MGM Resorts Survey Gives Insights Into What May Lie Ahead

A survey sent to MGM Resorts loyalty club customers provides fascinating insights into the opportunities and challenges ahead for Las Vegas casino companies.

The survey apparently went to the company’s highest loyalty club tier levels, Platinum and Noir.

MGM lion

Inquiring minds.

The survey attempts to gauge customer sentiment about returning to Las Vegas following the COVID-19 shutdown.

MGM Resorts survey

Further proof it takes money to make money.

The survey starts with a question related to whether free parking or free play would increase the likelihood of visiting a Las Vegas resort.

MGM survey

The first rule of Vegas: Never underestimate the power of free slot play.

“Free parking” has such a magical ring to it, doesn’t it?

One component of that question was shocking, honestly.

The survey asks respondents about the idea of “a policy that only resort guests are allowed on the premises.” That’s the first time we’ve seen that idea floated by any casino company, and would be a dramatic (and expensive) move to make players feel safe in their favorite resorts.

MGM survey


MGM Resort is also testing the waters about doctors on site, self-service food ordering and dividers between staff and guests.

MGM survey

It remains to be seen if these changes are temporary or permanent.

There were also a number of questions related to safety measures, including masks and gloves being made available to guests, temperature checks and enhanced viral cleaning of rooms.

casino survey

We vote yes.

One of the most intriguing question in the survey broached the prospect of non-smoking policies throughout casino resorts.

Given health concerns around COVID-19, which affects the respiratory system, there’s been speculation casinos might implement temporary or permanent smoking bans.

smoking casino COVID-19

It’s about time.

Casinos have been one of the few hold-outs when it comes to smoking indoors, but it seems that practice could soon go the way of buffets and hand-shaking.

MGM Resorts seems to be anticipating reluctance on the part of some customers to make the casino the focus of their visit, so asks players about experiences outside the casino.


Until now, Las Vegas casinos have been fairly anti-outside.

The survey also asks guests about their interest in all-inclusive experiences.

There’s also a mention of exclusive “player parties,” the implication being the company may offer opportunities that minimize mingling.


Please note we have not made a single joke about MGM Resorts spending a lot of time probing its customers. It’s called maturity.

Customers were also asked specific questions about their spend prior to the crisis, and how much they’d expect to spend on a first trip back to an MGM Resorts casino.

The company also asked customers when they expected to make their first trip back to Las Vegas.

There was also a question about the possibility of a private charter airline to provide transportation to Vegas.

Nevada Governor Sisolak’s shelter-in-place directive expires on April 30, and a number of Las Vegas hotel-casinos are taking reservations for May 2020. MGM Resorts has communicated its Las Vegas resorts will remain closed through May 31. The company is taking reservations for June 1, 2020.

It’s clear companies and other businesses are weighing their options and gauging customer sentiment prior to the reopening of Las Vegas.

211 thoughts on “MGM Resorts Survey Gives Insights Into What May Lie Ahead

  1. Inspector 57

    I wonder what system they might implement to sanitize chips at table games.
    Might all players be provided with disposable gloves?

      1. Joe

        I’m not one of the top tier rated players but I got the survey too. Was interesting. Curious to see the changes.

      2. Deborah Double

        I plan on being in Vegas in October. Originally, it was going to be June but Covid-19 I changed to a later date. I like the free parking idea, it has been something I have disliked since it was implemented. I usually parked where the parking was free & walked f RG om there.. The face masks would be nice to have available. I think having MResorts should remain open to all visitors

      3. Pete

        Look at the words your writing. And look what’s happening in States that refused to issue stay at home orders! Really ,take a look at the current number of infections. If you feel like being careless your responsible for any harm that comes to people you infect or they infect!

      1. Mito

        Exactly, I see more carelessness with gloves than ever.
        Until they create an antiviral glove, they’re useless unless you’re washing them like you’d do your own hands or changing them constantly.

      2. Karen

        True but if the person next to you were infected and coughed the droplets are there for those in the vicinity to inhale. So masks would be needed until this virus has its run and folks become immune.

    1. Natalia

      Seriously, wash your hands. Gloves do not protect you from anything because of cross-contamination. It will also make you more susceptible to touch your face.

    2. Troy

      I can see them having a UV-C box or they drop the chips into to sanitize them. Its Fast and efficient method of sanitizing them.

  2. Jason Ghiselin

    This survey is a little bit “all over the place,” really. Some thoughts…

    Paid parking is such a well beaten dead horse I don’t know why they even asked about it. For the first six months after opening ANY amount of recorded play on ANY level of card should get you in and out of the garage at no charge.

    A “guests only” policy does not, in any way, mean you’re less likely to get the virus. Some exclusive access areas, and maybe guest only dining options, might make some people feel “safer” and that could be done fairly easily (there’s a hell of a lot of pipe-and-drape in storage in the convention centers that’s not going to be need for quite a while!). But you can’t come anywhere near covering your air conditioning and cleaning costs without the majority of your property being available to anyone who wants to stop in.

    The smoking question is probably most interesting. I would imagine unions (and other employee associations/groups) would be all for this…and what better time to push it? Really hard to say what’s going to happen here…but I think there’s a good chance smoking is done.

    1. Wanda nicewonder

      Why don’t you concentrate on the drunks and leave the smokers alone for awhile, if I can’t smoke I don’t go. Tired of the crap about smoking, I spend more money at Bellagio than most of your patrons do. They spend money on alcohol, I put mine in your machines

      1. Smokey Bear

        Secondhand booze breath doesn’t cause cancer. Your secondhand smoke might. Fact. Fact.

        Your compulsive gambling habit will bring you back. Jerry’s Nugget ain’t worried about that.

        1. Gaz Vegas

          You may consider looking at the externalities associated with consumption of alcohol and gambling before you point lots of fingers at the vices of others.

          It is amazing how tribal people are with their vices; “their” vices don’t hurt anyone but themselves but the vices of “others” is the devil’s work..

      2. Frontline casino worker

        Then don’t go, we don’t want your second hand smoke! Smokers are so inconsiderate of others around them and the health risks they are subjecting them to. Smoking has been prohibited in poker rooms for quite some time and before this pandemic the rooms were always full. Gamblers are gonna gamble whether smoking is allowed or not, if that is their only choice. If all casinos ban smoking they will all still be full of gamblers…guaranteed! As a long time casino worker I am sick and tired of smokers. I don’t come to your place of work and blow smoke in your face. What gives you the right to do that to me, regardless if smoking is allowed?

