end, we didn’t, so my Vegas strip parking record remains intact.
    We drove downtown to see the continuing LV Club demolition, but didn’t park, so my downtown parking record also stands. Frankly, the area looked a little scary. Came back out straight down the Strip past the Fountainebleau, which doesn’t look any different, and caught the Bellagio dancing waters but not the Mirage volcano.
    On the way to Vegas, we stopped in Laughlin on a nice New Year’s Eve package. Afterwards, we returned home via Los Angeles and played at a couple of the poker rooms. The only parking fee of the entire trip was the valet at a restaurant in LA.
    Good luck, good counting, and a Happy New Year to all.

      1. William Wingo

        We have a very equitable arrangement. She does what she wants to do and I do what she wants me to do. Thirty-two years in March.

  4. Mike Winger

    Has anyone stopped to consider the concept of a parking validation? (Either full or partial fee paid by the show or restaurant). The added cost of parking is something I always think about when deciding where we choose to go for dinner. “Strip prices” are enough of an obstacle by themselves. There are too many excellent alternatives around town to put up with that crap. BTW I’ve only dined at Mon Ami Gabi a couple of times since Caesars started charging for parking at the Paris. I’ll gladly take them up on their offer.

  5. Rashaun Smith

    Well it’s understandable they would run a promo like this. I suspect money for fees are coming from the budget set aside for food and shows.

  6. Dean

    Where is the coupon found? I’d have an interest in using this, but not sure if a print out from this page will work or not?

    1. Dean

      Can anyone tell me where to find it? Or has anyone tried using a computer printout from this page? I’d like to use this but don’t want to go there only to have problems. Thanks.

  7. Photoncounter

    I’ve eaten at Mon Ami Gabi several times, not really impressed. Yeah, on the Strip and if the weather is nice it’s cool to score an outside table to people and traffic watch but the prices are high for mediocre steak and I prefer baked potatoes, not pomme frites. The coupon is attractive, though. I’m sure many will take them up on the offer and bet other restaurants either do the same or find another way to refund the awful parking fees.

      1. Photoncounter

        Maybe you’re onto something! The root cause of depression could be that people suddenly realize that everything they eat turns to crap…

          1. Manybar Goatfish

            I apologize for trying to sound presidential and for mixing up the origin of snowflake. That is such a classic. I’ve coined a lot of phrases myself. I put the ist in race, the tree in bigot, and the acy in supreme. Or, at least I would have if someone didn’t beat me to it. I am as Conservative as they come. I noticed you typed Benghazi in one of your comments a few days ago. Do they have a casino there?

  8. John D

    I’ve had some amazing meals at Mon Ami Gabi. I’ve had some terrible ones, too. But overall I like the place. But this April will be the first time in about 15 years I won’t be staying within walking distance, because the last straw for me at Flamingo was Caesars adding paid parking. There comes a point where you can’t look beyond a hotel’s flaws anymore. So we’ll stay at the Strat which should be equivalent in quality (which is to say, a place to rest your head) but cheaper + no parking fees. Between the resort fees, the parking fees, and the lousy blackjack they’ve taken a lot of the fun out of Vegas.


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