“Million Dollar Quartet” to Close at Harrah’s Las Vegas

Oof, it’s been a really rough year for Las Vegas shows. Now, another long-running show on The Strip is closing, “Million Dollar Quartet” shutters Dec. 4, 2016.

Million Dollar Quartet

The original cast of the Las Vegas production of “Million Dollar Quartet” at a media preview. They rocked it.

The list of Las Vegas shows that have closed, or will, in 2016 include: “Jersey Boys” at Paris, “Showstoppers” at Wynn Las Vegas, “Puppet Up” at Venetian, Paul Zerdin at Planet Hollywood, Dirk Arthur at Westgate, “Jubilee” at Bally’s, Frankie Moreno at Planet Hollywood, “Zarkana” at Aria, Matt Goss at Caesars Palace, “Raiding the Rock Vault” at Tropicana, “Twisted Vegas” at Westgate and “Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding” at Bally’s.

And that’s not even the entire list. We’re drunk.

Million Dollar Quartet

Even the show’s ice sculpture on opening night was sort of awesome.

“Million Dollar Quartet” is easily one of the best musicals on The Strip, and is one of the rare shows where performers sing without backing tracks. They also play their own instruments. You know, talent, it’s a thing.

The show made its debut at Harrah’s Las Vegas in February 2013. We were there, of course.

Million Dollar Quartet

We’d tell you the cast member’s names, but we are a Las Vegas blog, not a note-taker.

Sadly, “Million Dollar Quartet” has run its course. There’s no word yet as to what might replace it.

The closing date of Dec. 4 wasn’t chosen at random, by the way. The date marks the 60th anniversary of the night that inspired “Million Dollar Quartet.” On December 4, 1956, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash got together for a jam session at Sun Record Studios in Memphis.

Million Dollar Quartet

“Million Dollar Quartet” was one of the best shows ever mounted on the Las Vegas Strip.

While the future of production shows on The Strip seems to be in question, there’s no doubt “Million Dollar Quartet” was a success (with more than 1,500 performances), and will be fondly remembered for its charismatic cast, top-notch performances and that time the lead actress adjusted herself on the red carpet.

Million Dollar Quartet

There’s a fairly good chance this is going to get us unfriended on Facebook. We love you, anyway, Felice!

We recommend you see “Million Dollar Quartet” while you can! Find out more at the official site.


6 thoughts on ““Million Dollar Quartet” to Close at Harrah’s Las Vegas

  1. DSchwartz99lv

    Fuck! That was one of my favorite shows! I’ll be sure to see it one more time soon. I did manage to see Jersey Boys one final time last week. It was a very great show. It will be missed.

  2. Tone H

    I wonder what the deal is with all the production show closings. Is attendance dropping that much? If so, in favor of what? Or if not, are the casinos looking for a more guaranteed profit margin?

    1. Bouldersteve

      Most shows were never profitable but casinos kept them going as a way to draw customers to the hotel/casino. Not anymore. Everything has to pull its own weight..restaurants and shows included and now with MGM even parking.

  3. Photoncounter

    The reality is the economy isn’t that great, we are near or in recession. The Central Banks are the ones buying stocks and propping up the S&P to keep the illusion that everything is OK. Soon they will run out of bullets. The average person isn’t buying stocks nor spending as much, retail sales are down. GDP is under 2% and that number is massaged. Corporate earnings are trending down since 2014.

    This hasn’t hit the strip as hard due to the convention business. MGM maybe was smart to kill Zarkana and replace the space with more convention area, time will tell. It seems to be OK to screw the business traveler who is in for a few days and can easily expense everything but the shows.

    I also think people’s interests are changing. Several CDS shows I’ve visited in the past year like KA were near empty on a Saturday night. I also went to the X Comedy show at Flamingo, was one of 16 people in the audience a few weeks back, also a Saturday. How long can that last?

    When times are tough the consumer feels it first and tightens their wallet. Food, lodging and transportation first, if you are responsible, entertainment may be way down the list.

    1. AccessVegas

      I think this has more to do with Las Vegas catering to younger people. The average visitor age was close to 50 for what seemed like forever. Now, it is closer to 40. Young people don’t do shows nor gamble. I guess they drink enough to make up for the lost revenue. Do not disagree on conventions. MGM Resorts especially seems hell-bent on turning us into a convention town.


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