        1. Joe

          Do we bitch about the smell of your shampoo or your deodorant or lack of no we dont so stop complaining of our smoke you choose to come around it stop trying to take our liberty’s from us

          1. Jim, healthy non-smoker

            You’re comparison of fragrance of shampoo or deodorant to cigarette smoke demonstrates your lack not only of knowledge but also of any concern of others. Sounds like a very narcissistic pov, Joe.

          2. Scaredy Cat

            Joe, if you’re good with the offensive stench of cigarette smoke, then you’re not the least bit concerned about shampoo or deodorant scents. But that was a nice try; I’ll give you that! I used to smoke, but I was never proud of the stupid habit or took a dickish stance about smoking in public places. It was already a bad enough look without acting like a dick about it. At least, that was my thinking at the time.

          3. Kathy

            No, you don’t complain about the smell of someone’s shampoo because you have probably smoked long enough that you can’t smell it anyway!

        2. Martianman

          What a terrible, bad attitude you have. As a non smoker i am shocked by your comments. Your comments about all gamblers gambling whether there is smoke or not , just shows complete arrogance and lack of understanding .
          I do not care if people smoke or not. It is a public place and we are all adults “supposedly” .
          I am sure your employer would be proud of your attitude towards the customer.

          1. Sarah

            Since when do we have the right to do anything we want in a public place? I don’t want to wear pants, or panties, in a public place.

            Yeah, nudity is illegal, smoking is not. Then why can’t teachers smoke in the lounges of their school buildings.

            It’s time to move beyond 1970, Martianman.

          2. jack

            ummm casinos are private businesses – just because they are open to the public does not make them a “public place.”

            this isn’t your street, or the neighborhood park (btw nevada is considering banning smoking in public parks – as other states have already done).

          3. Scaredy Cat

            MGM Resorts International that operates the MGM destinations in Las Vegas and elsewhere is a public company, not a private business.

          4. Smokers are nasty

            It’s a fact! I’ve been in the casino industry as well for over 30 years. Gamblers will gamble no matter what. It’s a sickness; like an alcoholic, they will gamble away their last penny thinking just one more hand or one more pull on the slot machine is gonna pay them off. It is what it is. It doesn’t give them the right to blow smoke in a workers face or another guests face just because they are spending their money. Give me a break!

        3. Debbie Cagle

          I so agree with you on having to put your health in danger because of someone else’s inconsistencies. I used to be a cigarette smoker for some 30 years. Because copd is a given for me members of my family smoked. Non-smokers liberty is being compromised because of no respect also. The outside is where the smoking should be anyway. I don’t want to die of lung cancer because some stupid inconsiderate fool don’t care about others.
          Thank you

          1. Facts

            Then Debbie don’t put yourself around smokers. I’m a non-smoker too and I keep it in mind. Why is this so hard? They have a liberty and so do you. So does the companies/casino. Did you build the casino with your money? I didn’t think so, so let’s not tell them how to run their business either. If you don’t like it, then don’t go there. Hmmmmm what a novel concept

        4. Troy

          lol you seriously compared smoking to shampoo? You’re a deluded individual who is so addicted to smoking can’t see all the problems second smoke causes.

        5. Reality

          Then hey front line casino worker get a new job. What right do you have to tell someone who is at an establishment you don’t own not to smoke? It’s up to the employer not you to decide what people can and can’t do there. And it’s you’re choice and right not to take the job or quit.

          1. Donny

            If everyone thought like you we would still be in the dark ages. Working conditions evolve people strive to improve the conditions to make it better for the next generation. If everyone just went along with the take it or leave it philosophy, progress would never be made!

          2. Frontline casino worker

            Hey Reality you need a serious reality check. Just because it is “allowed” doesn’t mean you should blow it in my face or my space. That’s what I’m talking about; smokers have little to no concern about the others around them. That’s ok,though. Keep blowing it in my face as I smile and take your money?
            Happens EVERY time???

          3. Reality check back

            Frontline worker… now you’re changing the narrative. Blowing it in your face is rude. Being in the presence of a smoker is your choice. It’s would be the same as saying that cops should have to work on Thanksgiving and Christmas. They know what they signed up for and if they don’t like it, then they can quit. But the choice to not work that day is not theirs to make. Everyone has liberty including the business. Exercise it

          4. Pete

            Read the side of a pack of cigarettes, you buy it you risk it. Where does it say you have the right to randomly select who else you can put at risk. Would you want someone playing on your table knowingly playing with the COVID19? You would expect to be provided with protection right. HMMMMMM!

        6. Your way is selfish

          Smoking indoors is up to the company and it is liberty to them! You don’t get to dictate that other then with your money. Things change over time because places need money. They have the liberty to do what they want and so do you. Get it? So does the employee! And I’m not a smoker.

        7. Cpurgie

          If your a worker there then you already knew it was a smoking establishment. If you don’t like the smoke find another job

          1. Pete


            Again changes are made in working conditions if they are deemed to create an unhealthy or unsafe workplace! This is not new! Las Vegas Casinos are probably the last bastion of places in the United States were smokers can put employees health at risk so they can smoke a cigarette or cigar. We need to join the rest of the country and progress to keep our employees safe to enjoy there families.

          2. Pete mindless Pete

            Ummm I don’t put others at risk because they CHOOSE to be there. ???????? next covid is invisible so how would I know somebody has it especially during the time when you don’t show signs. Hmmmmm. I would just take the same precautionary measures I‘be been taking. If the smoke affected me that much I would quit or possibly talk to my boss about working in a different enviornment. Hmmmmmmm gee this really isn’t hard.

      3. Shelley

        Then dint go smoking is awful an fir us to have to smell it while playing . People like to hold cigarette. Rarely our face or blow smoke in our direction gross

      4. A

        Why don’t they concentrate on the bitter hospitality. For some reason employees seem to be mean. It’s supposed to be a fun get-a-way.

        1. Danny

          I grew up in vegas and Reno. I, m very sorry that I also smoke, not proud of it. But I am consiterate to other players, that are also having a wonderful time away from reality. I even carry an ashtray with me, so that the carpet doesn’t get burned. Please respect other people, and build vegas back the way it was. I really love to hug people and shake hands. I, m proud to be an American. Corona can kiss my a..!!! Please send me the survey.

