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Miss Twin Peaks and You’ll Feel Like a Boob

The premise of Twin Peaks Las Vegas is simple: Everything is better in the presence of perky young women.

Does this philosophy narrow the potential customer base for Twin Peaks? Maybe, but Twin Peaks seems to be thriving, delivering on its promise of ice cold beer, hearty bar food and some of the best views in Las Vegas.

Note: Attire not actually recommended for logging.

And we mean “best views” in every possible sense.

The view from Twin Peaks’ third floor balcony.

This restaurant and bar opened on The Strip, in the Harmon Center, adjacent to Planet Hollywood, in March 2013.

Beyond its bevy of “Twin Peaks Girls,” the establishment’s draws include three levels of space (including two bars), 29-degree draft beer (in frosted mugs, of course), a three-story rock climbing wall, and 87 high-def televisions. Trust us, you won’t spend a lot of time watching those.

Twin Peaks has 1,400 square feet of things to keep your eyes occupied.

One of the pleasant surprises at Twin Peaks is the food is pretty darned good. It doesn’t have to be, but it is, anyway.

A little hangover helper.

Click here for a pic of the Twin Peaks menu, and try this for the beverage menu.

The cold beer thing is serious at Twin Peaks.

How serious is the cold beer thing at Twin Peaks? Thanks for asking.

A display shows your beer temperature in real-time. The Twin Peaks beer temperature is a big draw for beer fans, to be sure.

The menu is overflowing with comfort food that consistently arrives hot and fresh.

There’s pot roast, chicken-fried steak (see below), grilled meatloaf and BBQ pulled pork nachos.

The chicken-fried steak in on just about every table in the place.

You can’t go wrong with the chicken tender basket or steak sliders.

Yes, there’s salad, if you must.

Easily the most refreshing thing about Twin Peaks is the staff is genuinely friendly and outgoing. You don’t get the sense anyone’s “enduring” their job (we’re looking at you, Hooters).

There are authentic smiles, and the waitresses are encouraged to sit and interact with customers at their tables.

Twin Peaks is a happy place.

Customers can take on the wall for a few bucks. It’s better when they leave it to the pros.

One would expect the clientele at Twin Peaks to be almost exclusively male, but couples and mixed-gender groups are common. There’s no creepy strip club vibe. Not that we’d know what the vibe at a strip club is like, of course.

Twin Peaks obviously doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The prices at Twin Peaks are reasonable, and other than the larger-than-average tip you’re likely to leave, it’s a great value, especially for The Strip.

Let’s just say Twin Peaks has some die-hard fans.

Twin Peaks is one of our favorite places to hang out on The Strip, and we may just force ourselves to go back again soon. Tomorrow. Let us know what you think.

Enjoy more exclusive photos from one of the best restaurant concepts in the world, ever.

Twin Peaks Las Vegas

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