      5. JC

        Then you really don’t understand how the virus is transmitted. Good luck to you and more importantly to all within range of your secondhand smoke!

      6. Pete


        This is where I leave. When the name calling begins I know I’m dealing with someone who cannot confront the facts. Where a progressive Nation we evolve. We are not a take it or leave it society.
        I’m out.

      7. Rocket

        This is a dead topic. 23.9% of the US still smokes. Do we actually think casinos that need revenue after this shutdown is going to ignore 83 and a half million potential customers.

        1. Pete

          This is the most recent data I could find.

          In 2018, nearly 14 of every 100 U.S. adults aged 18 years or older (13.7%) currently* smoked cigarettes. This means an estimated 34.2 million adults in the United States currently smoke cigarettes.2 More than 16 million Americans live with a smoking-related disease.

          Really don’t believe it’s double since 2018!


      It’s smoking is done and drinking should be done also since it weakens the immune system…… and in that case Las Vegas is done…… bottom line fighting the Curve it was just so the hospitals would not be overwhelmed….. there is still no vaccine no 100% texting everyone in the United States….. until that happens nothing is safe

      1. M&M

        They’re talking about temporary partitions. Fabric attached to what looks like pipes. You see them around booths at conventions or partitioning off areas.

  3. Bix

    I don’t know why they would ask Platinum and Noir guests if they would prefer free parking; they already get that, as well as free valet. Hell, Noir members even get free limo service to and from the airport. But I think free parking would garner more guests. Along with that, reduced or no resort fees.

    The biggest draw, I think, would be the non-smoking properties. For Platinum and Noir, those exclusive getaway packages would probably be good draws (18 rounds at Shadow Creek and a picnic? Yes, please), too.

  4. Free Willy

    It’s time to treat cigarette smokers like the second-class citizens they are….off to the stinky, enclosed room. That sounds great, but can you imagine all the buttheads hanging outside the entry doors of the casinos? Ugh.

    I could see some people staying at a guests only resort, so perhaps you take a property in your portfolio and restrict it to guests, but making every casino in your chain guests only would be ugly.

    Parking will never matter to a percentage of guests who fly in and don’t drive. It’s a pointless question to ask of the rest.

    It’s nice to MGM keeping its digital marketing geniuses employed with a silly questionnaire. We’d be better served if their digital marketing people spent more time downplaying the fact that this virus kills, and spreads, despite all the efforts to lock up the nation for the past six weeks.

    1. Donna Alexander

      Free Willy: anyone calling someone who smokes a cigarette in Vegas a second class citizen is exactly the type of guest we’d like to stay quarantined.

      1. Alex

        Agreed, I spend way more than the alcoholic may at your bar and I smoke. Get rid of smokers and you lose a large part of the betting public. Good luck with that.

        1. Scott B.

          i doubt it. smokers ain’t gonna get their fix with lottery tickets in their home. don’t kid yourself. plenty of states prohibit smoking in bars, and guess what, the bars are still open!

          nice try, alex.

          1. Rhonda D

            NO, they will get their fix from their local casinos… no need to fly to vegas to be treated like a second class citizen, they can do that at home…

          2. End Game

            You think that smoking is the reason gamblers fly from Milwaukee to Vegas? That’s rich.

            When this manufactured pandemic puts an end to smoking in all casinos, then what?

            Game over, smokers, your years of harm to everyone and everything around you is coming to an end.

          3. Gary FoFariy

            And a lot of them didn’t, Gary. Only the strong survive on an equal playing field.

            But yeah, a restaurant closed after 40 years in biz, must be because we can’t smoke in restaurants any more.

            Silly boy.

        2. jack

          people said banning smoking in bars was a bad idea as it would impact business.

          here’s a secret – it didn’t impact business.

    2. Brian Smith

      Yeah the second class citizens who contribute so much due to taxes placed on our habit. The casinos are big enough, make half of the gaming floor smoking the other half non smoking. I’m fine with that. Better yet make some properties smoking and some non smoking and see who thrives…. Ask AC how that went

      1. Endless Ignorance

        What is wrong with people?

        @Free Willy, surely you know someone personally who’s a smoker. Would you call them a second class citizen to their face? Doubtful…

        Also, 30% of Vegas hotel/casino guests come from drive-in markets (LA, SD, Phoenix, etc.) annually (feel free to fact check – LVCVA makes their data publicly available), which means they’ve had to pay for parking these last few years. So the parking question is absolutely, 100% relevant.

        Furthermore, as a digital marketing professional, I can say with confidence that it’s not the MGM digital marketers’ job to downplay the virus and its effects. It’s their job to promote the brand and its offerings, plain and simple.

        Why do you have so many opinions on things which you clearly know nothing about?

        @Smokers and non-smokers alike, is it beneficial to hate each other? Is this really necessary? Non-smokers, we ALL have our vices. Stop trying to pretend you’re better than smokers. Smokers, stop trying to defend yourselves. No one cares. And no, you don’t outspend others in the casino, so just stop it. The businessmen from China come in and get $millions worth of markers at a time on casino floors. Did you know that some of the properties here even have private casinos just for those folks? I’m not talking high limit/high-roller rooms…if you come in and front enough money, places like Cosmo, for example, will open a private 3-room casino on the 71st floor just for you, and they’ll comp you a suite for the duration of your stay.

        1. True Faques

          Endless Ignorance, pretending to be a digital marketing professional doesn’t make you a genius. True fact.

          1. Endless Ignorance

            Typically, I don’t feed trolls. However, I’m in the mood to make an exception.

            1. In no way, at no point did I claim to be a genius. I simply presented facts. Are you offended by facts?

            2. Not only do I work for a mid-sized, full-service digital marketing agency, I’m active in LVIMA (Las Vegas Innovation Marketing Association) and the Vegas chapter of AMA (American Marketing Association) and I’ve given lectures/presentations at UNLV in their digital marketing classes.

            Why do you think I know the demographic data of the top of my head for the travel market here in Vegas? It’s because I manage media for multiple hotels/casinos here.

            Still think I’m pretending? Happy to give you my phone number if you feel the need to contact me for proof so that you can move on with your life. That is, assuming there’s cellular service under whatever bridge you live beneath.

          2. Repeated Ignorance

            I’ve been entertained by the comments, for the most part. It’s amazing how many people put time and effort into demonstrating their intellectual superiority on a blog where nobody cares what anyone else thinks, seemingly.

            If you are as accredited as you say you are, it leaves me baffled as to why you’re bothering trying to talk sense to those who only hear what they want to hear.

          3. LOL

            Repeated – how is your self-righteous comment any different? LOL
            Seems to me that Endless provided their reason why when they specified “in the mood to make an exception” and prior to that contributed to the conversation by adding facts supported by data and experience. Isn’t that the intended purpose of comments – to add something of value to the conversation?
            Tell us – what has your comment added to the conversation?

          4. Crack is Whack

            Wait, let me get this straight.

            One guy doesn’t want to make all sorts of statements of fact, as if he’s an expert who is smarter and knows more than anyone else, and doesn’t claim to be.

            Another guy is mocking him for being self-righteous and not being any different…. because he doesn’t position himself as some sort of expert without the answers.

            And some clown with the LOL handle thinks that’s one in the same?

            Whatever LOL is smoking, please keep it away from my friends and family.

            Crack is whack!

  5. Randy Trolinder

    Where is the question about resort fees? The biggest fleecing of the customers gets no attention? Corporate greed obviously has immunity even from viruses!!!!

    1. Fee Willy

      I heard resort fees were a way to circumvent commission fees paid to third party booking sites. Did I make that up?

      1. Brett

        That’s absolutely correct and I won’t be using those again after how they’ve fleeced me during covid

        1. Endless Ignorance

          Not exactly. It doesn’t “circumvent” those commissions. It simply helps to recoup what the resorts pay in commissions to the online travel agencies. Those commissions average around 25%. If you want the resort fees gone, it just means the resorts will stop working with OTAs and raise room rates by 25% a night. Either way, the consumer is going to get charged that money…

          1. alex

            FYI: Online travel agencies (OTAs) are not getting 25% commissions. The standard amount is 10%.

          2. Wrong Answer

            But Endless Ignorance likes to pretend he knows everything! Therefore you have to be wrong, alex!

          3. Endless Ignorance

            Perhaps in your market, that’s true? I don’t know. However, I work directly with several hotel/casino properties in Las Vegas who typically pay in the ballpark of 20-25% to OTAs. That’s why they’ve been turning to digital marketing agencies. We can often drive hotel reservations for them at a lower CPA (cost per acquisition) than what the OTAs can when factoring in their commissions.

    2. Robin Dent

      Smoking is what it is! My question to all the immature people who jumped on the smoking thing is do you smoke pot? Second class citizens? Really? If you don’t like smoking just say that and be done! Name calling should be left to the children that haven’t been taught better yet! Smoker or non-smoker, the person that visits your Casino is a guest! I personally am quite tired of name calling hatefulness. BTW, smoking has no bearing on visiting an MGM Property for me but if I was treated with the disrespect shown by the people commenting above as an MGM guest, I would never go back. Our spring Las Vegas trip will be rescheduled because of the virus! So sad, coming to Vegas is always a treat! We always stay at MGM properties when there. Loyal since the 70s.

      1. Salasone

        Casino employees are just seeking the same protections provided to every other employee in every other industry in the United States. Smokers are fine, people who don’t smoke should not be forced to breathe there smoke.

  6. The Ostrich

    Bring on 150 comments from experts who can tell us exactly what Vegas should or shouldn’t do in response to a contrived global pandemic. This blog is a safe space, after all!

    Let’s see if we can top the last comment total, which would probably top 150, but comments arbitrarily get scrubbed now that Scott has more time to babysit the comments. Probably a good thing.

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      The only comments I remove are the ones involving asshattery–being rude to me or each other. Pretty simple rule. That’s not “scrubbing,” it’s hosting a party and making sure the guests are polite. It’s my party, not a free-for-all.

      1. Scott B.

        sounds like good rules. call it what you want, scrubbing, hosting, whatever. keep doing the lord’s work, my good man!

      2. HornBet

        A good analogy is imagining that you’re a guest at the blog host’s dinner party. Only write what you would feel comfortable saying out loud in front of him and his guests.

        1. Scott Roeben Post author

          Exactly, and I lean toward not being easily offended. The current situation is bringing out the best and worst in people online, but the majority doesn’t seem to be the best.

    1. VaRedsFan

      No, but you can gamble when you get there and all the fees will disappear. I’ve never had to pay a fee.

  7. John Peter

    The parking fee is a useless question to higher tier players. I notice no question about resort fees. I am not a smoker, but not allowing smokers in the casino just T’s me off, C’mon its Vegas. I would rather them enforce the no Marijuana smoking in public areas. But that’s not really MGM’s place to enforce.

  8. J. P.

    How about giving the survey to the lower tier loyalty club members also? Although Pearl and Gold tier members get free self-parking at their resorts, I guess they don’t spend/gamble enough to have their opinion count and will continue to be “nickel and dimed.”

    1. R Cee

      I’m watching for a removal of RESORT FEES! Just give me a room price, a few taxes yes but not doubling the price of the stay.

  9. John Peter

    If I’m barred from entering a property just I don’t stay there. Then Why would I go to Vegas?? I can stay home and remain on one property.

  10. Randy Trolinder

    I was unaware that smokers were second class citizens. I hypothesize that people who pass judgement on other people are the second class citizens. Just sayin!!

  11. Dave Rabinowitz

    Most smokers discard their used butts out the window of the car or leave it in an ashtray in the casino. So If you test positive for COVID-19 you are basically spreading your infected germs with no regard for others.
    This has always been disgusting; but with this virus now it’s DANGEROUS!

    1. Christy Gaskill

      I could not agree more !!! Smokers give zero cares for others … but they allllllllll say this is not so … yawn …
      Smoking is bad for everyone and everything… thank God they’re considering no smoking in and hopefully around all casinos … finally .

    2. Gary

      This sounds a little paranoid. Cigarette butts out the window is littering not spreading disease unless you are the one picking them up. In the ashtray, which is the proper way to dispose of them, is cleaned out by house keeping or the occasional homeless guy fishing for a couple of prize discarded butts. Slow your roll.

  12. Liz Mitchell

    If the casinos bend over backwards it will just cause more financial strain on the organization.
    Use common sense not kiss a$$ sense.
    I’d start by re-organizing the top tier pay structures. The walk away package Murren received for the poor job he did regarding Oct 1 is unexplainable and not worthy.

    All rooms should always be sanitized between guests and if the heat prices to take the risk away during the summer then so be it. Have game plans in effect come October. By all means don’t make freezers out of the public areas!

  13. Gayla Norris

    I would like to see Las Vegas back to normal as it can be. Life goes on and people are ready to have some fun, but don’t let it be without the fun. The public is ready to get back to work. The more restrictions you put on your casinos the more you will lose your customers.

    Gayla Norris

  14. Mike Alexakis

    We went through this crap decades ago in California card rooms, every single smoker threatened to take their ball and go home, the ones that are still alive simply adjusted to the new rules… The Tribal casinos in California allow smoking, so you wont find people like me there, I would rather not gamble than be uncomfortable trying to simply breathe. The writing is on the wall, the casino floor is the last bastion, our society should not be held hostage to the dirty and deadly habits of a shrinking demographic. The casino brass knows this, they just need to act courageously and step up for the majority…

  15. PhukYoo

    Rofl, focus on smoking FFS, If the parking and resort fees aren’t either eliminated or drastically reduced, they’re done. Do the casinos and some people here even realize the state of mortality Vegas is in here?

  16. Sherry

    The strip doesn’t cater to locals any way. I rarely go to the strip unless company comes to town, then I’ll take them. My thoughts on the survey, MGM should have included all their tiers levels. They are being prejudice by only sendin it to the top 2. Like they ate the only ones that matter. I bet the other tiers will matter when those top tier players don’t come back.
    As fir the questions, I think all casinos both in the strip and on Boulder strip should implement mask and gloves. Sanitizer stations through out the casino and at all elevators and door access, ban smoking all together since the virus is a lung disease smoking is dangerous in general, when one exhales they realize small air born particles that could be detrimental if they have any illness, not just Covid 19.
    Parking and resort fees,, at the very least for locals should be a thing of the past. That’s why they are not LOCAL casino players favorite places to go.

  17. Carilyn Parker

    We like what you guy’s are doing for our safety. Whatever you do, please take your time and put careful thought into reopening. We love MGM Resorts and Vegas!!! As hard as it is, we’re patient and we will return!!! As far as smoking goes, I’d say make everyone happy. Put smokers on a higher floor and non smokers on 1st floor!!! Supply us with mask, gloves and sanitizers!!! Goodluck!! We’re counting on ya!!!! Devoted customers!!!! Loosen slots as a welcome back also. That will get us in!!!!

  18. M&M

    A bit off topic, but how’s Vegas paying for that new Raiders stadium now that they don’t have any tourists to tax?

  19. Swerdt

    Cheap rooms, airfare, food and drink will work like it did after the last crisis. Resort fees, taxes, and other fees – it’s about regret and feeling like you’re being ripped off. One suggestion – after someone cashes out a machine, flash the light or screen to have it cleaned.

  20. Salasone

    As a casino worker for decades, it’s hard to believe that in 2020 casino workers are still subjected to cigarette and cigar smoke blown into there face!

  21. Justin

    “A policy that only allows resort guests on the premises” won’t fly with gaming regulators.

    According to NRS 463.0129 “To ensure that gaming is conducted honestly, competitively, and free from criminal and corruptive elements, all gaming establishments in this state must remain open to the general public and the access of the general public to gaming activities must not be restricted in any manner except as provided by the legislature.”

    1. Scaredy Cat

      Good catch, Justin. The entire survey has the feel of a colossal flop even before you pointing out its disregard for Nevada gaming statutes. I’m guessing a dozen or so of MGM’s sharpest minds each came up with a survey question while working from home in their underwear.

      1. Gaz Vegas

        The intent of a good survey is to get someone’s opinion – they’re not writing their questions to please you or me.. I’m sure MGM is quite aware of the requirements of the gaming statutes.

        MGM carries a lot of weight in Nevada as one of the largest employers – if their survey finds something that requires a change in the Nevada gaming statutes, guess what: MGM has premier influence with those legislators to get that change enacted – especially with the ties that Jim Murren has.

        And don’t knock working from home in your underwear or pajamas until you’ve tried it!

        1. Just the Facts, Ma'am

          This is probably a good time to note that the survey also proposed “No employee enters your guestroom until you check out” (may be slightly off on exact wording). My first thought was that I’m pretty sure that there’s a law that says otherwise.

    1. Val Williams

      I’ve been a cardholder (at various levels) since before MLife in fact I still have the old card, ? One, I think.
      I’m also a Stock holder and I’ve never received a survey either.
      Their Annual shareholders meeting is coming up soon, I wonder if this little survey they sent out to Noir & Platinum cardholders will be discussed.

  22. Val Williams

    (1) GET RID OF RESORT FEES. Buyer beware:
    “What Does a Resort Fee Cover, Exactly? The hotel resort fee covers whatever the hotel wants it to cover. In some hotels, the resort fee gives you gym or pool access. … Some hotels state that their resort fees cover the cost of local calls, pool towels, minibar items, wireless internet access, and/or a daily newspaper”
    Well, I don’t come to Vegas for any of the above mention CRAP! Ok maybe the pool but the amount of money you make on drinks & so so food should cover the cost of maintaining the pool & towels.
    You only started charging for parking because you didn’t want Raider Fans parking at your hotels for free. Figure something else to do about that. Why should your NON-RAIDER FAN GUEST have to pay. Provide & charge a fee for a shuttle to take them to the stadium.
    (3) MGM Resorts should have sent this survey to ALL MLife cardholders. Noir & Platinum cardholders don’t keep the light on 24/7!!!
    (4) I’m just a Pearl cardholder, MGM Stock holder & retiree, I would be more than happy to Volunteer and help you come up with ideas to bring folks back to Vegas. Yes that includes the Noir & Platinum folks.
    (5) I’m also a smoker who sees the writing on the wall and I’m ok with that. Well sort of?

      1. Val Williams

        Regarding “Intelligent Smoker”:
        I assume you’re talking to me, if so thank you. I also try to be a courteous smoker e.g. go out of my way not to smoke around other people. Sometimes it’s hard at the casinos but I do try.
        Now don’t get me wrong if a machine or table is HOT! then you all just need to hold your breath I ain’t going anywhere?

    1. C. Les Butz

      True, nicotine might have an effect on COVID-19. If so, give people the patch.
      But remember, there is plenty more to a cigarette and its smoke than just nicotine.
      (That includes tobacco and whatever other lovely additives are in cigarettes these days.)

      Casino workers shouldn’t have to breathe all that in all day.
      And it’s not great for nonsmoking casino patrons, either.

      Now, let me pull the pin on this comment-section grenade and run away from the blast.
      How y’all feel about vaping?

      1. Laurie

        The patch is much too strong, they have warned against it (I live in France so I’ve been following this strange discovery lol). But it is true that they might look into nicotine while trying to put together some kind of treatment.
        And of course you’re right when saying smoking is not healthy, and I understand casino workers being unhappy with it.
        I think vaping is not as bad, is it?

      2. Don’t play god

        Then don’t be a casino worker!?!? It’s called liberty. And don’t force the Casino to stop smoking if they don’t choose to either. Liberty once again. And don’t go to those casinos and stand next to smokers if you don’t like smoking. Liberty anyone?

          1. Duh

            Or be respectful of that person and blow your smoke away or up. But more importantly the place allows smokers and the employee chose to be there so your statement is wrong and ignorant…. duh!

        1. Clubber Lang

          You smokers are something else! So addicted that you can’t even think straight. I pity you fools!

          1. What’s up?

            I’m not a smoker and I made that comment so now what? ???. It’s about rights and liberty and not about smoking.

  23. Cherise

    I am a platinum card member and I DID NOT RECEIVE the survey and I would love to fill one out!! PLEASE SEND ME A SURVEY!!

  24. Ed

    Just open the state. Wake up America. We are being lied to. The New World Order will take this earth if we don’t stand up. This virus is no worse than the flew. Stay home and die or get out and live. Do your homework. It’s all a scam. People die every day from something. This is no different.

    1. Ed's Cigarette

      What is “the flew,” a new dance craze?

      A virus is no worse than a dance craze.

      I’ll have what Ed is smoking.

    2. Gaz Vegas

      It is really disappointing how many people are exposing themselves as tinfoil hatted conspiracy theorists during this pandemic.

      The lack of critical thinking in this country, especially in a time of pandemic, is astounding. People are perfectly willing to accept information as gospel from some rando on the internets who posts some crackpot video, or they have a cousin who knows a guy who knows a guy who works at a hospital and he said it is a all a hoax..

      In this era, experts who have made a career out of a field of study are now trumped by people who read one article on Wikipedia.

      1. HornBet

        “There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.”
        -Issac Asimov

  25. Gene Waldeck

    I visit 2 or3 times a year and will return when safe. I gamble enough for freebies but don’t gamble for the comps. I frequent Caesars many casinos as they treat veterans better than most.

  26. Dr. Phil

    New record for comments on a blog post is coming today, it appears…. let’s talk politics and public health…that’s why I’M here!

  27. Salasone

    You might be right! It’s just a HOAX.

    Somehow I don’t believe the more than 54,000 people who have died or there family members would feel that way. Yes the Flu kills people every year, however there is treatment or Flu shots that save thousand of people every year.
    COVD19 has no treatment or vaccine, YET. Give it some time the worlds medical people will find one, and then we can truly put this behind us.

  28. easyandy1978

    I wonder what the survey looked like that they sent to the dealers and other casino employees…..—crickets—


    Since many posts on this thread address smoking, I thought I’d put this here as sort of a general comment/reply to all of them.
    Nicotine is the main addictive agent in tobacco, and probably the most addictive agent in any recreational drug. Starving concentration camp victims in World War II would trade what little food they had for cigarettes. But nicotine is not the main toxic agent: tobacco smoke contains carbon monoxide, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, dioxins, vinyl chloride, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic, cadmium, and hundreds of other dangerous substances [1]. Most of these are present in extremely small quantities, but if you smoke two packs a day for thirty years, it adds up.
    Tobacco smoke can also affect the “mucociliary escalator”–a natural cleansing mechanism of the bronchial tree that normally removes other bad stuff [2]. That’s why smoking can magnify the bad effects of things like coal dust, asbestos, and air pollution.
    Smokers also suffer constant low-level hypemic hypoxia due to carbon monoxide [3]. In the event of a heart attack or a loss-of-blood-type accident, they are considerably worse off than non-smokers.
    So, why do people still smoke? Because it’s highly addictive. My father was a medical school professor and a heavy smoker. If anyone knew the dangers, he did–but he couldn’t quit. He did cut way back after his femoral artery graft.
    Why is it still socially acceptable? Because a large portion of the population is still addicted, and there’s still money to be made in the tobacco industry, and taxes to be collected on it.
    The good news is that all this is changing; and at least in the United States, the long-term trend is downward [4]. Cigarette smoking is less common than it was twenty years ago, and in another twenty it will probably be as rare as cigar smoking is today. Some of this is due to the the rise of vaping, but not all.
    In Las Vegas there are some smoke-free hotels [5] and most others have designated smoke-free rooms and even entire floors; but totally smoke-free casinos are still in the future. Jeff posted above that two places had tried it and quickly went bankrupt. But our two favorite Las Vegas poker rooms were already tobacco-free, even before the current difficulties; and also apparently many sports books [6].
    That’s something, at least.


  30. Billy Lester

    If resort only guests are allowed on the premises, how would you be able to go to any shows or concerts?

  31. Eric D.

    Great onsite. I’ve also heard of sneeze/cough guards will be at the table games of some casino’s. As far as the chips which are handled a huge amount of the time, Casino’s might consider the players to wear a thin type Of glove to wear before they sit down to play. The casino should supply the gloves. Weather or not a glove is safer then someone’s hand I honestly dont know but, I’m assuming it is. The floor supervisors must wipe the chairs down and wipe the cushioned ring around the table that the players lean on. It does seem it’s obvious that the MGM and its many properties are being well addressed as far as the Coronavirus and it’s a safety to both the customers and employees. I give very high praise for those who came up with this idea of a customer Questionnaire. Great idea. Be safe and healthy. God bless.

  32. Just the Facts, Ma'am

    I’m posting a comment as a recipient of the survey that I filled out yesterday, Sunday 04/26/2020.

    First let me point out that I am a “Pearl” member so the survey was not limited to only Platinum and Noir members.

    The author of this post did not list every question we were asked. The survey had about 70 questions and took about 10 minutes to complete. Besides the questions regarding parking and smoking, the survey DID ask about resort fees, chartered flights as opposed to flying commercial, levels of PPE and sanitizing (you see a suggestion of that in some of the screenshots posted) and much more.

    Those of you that claim to have not received the survey should log on to your account with MLife and see if there is an email address on your profile. If there is none, that would answer why you were left out. If one is listed for you, you should
    a) check your spam filter,
    then b) contact MLife.

  33. RedDog

    As a former casino dealer, and former MGM employee, I can tell you MGM Resorts cares nothing for anyone’s health, all they care about is the bottom line for the stock price. I saw the company change from the inside. I saw them start the charging for parking, and it was not about keeping Raiders fans from parking there. It was about finding a new way to fleece the customer so the company could keep more money that was coming in, because the average person comes to Vegas with a certain budget in mind, and when they get nickle and dimed so much between the parking fees, resort fees, the $12 sodas from the bar, that leaves a lot less money to be tipped to the people that rely on those tips to earn a living and are doing the actual work. It was all done so the company would get more of those dollars instead of going to the people actually doing the work.

    1. Wake up!

      So why work there? Are they putting a gun to your head? It’s all market driven. If things get bad enough AND enough people CHOOSE to not give their money to them then they will adjust or die. I have met plenty of people in the strip: servers and bartenders who make more then business people with degrees. And some of those people have degrees too. So good for them! It’s all market driven.

    2. Salasone

      Add to that paying 6-5 on Blackjack as well as all the little side bets on the table.

      Corporate greed at its utmost!

  34. Chris

    My family comes out for almost a week at a time once a year. If they limit us to one resort location, we will have to reconsider. We are there to long to be that limited on dining options. We have multiple places at different MGM resorts we make a point of visiting.

  35. RJ

    I lived in Vegas for two years. I rarely went into the casinos because of the cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoke is gross and unhealthy, especially second hand. After I moved back to California and the smoking band was put into effect, I started going to bars and restaurants again. I think there should be a very small, confined, walled off, well ventilated area where smokers can go and gamble. Maybe 15% of the square footage of the casino. The other turn off was charging for parking which went into effect after I moved back to LA. It turned me off from ever going to casino again. Parking has to be free for everyone, not just for people that stay there. There are a lot of people that visit casinos, spend money but do not get a room there. To many other questions to comment on. Also if Nevada wants to make up some losses, cigarettes should be $12.00 a pack with taxes.

    1. VaRedsFan

      If you don’t gamble enough to at least get free parking, they don’t really care if you visit or not. Vegas was built on gambling. The perks are for the gamblers.

  36. Petey

    Reality Check;

    YOUR missing the point! Working conditions evolve to reduce the health risk for workers. In your analogy a coal miner should never have had an opportunity to wear a gas mask, or doctors should not have to be provided with face shields. Your take it or leave it attitude would have us stuck in place with no protection for worker’s.

    1. Lol

      ??? quite the opposite. You’re position is unamerican! People have choices. Employers have choices. If the coal mining company didn’t provide masks, do you think their turnover would be higher and it would be harder to find people to employ? ????. I’m for an indirect movement, not an unamerican forced direct movement. Get it! Liberty

      1. Pete

        LOL throughout American history working conditions for the workers have evolved to make conditions safer (OSHA) and healthier THIS IS THE AMERICAN WAY!

        1. Lol x2

          Not quite. Hence OSHA. You don’t get it and probably never will. If you don’t respect liberty then they will take it from you too. That is the big picture you’re not getting.

      2. Lol to the 99th power

        And employes would make choices that are bad for workers, the environment and geniuses like you, Lol, if there weren’t regulations. But let’s pretend that corporate liberty is some altruistic thing. That’s rich.

          1. Wow

            Yep! Automatically these giant corporation who somehow get people willing to spend money for their product or service would make bad choices for their employees AND not to mention that the employee would just willingly go along with it! That’s rich!! ??? it’s like they know they’ll be around smoke but refuse to not accept the job. ?????‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️???

        1. Haha

          Yes because nobody has a good heart. It’s impossible for a company to hire somebody and actually take care of them in a general sense. ??‍♂️????. Wow! I bet you love the government don’t you?

          1. Old Man River

            If you want to blindly believe that companies will always make decisions in the best interest of the health and welfare of the employee, city, state, world, environment and economy, God bless you. That’s cute.

            I was young once.

          2. Old man

            It depends on how you define all that old man winter…. and I’m not young just smart and reasonable.

  37. The Ostrich

    I knew this thread would get all the internet’s brightest stars to weigh in with their sophisticated opinions. I knew we’d top 105 in this thread. Outstanding.

    And Scott has been around, so he has probably scrubbed a few inappropriate comments, so it would be 150+ right now if not for that.

    Hell of a party, Scotty!

    1. Scaredy Cat

      It should be evident to everyone by now that the Vital Vegas comment gallery is one of the few (and highly charitable; thank you, Scott) channels made available to those of us who have never had an intelligent thought in our entire lives. Think of it as a rescue for dumb people. And you just added your name to the participant list. Not smart.

  38. HornBet

    Alright, well, that was a good discussion. Voices were raised, tears were shed, and now we can all hug it out, even if we still disagree about smoking or whatever.

    Off topic, I’m curious about who will be at the door waiting when some of the casinos reopen? The die-hard gamblers? The slot fanatics? The curious?
    Out here on the west coast, some of the Indian casinos are set to open in May. I’ll admit that I’d like to get back and check things out, but I’d probably choose to wear a mask, and that just doesn’t sound like much fun.

    1. Scaredy Cat

      It boils down to four main hangups in my case, two being psychological burdens, and the other two being technical concerns. The psychological issues are related to my new awareness of germs, viruses, bacteria, infectious diseases. The technical snags are less schizoid, but also display definite signs of cra-cra.

      Travel: the gross factor of flying on an airplane and breathing the expelled breath of strangers packed together like sardines.
      Hotel: the gross factor of my head being against the same pillow that a stranger used the night before. (That was always gross X 10, but now it’s gross X 100.)

      Travel: if I were to be infected with COVID-19 during my travels, resulting in failed temperature checks at the hotel or the airport, I would be stranded for two weeks without a hotel room, since the hotel I was staying at would kick me out.
      NFL: the sole reason I would find myself in LV before the start of the NFL season would be NFL futures; it’s entertaining to guess how early odds will fare against odds at the beginning of the season and during the season. But, with the uncertainty of potential 2nd waves of the virus affecting the NFL season, I’d hold off on a trip to LV for now.

  39. Jeremy P

    I’m sorry but if “resorts” were to limit the people allowed in them to those staying there I would stop going to Vegas as long as that policy remained in place. What is the point of going to Vegas and being confined to one casino while I am there? If I wanted to do that I could just go to one of my local casinos where I don’t have to pay $400 to get there and back. That is quite frankly the dumbest thing I have heard any casino suggest.

  40. Dianne Olcsvary

    Being from Canada all our casinos are smoke free but they all have an outside partially blocked in area to smoke. It is a nice break from speed gambling! I am a smoker and find when I am in Las Vegas I cough a lot from the smoke. If I do light up it is always when I am playing in an area with no one beside me. Would not consider lighting up beside someone unless they were already smoking. Must be the Canadian in me! LOL

    1. Scaredy Cat

      Dianne, from many of the smoking comments in this post, I’m left to surmise that smoke-filled Las Vegas casinos make us cough from the exposure to second-hand liberty. The tone of your comment makes me think that Canadians don’t understand that liberty and bad manners are mutually dependent–you can’t have one without the other. Canada has a long road ahead on the path to Liberty & Rudeness for All, but it’s a beautiful place to visit, just the same.

      1. Liberty is a choice.

        Liberty or forced Government on Businesses? Hmmmm if it was my business or your business would you allow someone to tell you what to do with it?

        1. Scaredy Cat

          “Hmmmm if it was my business or your business would you allow someone to tell you what to do with it?”

          That would depend on what they were offering in their peace pipe.

          1. I love America

            In other words No. so leave the company alone. Nobody signs up for a job that says “may require lifting 40-50 lbs” and then complains about it later. The dealer knows beforehand what they are getting into. It is a voluntary exchange on both sides.

        2. Scaredy Cat

          I thought the question directed to me was asking if it was my business would I allow someone to tell me what to do with it. Now, I Love America is telling me what to do with my business like that’s how liberty works. (Let’s pretend I have a business.) This is really getting confusing. So which is it? Do I get to decide, or do you get to tell me how to run my business? Can you come to a meeting of the minds, and maybe get back to me with one cohesive disposition between the two of you? Please? This is driving me to drink.

          1. It’s only freedom.... meh

            I give up. It was straight forward and now you’re playing dumb. Or are you? ? You win! Great job!! I’ll save the saveable!

        3. Fonzie

          If we learned that certain habits, such as smoking, have a negative health effect on others within the business, then yeah, government should tell businesses they can’t allow patrons to harm other patrons. You’re allowed to kill yourself with a legal product. You’re not allowed to kill somebody else. If government has to step in and tell businesses their liberty doesn’t supersede the health and welfare of others, then that’s what has to be done. Just like government has to tell businesses they can’t dump toxic waste in the river. Simple as that.

          Or are we living in the 1950s, and nobody knows about the danger of secondhand smoke yet?

          1. ??‍♂️?

            The employer didn’t force anyone to work there. Where is the gun? You don’t respect liberty at all. ??‍♂️

    1. Fake Americans are everywhere

      Not at the rights of people. Hence the company. Would you like your rights violated? I didn’t thing so. So don’t discriminate and respect their rights. If you don’t like it then don’t work or go there.

    2. Wrong

      Wrong Pete!! It’s not American to use the government as a weapon and regress the rights of others. ??‍♂️

    3. Scaredy Cat

      You said it all, Pete — labor unions deliver improved working conditions with each labor contract they negotiate. And those changes don’t come easy. They are fought for, tooth, and nail, which is precisely why some segments of society don’t like unions: because unions aren’t pushovers. Keep up the good fight, Pete! Your co-workers appreciate you!

      1. ??‍♂️

        Unions are for wusses. Here’s a bumber sticker for ya. “If you need a union, then you need a new job!” Get it? Lol

    4. We don’t teach America in America

      Except some of don’t smoke but respect the rights of the businesses to allow smokers in their establishments. I’ll vote with my money and go elsewhere

  41. Pete

    I can’t tell you where we would be as Americans if the spirit to change to make things better, to fight child labor, to fight for a minimum wage, to fight to for time and a half for overtime ect. What Country are you from. Americans will continued to fight for a better way. As far as smoking the Las Vegas Casino Industry is probably 20 years behind the rest of the Country.
    We will prevail!

    1. Wrong again folks

      Minimum wage is unamerican too. Why does the government get to play arbitrator between employer and employee? We’re is the equality?

  42. Rosie R.

    Pete is the smartest guy on this forum. But those of you living in the 1950s, why don’t you argue with him, then go home and have your wife cook you a good meal. In the kitchen, where she belongs.

  43. Chicago Phire

    Congratulations, you’ve now topped 200 blog comments. Add in the scrubbed comments and you’d probably be at 250.

    This blog is a success!

    Your Twitter impressions must be setting new records, as well!

  44. Marie van Rooyen

    For the past few years I have had difficulty working out in yard, then in 2017 it got harder and harder to breathe. After many tests, it was a CT scan that showed COPD, emphysema and scarring in my lungs. I quit smoking 8 years ago but the damage has been done. I got to a point I couldn’t catch my breath and was coughing so hard I thought the top of my head would blow off, nothing was really working to help my condition. Finally i came across Herbal Rich Herbal Gardens (ww w. richherbalgardens. c om) December 2018 and learnt about their successful herbal therapy for COPD. I immediately started on the COPD treatment; few weeks into the treatment, i began to notice a reduction in symptoms till it all vanished. I feel better and breath better. I Just wanted to share for people suffering from this horrible lungs disease.

  45. Edward Meshechek

    I would be very happy if I could take your survey. I will state that I would start again, to return to Vegas and play at any casino, that implicated all the following. #1. No Resort Fee (that is just a revenue builder). #2. No parking fee (another revenue builder) #3. Completely no casino smoking. #4 Free play abd comps for players. I could care less about corona virus options (masks, on call floor medical staff, chip cleaning etc). Just bring back Vegas as it was 10 years or more ago.

  46. Kristen Chavez

    I was constantly tired and short of breath due to my Emphysema, I was introduced to VineHealth Center and their COPD Herbal Protocol. I started on the COPD Treatment last year, my symptoms gradually diminished including my shortness of breath, wheezing and fatigue. Reach the m at vinehealthcenter. c om….


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